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Planning and measuring social media strategies
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Planning and measuring social media strategies



Allen Kevin, Head of Global Planning, Proximity London @ Relationship Marketing congres (Stichting Marketing)...

Allen Kevin, Head of Global Planning, Proximity London @ Relationship Marketing congres (Stichting Marketing)

If you Google the phrases ‘social media marketing’ and ‘buzz marketing’ you get 3.2 million references. So much talk, but in reality so little knowledge or real understanding. Who can name three successful social media campaigns? When advertisers ask how success can be measured, what should you say? When you are planning a communication strategy, where do social media fit?
‘social media’ has exploded to the point that the phrase does not help us create more effective strategies or better work. The presentation will propose a simple framework that everyone can use for planning and measuring communications that use social media; it will show a number of case studies that show how effective social media can be when properly integrated into a wider campaign; and it will look at a few brands that are going further and making social media a core part of their business model.




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Planning and measuring social media strategies Planning and measuring social media strategies Presentation Transcript

  • planning and measuring social media strategies
  • why should we care?
  • The Good.. View slide
  • The Bad.. View slide
  • A BIG shift from what we know • TV advertising revenues down 30% at NewsCorp Numbers • US print advertising revenues down by 14% don’t lie • Radio listeners are down by 14% • Click thru rates on banner ads is decreasing 30% year on year and industry average is now 0.05%
  • The Ugly..
  • 76% Customers who think advertising lies
  • The Seductive..
  • 68.56m 58.56m 5.98m 7.65m 11.27m Millions unique visitors Jan 2009. Comscore
  • where do you start?
  • Social strategy starts the same as any other strategy
  • Core principles around a clear objective Plan Objectives Review Data Design Develop
  • “We want a widget/viral video” is not an objective
  • Every objective has a metric that demonstrates a benefit to the business
  • But then we need to change how we think
  • From digital channels and technologies
  • To digital lives and behaviours
  • Video still to come
  • Baby Boomers are now embracing social media applications nearly 20x faster than the younger generation +59% connecting through social networking +67% consuming blogs and podcasts +35% viewing/posting videos Accenture 2009 % change from 2008
  • From what brands say about themselves
  • To what consumers say about brands
  • Customers who say consumer 91% generated content is the #1 aid to a buying decision
  • From creating media campaigns
  • To creating human experiences
  • From show and tell
  • To Involvement and understanding
  • what does engagement look like?
  • the key to success
  • Content useful, entertaining
  • Data & Insight breaking the silos
  • online hard Data soft offline
  • A single focus People Led
  • Measurable at all points
  • measurement framework
  • search conversations INSIGHT influencers communities
  • involvement interaction INCITE influence intimacy
  • How do we find the most value?
  • Return On Return On Investment Involvement Return on the Return on the 4% 100% who do who think
  • $ $$$ $ $ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $ $ $$ $$$ $
  • From Value = individuals
  • To Value = individuals + interactions between individuals
  • From aggregate activity
  • To individual actions
  • measurement tools
  • look for correlation not causation
  • build on and blend with existing metrics
  • don’t assume facebook or twitter will continue to be top dogs
  • portable social lives
  • integrated measurement of the customer journey
  • loyalty email news comms friend fly arrival loyalty site and club showers club offer
  • don’t obsess on using metrics to prove what you do is successful...use metrics to make what you do better