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How to Triple your growth?


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Keytrade Bank @ Relationship Marketing congres (Stichting Marketing)

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How to Triple your growth?

  2. 2. About Keytrade Bank Founded in 1997 as the first 100% online bank in Belgium Today, subsidiary of Groupe Crédit Agricole Present in Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland 90.000 clients on the Belgian market 1 Billion in cash deposits + 2 Billion in customers’ assets Aggressive growth !
  3. 3. Revolution as a source of Growth! : 4 cases 1. « Castro »: Differentiate your offer through Radio 2. « MGM » :Your customer is your ambassador 3. « Humo » : first-time-ever used channel 4. « e-learning » : Finance is fun!
  4. 4. Case1. Castro or the Revolution in Banking Servicing! Thank you!
  5. 5. Internet Banking .3 questions on servicing « Substitute » versus « add-on » ? Do I still need to go to the branch? Is my money really agile ?
  6. 6. Positionning 4 services 1 Positionning Large Discount Client Tools Offer Price support Keytrade Bank Optimises the return of your financial assets
  7. 7. « Optimising » means . Low transaction Cost Diversification through Large choice of assets Instruments to cover your positions
  8. 8. Low transaction Cost or get even paid for every transaction!
  9. 9. A coherent approach
  10. 10. Case 2: MEMBER GET MEMBER Thank you!
  11. 11. Rationale for MGM (Members Get Members) Starting point : a very high customer satisfaction (according to a competitor’s study) Your customer is your best ambassador Prospects’ profile = customers’ profile = friends of your customers MGM = a catalyst
  12. 12. How it worked? Activation of Keytrade Bank customers through 2 channels: * Banner in your private account on * E-mail sent to Keytrade Bank customers database All the trafic was driven to a micro- website where you could send a message to your friends
  13. 13. P.R. 2.0 approach Press release on early results Generated media coverage (La Dernière Heure, De Morgen) + Buzz The volume of search on “Keytrade Bank” also increased on Google The “word of mouth” also included Google Adwords purchases from Keytrade Bank customers searching for people to sponsor
  14. 14. Results MGM v1 2.258 customers invited 9.157 friends 1.715 new customers acquired by Keytrade Bank = conversion rate of 18,6% = + 243% above initial expectations ! Only 6% of them quot;took the money and runquot; Total acquisition cost of each new customer : 54 euro
  15. 15. Case 3: HUMO Thank you!
  16. 16. Latest Campaign: Keytrade + Humo
  17. 17. Case 4: E-learning Thank you!
  18. 18. Starting Point: Lack of financial education ..
  19. 19. Video Cast: Objectives Educate! Educate! Educate! Video=substitute to physical presence Made ‘in house’ = Credibility Multiple channel: Web but also ipod, phone, any device!
  20. 20. Already 5 subjects availabe Who is Keytrade Bank? How to place a trade? Which Stock Markets?
  21. 21. Video Cast: Results Numerous downloads Voted most innovative initiative on itunes (with HBS)
  22. 22. The next 5 subjects What is a CFD? What is Technical Analysis? Funds?
  23. 23. Impact : Growth and market Share Thank you!
  24. 24. New Clients
  25. 25. General Conclusion: in 2008 . Keytrade Bank’s Growth Rate more than tripled Our Marketing plan can be seen as a stock portfolio Internet Banking in general is definitely a credible alternative in crisis time New ways of doing business have rapid adoption rate
  26. 26. General Conclusion: in 2009 . Expect Volatility on financial markets and within the industry! Clients will “shop” more than ever but without destroying relationship Regulation will impose new ways to structure business and activities, if not, the client will .