Mobile Backend Apps and APIs meetup London overview of BaaS APIs and discussion with developers


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The first Mobile Backend Apps and APIs meetup has taken place in London on 16th of May 2012.

Taras Filatov, founder and CEO of QuickBlox has kicked off the event in an open discussion format giving a quick overview of existing market and asking questions about important aspects of mobile backends. Developers present in the audience have shared their opinions and this has launched a very interesting discussion from which both developers and API providers could take something.

Dan Murphy from Pearson and Terence Eden from InMobi have continued the discussion giving further introspective into evolution of apps and APIs and providing details about their APIs.

The official meetup page:

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Mobile Backend Apps and APIs meetup London overview of BaaS APIs and discussion with developers

  1. 1. Mobile  Backend  –     Apps  and  APIs     First  Meetup  An  overview  of  BaaS  and  cloud  APIs     Taras Filatov, CEO and founder of @QuickBlox
  2. 2. Outline   1.  Intro:  age  of  Cloud  and  Socially  Enabled  apps     2.  PlaDorms     3.  Data  structure     4.    Code  samples  and  SDKs     5.  Admin  panel     6.  Pricing  /  revenue  model     7.  Unique  /  strong  features  
  3. 3. Age  of  Cloud  and  Socially  enabled  apps   Mobile  2.0?    
  4. 4. Evolution of the interface1. Command line UI 2. GUI3. Touch UI
  5. 5. Evolution of Social1.  Deeper OR creative social APIs Integration (Social Graph, Frictionless sharing etc)2. Crowd-sourcing3. User base united(single sign-on, cross-platform communication)
  6. 6. Evolution of technical platform1.  SDK & HTML5 2. Cloud & 3rd party APIs (PaaS / BaaS solutions)
  7. 7. Popular APIs – HighScores / Leaderboards hTp://   hTp://   game-­‐center/  hTp://  
  8. 8. Popular APIs - LocationhTp:// hTp://   home/  
  9. 9. Popular APIs – Advertising and hTp://  admob/      hTp://   hTp://    
  10. 10. Popular APIs – Push Notifications hTp://  
  11. 11. BaaS solutions – “Do everything”hTp://   hTp://  hTps://  
  12. 12. •  Unite  users      Single  Sign  On,  Facebook  /  TwiTer  integraYon    •  Engage     Users  can  Chat,  Comment,  Play    •  Context      Suggest  local  or  relevant  data  –  use  GeoLocaYon,  Foursquare  integraYon    •  Crowd  Source        Users  create  content,  can  view  and  Rate  the  content  of  each  other)  
  13. 13. Hardware    plaDorms     Which  plaDorms  are  covered  
  14. 14. PlaDorms  Name   iOS   Android   Web   Windows   Blackberry   Phone  CocoaFish   +   +   +   -­‐   -­‐  Kinvey   +   +   +   -­‐   -­‐  Parse   +   +   +   -­‐   -­‐  Pusher   -­‐   -­‐   +   -­‐   -­‐  Urbain  Airship   +   +   -­‐   -­‐   +  QuickBlox   +   +   +   +   -­‐   •  Most  cover  iOS,  Android  and  Web   •  No  code  samples  coverage  for  everything   •  Small  BlackBerry  /  Windows  Phone  coverage    
  15. 15.  How  important  is  mulH  plaIorm   for  you?    Which  plaIorms  do  you  build  apps  for?    Do  you  think  iOS,  Android  and  Web  is  enough?  (or  shall  Windows  Phone,  BlackBerry,  Bada  etc  be  covered  too)        
  16. 16. Data  Structure  and  Schemas     Universal  VS  Custom  
  17. 17. Different data structure approaches Pre-­‐defined   Client-­‐defined  with     Some  pre-­‐defined  modules       •  Urban  Airship   •  StackMob  (start  making  calls  or  set  up   •  Pusher   strict  CRUD  schemas)   •  Kinvey   •  Parse  (data  storage  is  client  defined   •  QuickBlox  
  18. 18.  Would  you  prefer:    a)  strict  data  schema,  turnkey  soluHon,  more  detailed  and   extensive  for  specific  use  cases  b)  construct  your  own  schema  c)  both  ?      
  19. 19. Code  samples  and  SDK   API  features  available  
  20. 20. Code samples and SDKs hTp://  
  21. 21.  How  important  are  SDKs  and  code   samples?    Are  you  comfortable  to  work  directly  with  REST  API  ?        
  22. 22. Admin  panel  Techy  VS  Business  oriented  
  23. 23. Developer oriented: StackMob
  24. 24. OK: Parse console
  25. 25. Hybrid: QuickBlox
  26. 26.  What  is  important  in  the  admin   panel?    Do  you  want  it  more  techy  /  developer  oriented?    Will  you  give  access  to  your  customers?        
  27. 27. Pricing  /  Revenue  models   Paid  VS  Ad  supported  (community  based)  
  28. 28. Paid  vs  Ad  supported   Paid  /  Freemium   Community  /  ad  supported       Parse   GREE  (OpenFeint)   UrbanAirship   Scoreloop   StackMob     Kinvey     QuickBlox     CocoaFish   CloudMine        
  29. 29. OpenFeint  /  Scoreloop  way   OpenFeint   ScoreLoop  
  30. 30. Custom  UI  way   iCombat   Quiz  Climber   Star  RaYngs  
  31. 31.  How  important  is  pricing?    Paid  and  100%  custom  UI    vs    Ad  supported  /  own  community?    Transparency?        
  32. 32. Unique  /  Strong  features    Features  and  technologies  that  are  unique  to  each  plaDorm  
  33. 33. StackMob: host your HTML apps     Host  your  own  HTML5  apps     •  Hosted  HTML5,  dont  worry  about   where  to  host  your  applicaYons   •  Deep  integraYon  with  GitHub   •  Build  service  for  creaYng  naYve   applicaYons  for  HTML5  coming  soon!    Build  your  applicaYon  end-­‐to-­‐end  on  StackMob.  The  hosted  HTML5  soluYon  allows  you  to  build  robust,  data  driven  applicaYons  hosted  by  StackMob  for  no  addiYonal  cost!  
  34. 34. Pusher: Web Chat and Web Push Notifications        simple  JS  library  that  allows  you  to  quickly   RealYme  Chat  Widget  that  lets  you  to  add  realYme  noYficaYons  into  your   quickly  add  chat  into  your  applicaYons.  applicaYons.      
  35. 35. Parse and StackMob: custom data models Universal  /  flexible  data  scheme  (both  Parse  and  StackMob:  start   making  calls  /  strict  CRUD,  custom  server  code)  
  36. 36. Urban Airship: ideal push notifications •  Push  NoYficaYons  for  iOS,  Blackberry,   Android  (no  Web  /  Windows  Phone   though)   •  Auto  extracYon  of  push  cerYficate  data   from  keychain   •  Good  visual  stats            
  37. 37. QuickBlox: Chat with Attachments and Push Notifications • Front-­‐end  funcYonality:   •   5,000  concurrent  chat  sessions   •   150,000  daily  push  noYficaYons  (offline   users  receiving  new  chat  messages)   •   aachments  –  users  send  photos,  videos,   locaYon  –  securely  stored  and  retrieved   from  the  cloud       Modules:   + + Chat Messages Users
  38. 38. QuickBlox: Location Chat Front-­‐end  funcYonality:     Celebrity’s  fans  can  see  each  other  on   Google  map  and  chat       Technology:   •   LocaYon  based  Chat         •   AuthorizaYon  via  Facebook     Modules:   + + Location Chat Facebook
  39. 39. QuickBlox: Augmented Reality Chat Front-­‐end  funcYonality:     Users  can  see  other  users/friends  in  AR   world  –  looking  around  through  their   camera       Technology:   •   LocaYon  based  Chat         •   Augmented  Reality  view   •   AuthorizaYon  via  Facebook   Modules:   + + Location Chat Augmented Reality hTp://­‐reality-­‐chat-­‐for-­‐mobile-­‐applicaYons/    
  40. 40.  Will  you  choose  an  API  because  of   their  strong  /  unique  features?    Would  you  prefer  a  plaIorm  less  powerful  in  specific  areas   but  covering  a  broader  funcHonality  so  that  you  can   sHck  to  one?      Or  are  you  happy  to  juggle  APIs  and  use  whichever  fits   best  in  your  project?      
  41. 41. Lots of APIs    
  42. 42. Executive SummaryDiscussion Продажи @tarasfilatov @quickblox