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All comparison


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This document do some comparison between MEAP platforms, Mobile BI Solutions, Native vs Mobile Web

This document do some comparison between MEAP platforms, Mobile BI Solutions, Native vs Mobile Web

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  • 1. Mobility Platforms Comparison Programming IDE Cross platform Development tool Distribution Language deployment costAppcelerator Java Script Internal Android, iOS, Blackberry Apache 2.0, Native SDK Commercial license distribution also available format of each platformMoSync C, C++, Lua Eclipse, VS Android, Java ME, iOS, Free, GPL 2.0 Native Symbian, WM, BB DistributionPhoneGap HTML, CSS, JS None iOS, Android, BB, Symbian, MIT License Native Palm distribution format of each platformRhoMobile Ruby with xCode, iOS, WM 6.x, BB, Symbian, Free under MIT Native HTML Eclipse, Android license distribution RhoHubWorkLight HTML, CSS, JS, Eclipse Android, BB, iOS, WM7 Free Evaluation Native Native distribution Language or BothTotalCross Java Eclipse Android, BB, iOS, WM7, SDK is open source Native Symbian distributionParticle Java, Eclipse Android, BB, iOS, WM7, Free Beta, Native ActionScript Commercial license distribution also availableAqua C, C++, JS VS, xCode, Android, BB, iOS, WM6.x Free and Native Eclipse Commercial License distributionJMango Jmango Jmango JaveME, Android, Bada, BB, Free Native Flash IDE iOS, WP7 DistributionappMobi HTML5 (JS, Integrated iOS, Android, HTML5 No charge Native CSS3, HTML5) with WebApps, Hybrid Apps distribution prefered format of each IDE platformFive Spark Web based Web based Android, BB, iOS, WP7, In free beta Mobile Web point and click app builder with modern browsers
  • 2. Mobile BI Solution Comparison Features MicroStrategy PushBI RoamBI Qlik Tech Graphs/Grid Yes Yes Yes Yes Multiplatform Yes (iOS, BB) Yes Yes (iOS, BB) YesLeverage Device capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes DB integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Web Services Yes Yes Yes Yes SAP Connectivity No Yes Yes Yes Connectivity No Yes Yes Yes Oracle Connectivity No Yes Yes No IBM cognos Connectivity No No Yes NoMicoroStrategy Connectivity Yes No No No
  • 3. MEAP Comparison SAP Unwired Kony Features RhoMobile Platform Antenna Pyxis Mobile Syclo Solutions Write Once, Deloy on major platforms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes MVC Yes MVC Model 2 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Languange Ruby Native Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary Accepted on App Stores Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Native Code access Yes Yes No No Yes No Device features(Barcode/Bluetooth) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes HTML 5 Support Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Hosted Apps Yes No Yes Yes No Container Model Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SAP Integration No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Web Services Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes DB Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SAP CRM Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Push Notification Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Yes IDE Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Free for Cost Free Apps Licensed Licensed Licensed Licensed Licensed
  • 4. Native Vs HTML 5Factor Native App HTML 5 (Mobile Web App) RemarkUser Experience Excellent Average to GoodUser Interface Full control on device Limited to browser capability. capabilityApp Performance Excellent Will Vary from Good to Bad.Home Screen Yes Yes, as bookmark widgetWidgetEntry cost $99/$199/$299 etc $0 Annual chargesRevenue Split 70/30 (Apple, Google) 100% of publisher For Paid AppsRelease 1-2 weeks (Approval Continuous Time)Micropayments Yes Not good enoughPortability Develop for each Web covers all platforms. There are frameworks where platforms we develop once and deploy on multiple platforms for native apps.Usage of device All provided APIs are LimitedAPIs accessibleMaintenance Difficult to support & User always get latest version. maintain after app is One Single codebase downloaded. Multiple codebases to maintainOffline Usage Yes Yes, With HTML 5, Google GearsGraphics Heavy Very good Not good for heavy graphicalApps apps.