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Benefits of ppc audit


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  • 1. Benefits Of APaidSearch AuditHosted by Hanapin Marketing & Sam Owen 07.25.12
  • 2. Overview• Benefits• Knowing When To Audit• Account Review Best Practices• Advanced Assessment Areas• Discoveries & Fixes
  • 3. Benefits – Your Account• Increase Conversions / ROI• Improve Quality Score• Cut Wasteful Spend• Revise Account Strategies
  • 4. Benefits – You & Your Team• Reinforce analytical skills• Create short- & long-term action plans• Helpful in agency settings – win business by showing them mistakes you’ve identified that you could fix• In house – produce reports to show to higher-ups• Get a second opinion if you can!
  • 5. When Should You Audit?• First priority = any accounts which are in trouble – Defining trouble: How green are you? • Green account = projected within 5% of goal or beating goal • Yellow account = projected within 15% of goal • Red account = projected worse than 15% of goal• Know your priorities! – Potential for growth• To stay sharp or to have fun 
  • 6. Top Audit Errors• Timeframe too small• Being disrespectful• Not having a clear picture of goals• Looking only at AdWords
  • 7. Let’s Audit!
  • 8. Settings• Bidding options – CPC/CPA/Auto/Enhanced CPC? – Strategy? • Optimized for ROI or ROAS? – Day Parting / Bid Adjustments?• Delivery – To search partner or not to search partner, that is the question!• Device Type – Keep mobile and desktop separate – Does the account have a good multi-screen strategy?• Ad rotation• Ad scheduling – All days or just weekends? – Bid increases for lunchtimes? – Dimensions tab
  • 9. Settings (cont…)• Search/Display separate• Display separated out by targeting type – ICM – Topic – Keyword – Placements• Geo-Targeting & Language• Start dates!
  • 10. Campaigns• Are budgets allocated logically? – Divert the majority of your budget (75%+) to your stronger campaigns, and use the rest on experiments & discovery• Campaigns organized? – Make sense why that campaign is separate from another? – Naming structure coherent across account?
  • 11. Match Types• Do you have an intelligible keyword match strategy? – Majority of keywords exact and phrase – Broad match keywords used more sparingly • Too much = no control, too little = no experimenting • Run search query reports, spin out new keywords, add negatives.• One way to judge is…
  • 12. Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio• Formula devised by David Rodnitzky and Will Lin to measure the efficiency of any PPC campaign• L/R Ratio = CPA of all search queries • CPA of all queries with 1+ conversion• Under 1.5 = Account is too conservative or brand heavy• Over 2.0 = Account is too aggressive• The sweet spot = 1.51 to 1.99
  • 13. Quality Score• AdCenter historic QS report• Monthly QS download – Month on month change • Explain rise in CPCs / drop in traffic?• Hover over the keyword speech bubble:
  • 14. KPI Threshold• How many campaigns / ad groups / keywords are hitting goals? How many aren’t? – Staying within CPA? – Spending too much? – Not getting enough leads?• Your KPIs set the tone of your audit!
  • 15. Ad Groups• Number of keywords per ad group? – Ideally 10-20, but try to stay under 100 – Too many? • Break out further – Too few? • Keyword research + expansion • Too granular? Hundreds of ad groups can be just as unmanageable as hundreds of keywords.
  • 16. Keywords• Run a search query report – Negative matching – Spin off popular queries• Google Keyword Tool – New opportunities• Bids – Set too high?Too low? – Impression Share
  • 17. Ads• Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling• Factually correct – Replace out of date ads – Look out for expired offers• Running ad tests – Time to conclude / start new tests? – Try testing out different landing pages – straight to cart vs. information page.• Rotation settings• Ad Preview Tool – Look at competitors ads • Be different from those ranking above you &copy good ads ranking below you!
  • 18. Extensions• Sitelinks• Location extensions – Google places• Call extensions – Remember to check ROAS or CPA!• Social• Product• Mobile App
  • 19. Display Network• Check out your automatic placements – Exclude poor performers – Add strong performers to managed placements and bid them up• Image ad issues! – Wrong sizes, spelling mistakes, image quality? – Moving gifs or just static?
  • 20. Remarketing• Do you have it running?• Mix of text and image ads• Target different users differently – Set up different audiences for different site abandonment stages
  • 21. Cross Channel Comparison• AdWordsvsAdCenter – Keyword / campaign numbers – Upload AdWords campaigns into AdCenter Desktop – Be vigilant! • Older ads left running etc.
  • 22. Competitors!• Bidding strategy• Shape of marketplace• AdWords Auction Insights• Keyword research – Spyfu, iSpionage
  • 23. Analytics and all that jazz…Reports to Run Things to Keep in Mind• Conversions – is there a • Goal of landing pages? large discrepancy with Immediate conversions or AdWords goals? more interaction?• Bounce rate • Compare paid traffic to• Time on site organic• Pages visited • Is tracking in place• Site search properly?• Multi channel funnels
  • 24. AdCenter Auditing• It’s not AdWords! – Audit separately – Different KWs will perform differently = different bid strategy – Split out search partner only campaigns
  • 25. Conversion Rate Auditing• CRO is the Yin to PPC’s Yang(see image)• Does the page look clean & informative?• Is it obvious where to click to buy or sign up?• Usability testing – Do a test conversion! – Set up multi channel funnels to see where people are bailing
  • 26. Present Findings• Internal / External• What did you find? – Red flags – Optimization ideas – Expansion opportunities• Be positive w/ clients – What can you do to make things great – Don’t trash current efforts
  • 27. Recap• Take time to audit• Go through an account logically and in order of importance• Look at all aspects of your account, from AdWords to Analytics to landing pages.
  • 28. Q&A
  • 29. August WebinarTop PPC Myths Busted!Wednesday, August 23
  • 30. Thank YouFurther Reading:••• audit-ppc-campaigns-like-a-pro-straight-from-smx-advanced/