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Resource Description                           Drives the creative vision of the project and inspires & delights the entir...
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Roles responsabilities-jc


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Roles and responsibilities for web teams and an example of a project charter.

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Roles responsabilities-jc

  1. 1. Resources Creative Director Back-end Developer Strategist Solutions Architect Producer Information Architect Designer1
  2. 2. Resource Description Drives the creative vision of the project and inspires & delights the entireCreative Director team. “The Conductor” Inspires alignment between the business objectives, the users needs andStrategist the brand. “The Aligner” Owns the definition of the aesthetics of the brand under the direction ofArt Director the Creative Director. “The Visualizer” Ensures that the business objectives and the business needs drive theInformation Architect applications features, functionality and user experience. “The Architect”Producer Helps the team collectively stay on time and on budget. “The Wrangler” Serves as a conduit between the technology, strategy and creative teamsSolutions Architect helping ensure that the entire eco-system that is being build is in balance. “The Technical Analyst” Works closely with the Art Director to collaboratively design all of theDesigner brand’s core expressions from the identity to the interface. “The Painter” Crafts the language, nomenclature and tone of voice that our writing willCopywriter have across the digital eco-system we are creating. “The Story Teller”Lead Front-End Developer Leads the charge of front-end development, CSS, Javascript & QA “The Builder”Lead Back-End Developer Leads the charge of back-end development, PHP, SQL & QA “The Integrator”Front-End Developer Supports the lead developer and shares the development tasks “The Assistant Builder”Back-End Developer Supports back-end development, PHP, SQL & QA “The Assistant Integrator” 2
  3. 3. ? ? Client Team Groop TeamProject Charter ? ? Sue Bob Jane Ana FOCUS CI PM Christine Groop Producer Strategy Lead Creative Dir Tech Lead Aaron Joe Tim Lead Art Dir Lead IA Craig Able Name Jake Lead Developer Lead Scene Art Flash John Back End3 Dev