A Beginner's Guide for Onpage Optimization and Offpage Optimization


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This Presentation is helpful to those who like to learn seo On Page and Off page strategies and through the use of advanced seo techniques that help them to get more traffic on your website. In this Presentation I also covered all the topic related to seo strategies as like Key Word Research, Title Tag, Description Meta Tag, Effective use of robots.txt, Optimized URLs, Heading text, Image Optimization, Importance of Backlinks and Importance of Quality Content in Link building

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A Beginner's Guide for Onpage Optimization and Offpage Optimization

  1. 1. Search Enginee Optimization Prepared By:-- Ankit Popat
  2. 2.  When ever the term use “SEO” …..  The First Question arise in any one’s mind is ….. Page  2 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  3. 3. But How This is possible In reality ? How we can achieve the expected result ? when everybody wants to see his/her websites in Google’s 1st page This Thing will happened With the use of SEO strategies So lets We know about the strategies of SEO Page  3 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  4. 4.  The Whole SEO concept is divided into mainly two categories The both strategies are like … Ice-burg Page  4 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  5. 5. So lets move ahead with On-Page optimization Page  5 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  6. 6.  On-page SEO deals with anything you have direct control of, in the code or content of your web site (e.g. text, headings, images, links, etc…) basically anything that you implement or upload to your site is considered on-page SEO. Page  6 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  7. 7. Continue…… (On-Page Optimization) Key Word Research :-Effective keyword research is the heart of SEO. At the start of website development, the developer must carefully choose those keywords that will be critical to the success of the website Comparative Study Example………………… Page  7 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  8. 8. Title tag :-- The title tag defines the page title and informs the search engine what the page is about.  In other words, it describes the overall theme of your web page.  Google recommends choosing “a title that effectively communicates the topic of the page's content” Top 3 organic results for theLearn With Ankit Popat (I will) keyword vacation packages to paris. Page  8
  9. 9. Description meta tag As the description meta tag implies, it provides a description of the web page or site. Google and other search engines explains that “a page's description meta tag gives a summary of what the page is about Page  9 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  10. 10. Effective use of robots.txt The purpose of robots.txt is to signal the search engines whether to crawl your site and what locations (i.e. pages or directories) should not be accessed. Search engines send their crawlers every so often to crawl and index the content of web sites. And there may be times where when you want to keep certain directories or folders from getting crawled (for security reasons). In order to setup the permissions to certain directories or pages, you must configure the robots.txt file using the settings as seen in Figure....... Page  10 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  11. 11. Robots.txt Additional Changes May Apply……. Page  11 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  12. 12. Optimized URLs An effective SEO strategy is to define a website structure that is user readable and intuitive. This means organizing the pages of the website into directories or folders with readable and meaningful names, down to the names of the individual web page files. In doing this, not only will the site appear well organized to a human reader, “but it could also lead to better crawling of your documents by search engines” Example of a non-intuitive URL. Page  12 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  13. 13.  you can see a better structured and highly optimized URL. Users who come across similar URLs such as this will have a better idea of what the web page is about. Better structured and highly optimized URL. This is helpful to both users and search engines, because self-explanatory and self-documenting URLs provide more useful information about the page and its content. Page  13 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  14. 14. Content first Search engines process web pages from left to right, top to bottom. So a strategic way to structure a web page is to place the most important text at the top. The first paragraph should contain your target keyword (or set of keywords) and it should describe what users will find if they continue reading. Search engine form with the keyword rare baseball cards Search results for the keyword rare baseball cards Page  14 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  15. 15.  It’s important to keep this optimization factor in mind because you want your users to read the full page Actual page in Google’s top search results for the search query rare baseball cards Page  15 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  16. 16. Headings tags If header tags are similar to title or anchor text, it will be harmful for site ranking. If your header is similar to the keyword or page title, you can use H2. H1 once in a Page H2 H4 H1 Heading H2 Heading Page  16 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  17. 17. Image Optimization (Alt text) The content of the modern Web is multimedia in nature, and images play a big role. The alt attribute from the <img> HTML tag specifies the alternative text of what the image is about in case the image doesn’t load or cannot be displayed correctly This short text description is helpful to the search engines and to people with disabilities so they can understand what’s contained on the image. Image optimization example for the keyword vintage baseball card. Page  17 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  18. 18. Make Pages User Friendly Page  18 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  19. 19. So now lets know about the Off Page Optimization Page  19 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  20. 20. Off Page Optimization  Off-page SEO is primarily focused on acquiring backlinks from reputable sites in a gradual reputation-building process  Any technique that the SEO engineers can create that accomplishes this goal is by definition a candidate off-page SEO technique  it is an open-ended process and is driven by the SEO engineer’s individual creativity. Off-page SEO is more about building relationships with other sites through the development and promotion of attractive web content and reaching out to people who run similar websites in hopes of getting backlinks Page  20 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  21. 21. Importance of back-links If dozens of links point to a page with the right keywords, that page has a very good probability of ranking well for the targeted phrase that appears in the anchor text. As a result, the Adobe Reader download page has tens of thousands of back-links; thus,With Ankit Popat (I will) it ranks high for the keyword “click Page  21 Learn here.
  22. 22. Page  22 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  23. 23. Importance of quality content As you create web pages, it’s critical to understand that in order to get back-links, you need to publish content that make people want to share, read and link to. For this to occur, your content has to provide value, be interesting and/or be unique. Google says that “effectively promoting your new content will lead to faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject. Page  23 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  24. 24. Writing articles to establish domain authority Another strategy that can help your site get back-links is by writing useful articles that provide value. In addition to providing valuable content on your website, you can also write valuable articles and submit them to trusted sites such as About.com, Wikipedia.org or NewYorkTimes.com. Getting a back-link from high-authority site such as these will greatly increase your website’s reputation and help you achieve higher rankings. Page  24 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)
  25. 25. Riskier link-building methods Buying links from link brokers :-- There exist link brokers that sell or lease space on highly trafficked sites. This method can help in your SEO and in getting traffic, but this method is also not recommended. Google has advised all websites to avoid “purchasing links from another site with the aim of getting Page-Rank instead of traffic. Buy natural links :-- These are links that seem as if they were organically acquired, but instead were paid for. If you have connections with someone at a high authority site, you can purchase a link (or links) from them. While this may help in your SEO and rankings, this practice is not recommended. Your site risks getting penalized for such procedures. Page  25 Learn With Ankit Popat (I will)