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Live Earth Identity


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This is the PDF used to present the possibilities for the Live Earth identity to the Live Earth Management Team.

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Live Earth Identity

  1. 1. SOS / Live Earth / Go ZeroIdentity Integration SystemPrepared by THE_GROOP for Live Earth / March 30, 2007
  2. 2. The IdeaHow do we create the most simple and easy to understand icon orsymbol for our earth, for our struggle for survival?How do we make it impactful? Cross language? Graphic?Memorable? Non-cliche? Co-opt the language and tools ofcorporate america and use it for good?In addition how do we tie this to the movements SOS identity?
  3. 3. Brand EcosphereEach logomark represents a distinct role in the life-cycle of thisimportant undertaking. First with the overall movement, secondwith the inception and worldwide broadcast of the movementthrough the concerts and internet, and finally, and mostimportantly, with the call for global action! 1 2 3 Movement Inception Action SOS Live Earth Go Zero ‣Needs an identity that integrates with SOS ‣Needs clarity as to how it fits into the system
  4. 4. Earth Symbols (
  5. 5. The Story (Symbology/ for EarthSymbol for Music (Weak Signal / Distress) At sea the SOS distress signal was often weak because of the distance. On 7.07.07 the signal is going to get loud. Really loud.“The Blue Marble”
  6. 6. LIVE EARTH
  7. 7. LIVE EARTH
  8. 8. Brand ArchitectureMovementMaster Brand InceptionSub-Brand ActionSub-Brand
  9. 9. Live Earth Identity and Media StrategyPrepared by THE_GROOP for Live Earth / March 30, 2007
  10. 10. GoalTo show the Live Earth team our continuingvision for the Live Earth identity.To demonstrate how we plan to extend theidentity and promotional campaign acrossmultiple channels such as Out of Home,Online, Print, Broadcast and PromotionalPartners.
  11. 11. Questions We Aim to Answer:‣ How do can we ensure that the logomark looks unique?‣ How does the rest of the ecosystem look? Out of Home, TV, Street, etc?‣ Does THE_GROOP have a sufficient understanding of all the necessary media channels we need to address?‣ Can THE_GROOP work with our chosen media partner(s) to plan and execute the Live Earth campaign quickly and efficiently?
  12. 12. Logomark Regional ExtensionQ. How do we create a lively, visually dynamic system thatspeaks to each of the locations where Live Earth will occur?A. We invite global artists to interpret the Live Earth logo in theirstyle and local flavor:Example: Global Shanghai Johannesburg
  13. 13. Artist CollaborationsTHE_GROOP will choose and collaborate with a diverseset of artists from our expansive global network to create aunique flavor from the “base” format of the promotionalmaterials.Example: Barry MCgee / USA Frek / China Shepard Fairey / USA
  14. 14. Media EcosystemTHE_GROOP fully understands and is uniquely qualified tocollaborate with Live Earth’s chosen media partners to plan, designand execute the necessary components for a global campaign. Wehave worked with advertising agencies such as Crispin Porter +Bogusky and Wieden + Kennedy on international campaignsincluding China, Japan, Europe and the US.Example:Nike China Nike Pan-Asia Aiwa Europe / Asia
  15. 15. Social Action Media:Viral: Out of Home: Social Action NetworkVideo interviews with Artists on Current Teaser Billboards/BillboardsTV, You Tube and Out of Home: StreetTeaser Campaign:A campaign that compliments the SOSvisual language and uses the LiveEarthlogomark Promotional Partners: Partner with Major Brands to Promote LiveEarth
  16. 16. ViralTHE_GROOP will work to create seven, one-minute, “in-studio”interviews with each of the artists who are creating art for LiveEarth. We will spread these through Current TV, YouTube, and other online media channels.Example:
  17. 17. Out of HomeTHE_GROOP will work to create seven teaser billboards andseven event announcement billboards for each of the concertregions.
  18. 18. Out of HomeWe will create 7 posters to be wheat pasted in all of the regionswhere the Live Earth concerts will happen.
  19. 19. Out of HomeWe will create 7 posters to be wheat pasted in all of the regionswhere the Live Earth concerts will happen.
  20. 20. Street / One to OneEngage youth around the world with the appearance of the iconicLive Earth logomark in unexpected places. Begin distributing theiconic logomark on t-shirts, earth-friendly stickers, aerosol-freespray media templates, pins, etc.
  21. 21. Street / NightlifeEngage affluent urbanites around the world with the appearance ofthe iconic Live Earth logo at nightlife venues such as clubs, hotelsand other popular destinations. Imagine a “Batman”-like call forhelp with the iconic Live Earth logomark and the 7.7.07 all overurban centers in the world.
  22. 22. Social Action MediaEngage youth around the world a lively action oriented communitythat spreads the word, creates action and produces tangibleresults.Partner with other Social Action Networks such as Jeff Skoll’s /Participant’s upcoming S.A.N., Yahoo, MSN and others.
  23. 23. Promotional PartnersEngage earth friendly corporate partners to “piggy back” (co-brand)on their brands. This requires lead time, so we need to act now ifthese will be part of the media mix.Decals on jetBlue: (or other) Podcasts of artist Interview, and distribution“Borrow, tail space to spread the iconic post-concert of a collector’s edition iPod afterlogomark around the world and get valuable with a blue scroll wheel.impressions while the planes are on the How can you keep the movement alive aftertarmac.” 7.7.07? What better way to keep your favorite Live Earth bands than the “Special Edition Live Earth iPod”
  24. 24. TV / BroadcastCreate a teaser campaign that closely follows and smoothlytransitions from the SOS campaign spots and introduces the LiveEarth logomark and the event date and URL.These 10 second spots will be complimentary to the SOSvisual language using either color or B&W iconic imagesthat communicate our core ideas. The goal will be tointroduce and “burn” into the world’s “retinas” this iconiclogomark . 7.7.07
  25. 25. 7 reasons why THE_GROOP is the Right Identityand Strategy Partner for You1. Experience. We have collaborated closely with the world’s most creative advertising agencies to create world class and multi-nation campaigns.2. We understand and excel at planning and producing for all the necessary media channels, out of home, online, and TV.3. We know concerts. We have done all of the identity and promotional materials for a 15 city concert tour for Sony, Atlantic Records. (With Ignition) We also have in our arsenal some of the top strategist and vendors for music events.4. No Bullshit, “get it done” or-else attitude with a proven track record of successful, highly collaborative, high profile campaigns.5. It’s about YOU. How can we meet your needs? Not ours. It’s not our agenda, but the world’s agenda. No egos. Just fast, furious and energetic collaboration.
  26. 26. 6. We are ready to start now. We hope that we have proven our responsiveness to your needs. We are fast at ideation. We can take input from your team and adapt to your needs. And most importantly we deliver on strategy, on time and unmatched in creative quality.7. We really want the opportunity to prove to you how pleasant and efficient it can be to work with a creative firm. THE_GROOP’s energy, desire and my personal commitment will ensure the success of your vision for Live Earth.
  27. 27. Thank You