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Bangsar South City Knowledge Clinics - ICON2 Meet the Developers Series: Opportunities for All by MDEC on 16 June 2012

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  • Smartphone reach is 77MPlaybook reach is Over 1M in 44 Markets Webstore 3.1 = Currently supports 13 languagesEFIGS, JA, PT-BR, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, DutchKorean will be added (Webstore 3.1.1) HH Client 3.1 = Currently supports 14 languagesEFIGS, JA, PT-BR, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Dutch, KoreanPlayBook Client 2.0 = Currently supports 24 languages EnglishEnglish UKDutchFrenchGermanItalianSpanishBasqueBrazilian PortugueseCatalanCroatianCzechDanishEuropean PortugueseGalicianGreekHungarianIndonesianNorwegianPolishRomanianRussianSwedishTurkish
  • 986 BBM Connected Apps have generated 270+ Million downloads (since launch late-July 2011) BlackBerry App World is the #1 Growing Store in the past quarter (Distimo Q1 2012) – 69% growth in apps available (see appendix) 137% growth in registered vendors in just 4 months (Vendor registered in 2011 (8757)/ 2012 (11,771)) Top vendor using in-app payment has earned over $230k (all-time)
  • Returning buyers data based on January-March 2012 (its really specific to all devices but other logic would apply that it should be even more on BB7)ARPU data based on March 2012 data
  • PlayBook downloads account for 24% of revenue (Jan 1 to Apr 1/12) (see appendix) Returning Buyers data based on January – March 2012Total PB Apps Up for Sale = Free 8929/ Paid 6785 Up for Sale
  • Note: DATA IS FOR PERIOD JAN 1 TO APR 1/2012 NA #1 for Revenue PlayBook #1 Device for Revenue 3 out of Top 10 Devices are BB7 devices LATAM is #1 for Total Downloads (free & paid)Top 10 Devices Based on App World Revenue: GlobalPlayBook 9800 9900 8520 9300 9780 9700 9810 9360 8530
  • Version 3  massive leap forward for App World, Much improved merchandising and app discovery UI overhaul. We also added: new ‘my account’ section for easier managing of payment options and preferences channels for different types of content, including a carrier channel option to enable our carrier partners to promote...- We made App World social by making it easy to share apps with friends and contacts via BBM, Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS directly from the app details screenApp World 3.1 brings even more improvements to the customer experience.Carrier billing now the default option – addresses lack of payment information barrier to app purchaseGifting - introducing concept  requesting and buying gifts via BB  app, a game, a theme, a ringtone  build on BBM as a social platform we’re enabling users to buy gifts for one other based on requests via BBMWi-Fi only – no data plan required  significant increase in addressable marketRating and filtering – adding to the categorisation of apps – more targeted merchandising, better experience for the end-customer, particularly for hot topic of adult content filtering.
  • Scene graph based GPU-accelerated compositionPowerful layout and animation systemHybrid UIs combining 2D and 3D elementsCustom and highly flexible list layoutsFlexible threading model for liquid graphics
  • Understand Your Market(s) and Customer Needs Language, Economics, Available Payment TypeLeverage the BlackBerry Platform Deeply Integrated, Always-On Experience, Personalized & ContextualizedBBM Connected Tap into power of BBM by allowing users to connect friendsIncreased Engagement & App Stickiness: Add an addicting social element to your apps by allowing users to connect friendsIncreased Discoverability Word about your application can travel fast in the BBM communityIncreased Monetization Let BBM users make an app and content go viral increasing revenue and profitOptimize Your BrandYour App Name Is KeyHave fun with your app name, but keep it simple and immediately recognisable. Give your app a relevant name to boost discoverability and make it memorableRemember to include your app name and a few key words in your description to increase search result placement.Ensure you have a compelling Feature Image & Short Description uploaded to the Vendor Portal
  • Hotel keys pilot trial, opening doors badgesShare experiences like never before through BBM and new peer to peer connections via BlackBerry® Tag. Announce new app downloads to your BBM profile and let your contacts know when you’ve downloaded a free or paid application.Share your favorite apps or a list of your downloaded apps with a simple tap or devices.
  • Understand Your Market(s) and Customer Needs:Language, Economics, Available Payment TypeKey Take Aways:For BB10 all distribution happens through BlackBerry App World.Depending on the Sub base, Payment Option availability you will want to leverage different payment types to optimize revenue n certain markets.
  • The basic premise is that once the BB10 application makes $1,000, RIM guarantees the app will make $10,000…If the app doesn’t make $10,000, RIM will cut a cheque to the developer for the difference.
  • The Blackberry Opportunity (RIM) 160612

    1. 1. { The BlackBerry Opportunity Justin Lee Application Development Consultant Research In Motion
    2. 2. 3 Storefront ReachOver 78 Million subscribers175 markets supportedOver 2.6 Billion apps downloaded24 languages supportedAveraging over 177 Million downloadsper monthOver 70,000 apps available
    3. 3. 4 @twitterhandle Ecosystem Success986 BBM Connected Appshave generated 270+ Million downloadsBlackBerry App World is the #1 Growing Storein the past quarter (Distimo Q1 2012)240% growth in registered vendors in the last quarterTop vendor using in-app payment has earned over $230kTop Vendor using BlackBerry Ad Service has earned over$240K
    4. 4. 5BlackBerry App Worldon BlackBerry 7.x60% Growth in RevenueQuarter over QuarterBlackBerry 7 smartphones generate4x higher ARPU than BlackBerry 6OS and 5 OSBlackBerry 7 already makes up 25 %of total App World Revenue
    5. 5. BlackBerry App Worldon BlackBerry PlayBookBlackBerry PlayBook is theNo.1 Revenue generating deviceOver 60% of Playbook ownersdownload at least one app eachmonth (Q1 2012)
    6. 6. Global Activity BlackBerry App World
    7. 7. 8Where Developers Make MoneyBlackBerry App WorldBlackBerry App World has more paid downloadsper month than the Android Market(Yankee Research Group)In Q2 2011, BlackBerry App World generated43% more average daily downloads per app thanApp Store (research2guidance)BlackBerry apps generate 40%more revenue than Android apps(Vision Mobile)
    8. 8. 9Storefront Features & Benefits Current FeaturesMultiple Feature Easy Discovery Multiple Payment Monetization OpportunitiesOpportunities Universal Search & App Details OptionsDedicated Channels Top Lists & New Arrivals PayPal New Subscription OptionsSpotlight Banners App Social Sharing Credit Card In-App AdvertisingCross-Platform Promotion Content Industry Carrier Billing* Sell Digital Goods Rating & Filtering Request a Gift*Carrier dependent
    9. 9. { BlackBerry Malaysian Coders (BBMYCoders) Shukri Saad Community Leader
    10. 10. Which Programming Environmentis Right for You?
    11. 11. The Magic Formula
    12. 12. HTML5 + Native +WebWorks Open Source BlackBerry Cloud Services BlackBerry 10 OS
    13. 13. HTML5 + Native +WebWorks Open Source BlackBerry Cloud Services BlackBerry 10 OS ™
    14. 14. ConsiderationsBackground and Skills Tools• Reuse of existing code, assets • IDE, utilities, simulation, familiarityRequirements Support• Cross-portfolio, cross- • Community, docs, samples platform, featuresPlatform Capabilities• APIs, tooling, frameworks, constra ints
    15. 15. Simple Recommendations
    16. 16. Platform RoadmapBlackBerry 5 BlackBerry® 6 BlackBerry® 7 BlackBerry® Tablet OS 1.0 BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 .apk Native Native BlackBerry® 10 .apk Native
    17. 17. Platform Services Advertising PaymentBlackBerry 5 BlackBerry 6 BlackBerry 7 BBMTM Social Platform Push SuperApp Integration Native Advertising Payment Native Tablet OS 1.0 PlayBook OS 2.0 Native Scoreloop Native Advertising Payment BBM Social Platform BlackBerry 10 Native Push Scoreloop SuperApp Integration
    18. 18. QNX Native C Native
    19. 19. BlackBerry 10 Native SDK
    20. 20. Cascades C++
    21. 21. What is Cascades?Easy to use UI framework for delivering the astonishing userexperience through advanced rendering• Rich set of core UI components• Built in signature effects• Pre-packaged interaction design• Easy data binding to various data sources (SQL/XML/JSON)• Ease of integration with platform services• C++ and/or QML/JavaScript® power for the same object model
    22. 22. Cascades ArchitectureApplication Thread Cascades UI Engine Thread Application Asynchronous Communication Cascades UI Engine Cascades UI APIs QtCore / QtDeclarative OpenGL® ES
    23. 23. Cascades Tooling QML editor with syntax highlighting/ code completion QML design view Component library (Drag and drop to QML) QML tree view, QML properties view 22
    24. 24. Cascades - Native Picture Viewer 45
    25. 25. HTML5 and BlackBerry WebWorks
    26. 26. Why HTML5 & WebWorks?Utilize your existing Web experienceExtend with BlackBerry® WebWorks™ frameworkto securely access native level functionalityRich hardware accelerated UI on BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry Tablet OSand BlackBerry 10BlackBerry WebWorks Supported on all handheld and tablet platformsfrom BlackBerry 5 through BlackBerry 10
    27. 27. Kick-Ass Performance & CapabilitiesPlayBook 2.0 and BB10 bring WebGL support and hardware accelerated CSS & Canvas
    28. 28. Development EnvironmentUse Ripple to minimize the need for Simulators• Reduce the need to compile your code• Emulate application functionality in a familiar• environment• Package and Deploy as final steps of developmentUse your favorite IDE or text editor for authoringyour codeWeb Inspector allows for debugging both in Rippleand on the device
    29. 29. Community• WebKit• Ripple• WebWorks• Samples• Community API extensions• Toolkits (Alice.js, bbUI.js)Active contributions to Cordova (akaPhoneGap), jQuery Mobile, WebKit and more
    30. 30. BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps
    31. 31. Overview• Enable Android software stack running on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, including ̶ Application framework ̶ Dalvik Virtual machine ̶ Graphics and media ̶ Structured data storage, e.g. SQLite® ̶ Device access, e.g. GPS, accelerometer, compass, etc. ̶ Optimized performance; NOT virtualized ̶ Tightly integrated with the underlying OS• Currently based on Android 2.3.3 (aka Gingerbread)
    32. 32. System IntegrationHardware accelerated OpenGL ES GraphicsMedia FrameworkMulti-touchSensors (Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, etc.)NetworkingBlackBerry PlayBook tablet Virtual KeyboardUX / BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Home Screen
    33. 33. System Integration (Cont’)Implicit Intents with launching applications• Email, Camera, Photo Gallery, Video Recorder, Settings, etc.Implicit Intents with launching file viewers• .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .png, .jpg, .gif, audio, video, etc.Shared storage for public data• /sdcard/ -> /accounts/1000/shared/misc/android/• Accessible by other native applications and through USB
    34. 34. Repackaging your AppInstallation• Android application is packaged as a BlackBerry Archive (BAR)• Deploy through BlackBerry® App World™ like other BlackBerry PlayBook tablet appsMinimum effort• 65% of the existing Android applications require no change
    35. 35. ToolsADT Plug-in for Eclipse® + BlackBerry Plug-in for ADT• BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is just another device target for your existing Android project• Debugging applications on BlackBerry PlayBook tablet just like on other Android devicesRepackaging your existing Android applications• Online tool:• Command line tools
    36. 36. Android CompatibilityAndroid 2.3.3; API level 10Most APIs are fully supported with a few exceptions: ̶ NDK ̶ Add-on libraries, e.g. Google Maps™, C2DM etc. ̶ Embedded camera view through android.hardware.Camera API ̶ SIP, VOIP, Bluetooth® ̶ Widgets ̶ Applications with no UI ̶ HTTP progressive streaming 37
    37. 37. BlackBerry 5/6/7  BlackBerry 10Making the Transition
    38. 38. BlackBerry 5/6/7  BlackBerry 10BlackBerry 5/6/7 has a worldwide audience of >78M and growing• BlackBerry 5/6/7 will be a huge and lucrative market for years to come• We are fully supporting the community and providing enhancements and updates to tools, APIs and OS features• Focus on ease-of-development across OS versions (#1 pain point)BlackBerry PlayBook is a great place to get started!• Did you know that PlayBook makes up 22% of paid app downloads in App World? (Nov 1 – Feb 1)
    39. 39. BlackBerry 5/6/7  BlackBerry 10We are absolutely committed to helping our developers with thetransition to BlackBerry 10• Capabilities and functionality will carry forward from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10• Tools, docs, best practices, support will be provided to make the transition as seamless as possible• HTML5 provides a future-proof option for developers• BlackBerry 10 environment choice will depend on individual developer & app
    40. 40. What makes a Super App Understand Your Market(s) and Customer Needs Language, Economics, Available Payment Type Simplicity. Leverage the BlackBerry Platform Deeply Integrated, Always-On Experience, Relevance. Personalized & Contextualized, BBM Connected Native App Integration Delight. Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Camera, Media Player, Maps, Phone
    41. 41. Leverage theBlackBerry PlatformDeeply Integrated, Personalizedand ContextualizedBBM ConnectedIncreased Engagementand App StickinessIncreased DiscoverabilityIncreased Monetization
    42. 42. BlackBerry TagPeer-to-Peer NFC (Near Field Communication)capabilities introduced in BlackBerry 7.1.0Easily share and exchange informationbetween two NFC-enabled devices witha simple ‘tap to share’API available to allow third parties to leveragethis functionality within their apps
    43. 43. MonetizeUnderstand Your Market(s)and Customer NeedsPricing and value differsthroughout the worldAvailability of Credit Card/PayPalBlackBerry Payment Service: DigitalGoods and SubscriptionsBlackBerry Advertising Service:Ads Can Make You Money
    44. 44. 4 5Partner with MarketingBlackBerryAppWorldMarketing@rim.comGet Featured!Content CalendarAlign to Contextual, seasonal or BlackBerry eventsIntegrated Marketing ChannelsDigital MarketingSocial MediaPRDirect MarketingPartner Co-marketingCarrier ChannelsIndirect ChannelsVendor ChannelsSpecial OffersCarrier OffersBlackBerry Offers
    45. 45. Get Featured
    46. 46. BB10 10K App Guarantee Program
    47. 47. BB10 Jam World Tour Singapore
    48. 48. Questions & AnswersJustin LeeApplication Development ConsultantResearch In