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BLN Making it Mobile - financial services example


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BLN Making it Mobile - financial services example

  1. 1. Mobilea Financial Services example Chris Swan @cpswan
  2. 2. Enterprise doesn’t choose stuff People do Some of those people work for EnterpriseThat’s what consumerisation means
  3. 3. User profiles 3
  4. 4. Frameworks and Containers - Overview Frameworks Web Hybrid Native (HTML5)Container 4
  5. 5. Framework characteristics Web Hybrid NativeCross platform Yes Yes NoLocal state Limited Yes Yes(offline capable)Access camera, GPS & No Yes YesaccelerometersDev tools HTML5/CSS/JS Mostly HTML5/CSS/JS Various (Java, [1] Objective C, etc.)Shiny[2] Good Better BestPerformance OK OK Optimal[1] NB Hybrid development still requires platform specific development effort foreach platform targeted, and should not be considered an easy/default option[2] Shiny is used to describe the look and feel of applications relative to embeddedor exemplar applications on a given platform 5
  6. 6. Frameworks and Containers – full Picture Mobile SDKIn house container Thin client Web Hybrid Native 3rd party enabled (HTML5) apps legacy apps Commerical MAM Web SDK 6