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Apartheid Socail Studdies
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Apartheid Socail Studdies


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Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. Apartheid. Maggie McCloskey.
  • 2. Why I picked my topic.
    • Because I knew some background info but I could still learn new facts about it. Also I feel like it would be an interesting topic.
  • 3. What I already knew about apartheid.
    • The Europeans used apartheid to colonize against Africa.
    • People were put in jail trying to fight apartheid and rid Africa of apartheid.
    • F.W De Klerk helped pass laws to end apartheid because government was very weak because boycotts and protesting.
    • Nelson Mandel was put in jail for fighting apartheid then later was elected president.
    • The Europeans had a meeting (Berlin Conference) to spilt up Africa to colonize it and apartheid is a result of that.
  • 4. Essential Question.
    • Why was apartheid in Africa so popular with Europeans?
  • 5. When did apartheid start and was apartheid involved in other continents?
    • Apartheid started in 1948, and apartheid had the strongest affect on Africa, but was existing in other continents.
  • 6. Why was apartheid started?
    • Apartheid was started because Europeans came over to Africa and colonized Africa and split the countries all up so everyone could have a part to colonize Africa.
  • 7. Crime of apartheid.
    • Apartheid was defined by the 2002 Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court. (Established the crime of apartheid as inhumane acts of character similar to other crimes against humanity.
  • 8. Solving apartheid.
    • The Africans solved apartheid by protesting and boycotting. Many people were put in jail, including Nelson Mandel who was later elected president.
  • 9. What was surprising to me.
    • I think that the whole thing with Nelson Mandela was surprising because he went to jail and then was president, I just think that he thought what he was fighting for is what he believed in and thought was right.
  • 10. Result of solving apartheid .
    • Africa has a weak government.
    • Some countries in Africa have military governments.
  • 11. What questions do I still have?
    • What country started apartheid and why?
    • Is apartheid still going on?
    • Are people planning to hit Africa again because their government is so weak?
  • 12. Websites.
    • http://
    • https:// = site&site =mbuckle2