NYC innovation scene


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NYC innovation scene

  1. 1. NYC Innovation SceneOpportunities for the NY Office Oct 13th, 2011 New York City
  2. 2. Did you know:Innovation is defining new rules for success WHAT HOW Human-centric Fast development product cycles Impeccable Constant UX service focusSome Steve Jobs Community magic building
  3. 3. Did you know:Silicon Alley start-ups are pushing innovation
  4. 4. Did you know:… incumbents are trying hard to keep up…
  5. 5. Did you know:… businesses are built around innovation
  6. 6. The NYC innovation landscape: Fromconcept to product, corporations to startups CorporationsAnalyze Prototype Startups
  7. 7. spins-out, incubates and sellsventures back to clients Identify ‘Intrapreneurs’ Build venture company Spin venture back in client if successful
  8. 8. designs, engineers andbrings products to marketDiscoverDesignDeliver
  9. 9. designs innovative strategies and ensures product feasibilityDevelop CapabilitiesInnovateGrowBuild Businesses
  10. 10. accelerates the growth ofpromising tech startups Capital Advisory Business Development Strategy Consulting Start-up Incubation
  11. 11. creates an community around start-up incubation and collaboration Education Office Space Support Collaboration
  12. 12. Competitive landscape Model Client focus Build own Community businessesPrehype Excubation Both Whitespace, - CoffeememeFrog In-house Corporations - -IDEO In-house Corp. and - Open IDEO gov.Pulse Partnership Startups DLP, Bank -Advisory SonarGeneral Collaboration Startups - StartupAssembly WeekendfaberNovel Collaboration Both digitick, pariSoma, PINK research
  13. 13. faberNovel in the NYC environment SWOT AnalysisA multi-faceted But can be hardteam to position to clientsWith the When enterpriseexpertise to services areaddress NYC’s fragmentingproblems
  14. 14. A multi-faceted team Multidisciplinary network Entrepreneurs, Designers, Technologists, Strategists City innovation expertise Knowledge of digital products Both sides of the table Incubator/investor & start-up Consultant & technologist S W O T
  15. 15. With the expertise to address NYC’s problems S W O T Startup ecosystem inflation point Explosion of Silicon Alley Growing need for office space Funding gap to address Mayor Bloomberg’s strategy City opportunities Stanford innovation center in NYC Great media ecosystem
  16. 16. But can be hard to position to clients Marketing positioning What target client? Consult or excubate? Physical products S W O T
  17. 17. When enterprise services are fragmenting S W O T From large generalists to small specialists Specialized start-ups threaten incumbents Expansion of small venture funds Start-up audience’s specifics Limited cash Great digital skills Very specific needs
  18. 18. Embrace ambiguity, make fragmentation anopportunitySegment offeringPINK, pariSomaAddress NYC specificsMedia, city innovation,Silicon AlleyLeverage diversityMobile, Strategy
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Back-up SlidesOther competitors to watch
  21. 21. creates human-centricproducts and experiences Product Development Interactive Experience Brand Communication
  22. 22. focuses on Industrial Design
  23. 23. Global innovation firm ContinuumInnovation is no present in New Yok