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How to optimize your Adwords PPC campaign


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Useful tips on how to create and then optimize your PPC campaign to work better

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How to optimize your Adwords PPC campaign

  1. 1. PPC OptimizationMiles @mewoolgarEmail:
  2. 2. Keyword Research• Backup everything• Put existing campaigns on pause• Keyword spy, spyfu, semrush• Adwords Keywords Tool• Negative keywords• Spy on competitors
  3. 3. Know Your Product& Market• Think of the audience coming toyour site & what you can offer them.• 80+ Yrs olds + Relatives +40 Yrs• Which products to sell – best sellers,high margins etc.• Seasonality, TV ads and other off-lineactivity – All impact your campaigns
  4. 4. Creating AdsSearch Network - Text Ads•Text – be inspired•Target emotions•Peoples pain points•Target unique selling points•Look at manufacturers sales literature•Use qualifiers to get rid of time wasters•Campaign structure – “+broad +match+modifier” & [exact match]
  5. 5. Creating AdsPlacement Ads (on display network)•Don’t mix Display & Search Network• Ads need to stand out i.e. colour, design•Ads need to deliver the message•Create all possible ad sizes
  6. 6. Placement Ads• Themed Ad Groups – be creative• Many keywords – about 30/ad group• Use broad match keywords• Automatic placements 2weeks
  7. 7. Placement Ads
  8. 8. Exclude placement ads
  9. 9. Identify sites thatdon’t work
  10. 10. Placement Adsin Google Analytics• Sites with high bounce rates• Visits but no conversions (Rev + soft goals)• Sites that work – move to manualplacements
  11. 11. Let’s Play!• Let things settle 1 – 2 weeks• Check bids everyday• Adjust your bids - position 2 - 3.• You have to bid for number 1 position forimage ads or they don’t appear
  12. 12. • Quality score – move poorly performingkeywords into new ad groups• Break up bloated Ad Groups• 1000 impressions but <200 clicks – thinkabout pausing them• Find new keywords – Search Query Report(Adwords), SEO Queries report in GA &Searched keywords in your CRMRefine
  13. 13. Use Filters
  14. 14. Use Filters1. Bad Quality KeywordsQuality score <= 5Impressions >= 200Cost/Conv >= £15• However, conversions = revenue
  15. 15. Use Filters2. Expensive Keywords> Cost >= £100Cost/Conv > £10Avg position > 2• Could reduce position to improve Cost/Conv
  16. 16. Use Filters3. Failing KeywordsCost >= £100Conversions = 0• Consider pausing these for now. You can alwaysrevisit these keywords e.g. seasonality
  17. 17. Use Keyworddiagnosis
  18. 18. Low Budget• Ad scheduling• Geo targeting• Match type – broad match modifier &exact match or only exact match• Low positions = fewer conversions
  19. 19. When Things Go Wrong• Test new text ads – duplicate & thenturn off old ads to remove history• Track competitor prices -• Look at Google shopping• Check for double serving• Check bid position• Look at landing pages
  20. 20. Use Google AnalyticsUse Actionable KPIs•Revenue•Revenue per click•Average value•Page Value•Campaign, Ad Group &Keyword bounce rates
  21. 21. Segment or die• Where is your traffic coming from?• Quickly identify if conversions have unexpectedlydropped off for a particular traffic source• Branded vs. non-branded• New vs. Returning visitors
  22. 22. Look at Revenue & Goals• Use customized segments•
  23. 23. Where Do People GoAfter Landing?Landing page Report•What people do next after landing on yourPPC page•“Entrance Paths” report (Content/LandingPages/Entrance Paths)
  24. 24. How Do PeopleNavigate YourSite?All Pages Report•Look at the Navigation summaryreport(Content/Site Content/All Pages)•Discover how people go throughyour site
  25. 25. Where Are PeopleDropping Out?• Set up Goal Funnels• Revenue, downloads,signups etc.
  26. 26. Track EventsVirtual pageview tracking – for links<a title="HTC Cellphones" onclick="_gaq.push([_trackPageview, /virtual/ppc1-htc]);" href="/phones/where/cellphones/htc.html"><imgsrc="" alt="HTCCellphones"></a>Track event for downloads<a title="HTC Cellphone brochure" onclick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, PDF,Download, downloads-htc-brochure]);"href=""target="_blank">HTC brochure</a>
  27. 27. Conversion Optimization• Qualaroo – questionnaires & nudges• Live chat - Olark••• Are you looking at the right chart?• Revenue vs. Lead generation?
  28. 28. Lessons Learnt• Understand your audience & products• Stalk your competitors• Be creative – think out of the box• Understand your Adwords account• Use Google Analytics everyday• Look at Conversion Rate Optimization
  29. 29. Miles @mewoolgarFB: mileswoolgar@gmail.comLinked In: