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Ken Apartheid/Prejudice in Africa


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Ken Apartheid/Prejudice in Africa

  1. 1. Apartheid and Prejudice in South Africa by Ken
  2. 2. What is Prejudice?• Prejudice is judging someone by something that is not true.• Prejudice can occur from frustration/aggression• Example: All Mexican eat burritos, All Asians are nerd, etc.• Prejudice Stages: Antilocution-Avoidance- Discrimination-Violence-Genocide
  3. 3. South Africa 16th CenturyDuring the 16th century, the Dutch travelled toSouth Africa. They became the first settler andcalled themselves the Boers. A few years later,British followed and they had a few wars. Duringthat time, many of the natives became slave.
  4. 4. South Africa 20th CenturyDuring the 20th century,South Africa was ruled byBoers. Many of thenatives/black people wereservants or slave to thewhites. They did not havethat much freedom and theyalways had to work . Thereason for this was becauseof the law created by thegovernment called, “TheApartheid Law.”
  5. 5. Apartheid Apartheid law was created by the government to ensure black will have no power while the whites will have power. They were many types of Apartheid law. Some were Group Area Acts where blacks are banned in this and that area. Other were this law where Black needed to carry a passbook everywhere they went. It was unfair to the blacks. This was a case of prejudice where whites were treating blacks badly
  6. 6. Why? For What did they do this?The governments andthe white people werebeing prejudice andbelieved that all theblacks are not as equal aswhite. Therefore, they donot get the right/sametreatment as the whites.
  7. 7. Black’s ReactionSome of the blacks had nochoice but just to sit down.But some of the blacks alsostand up against prejudiceand the apartheid law. SteveBiko, Desmond Tutu, andNelson Mandela are some ofthe famous anti-apartheidactivists. With these activists,many people stood up andstart protesting.
  8. 8. DestructionBut from peaceful protestscame destruction. In 1960, agroup of 19,000 locals went tothe police offering themselvesup for arrest for not carryingtheir pass books. But then,130 police reinforcementcame in armed and killed 70people with more than 100injured.
  9. 9. Change of PlanAfter many Africans getkilled, Nelson Mandelaand his ANC (AfricanNational Congress)decided instead ofpeaceful protests, they’llstart having violence. TheANC then are markedterrorists.
  10. 10. CapturedA couple of years later,Nelson Mandela gotarrested and was sent tojail. In a meanwhile, SteveBiko got arrested and waskilled by the police.According to the police,they said he died fromstarvation but that wasnot true.
  11. 11. Beginning of FreedomIn 1974, Portugalwithdraws from toencourage resistance toApartheid. Mozambiqueand Angola becomesIndependent.
  12. 12. Another Destruction In 1976, a big number of students in Soweto starts protesting for freedom. But then same as Sharpville, they got destroyed again. More than 100 students were killed.
  13. 13. Gaining Independence 2 years after the Soweto incident, the UN demanded Nambia’s independence. A couple of years later, Zimbabwe also gained independence.
  14. 14. Frederik Van Zyl Shalbert Resigns In 1986, the president of South Africa reesigned because he felt like he couldn’t control it anymore. The resignation is followed by the vice president.
  15. 15. Freedom at LastOn 1994, Nelson Mandela becomesthe president. He became the firstAfrican to be the president afterapartheid. The apartheid ended andthe prejudice ended. Everyone isfree at last.
  16. 16. End of Prejudice/ApartheidIt was a long way to end prejudice. The blackshad to face a lot of problems and it was a hardtime for them. But then at the end, the justice isserved.
  17. 17. Credits:••• ance2.gif• nI/AAAAAAAAB2I/fV45l0U2jmw/s1600/Arrival+of+the+Dutch+in+South+Africa.jpg•••• arrest/600_450/000_par2004060713154.jpg/AAAAAAAAA44/PdT- SJZk0sQ/s1600/kenya_violence.jpg•••• a.jpg