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Swiss chamber open innovation & battle of conceptsSwiss Chamber - Open Innovation & battle of concepts


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Presentation about key Open Innovation Concepts, Cases and Battle of Concepts

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Swiss chamber open innovation & battle of conceptsSwiss Chamber - Open Innovation & battle of concepts

  1. 1. Os Novos Paradigmas da Inovação Aberta e o caso do Battle of Concepts Câmara de Comércio Suíço-Brasileira 20/maio/2010 1
  2. 2. TerraForum Consulting Our Mission “ Help our clients to learn, collaborate and innovate in more effective ways 2
  3. 3. Our main areas of expertise Consulting IT • Web Portals • Knowledge Management • Business Intelligence • Innovation Management • Portfolio Management • Corporate Learning • Project Management • Public Education • Training • Sustainability • Internal Communication Design • Social Media Strategies • Digital Design • Videos 33
  4. 4. More than 300 projects with leading companies within the last 7 years 44
  5. 5. Livros publicados por consultores TerraForum 5
  6. 6. TerraForum Consulting Innovation Center Portal 6
  7. 7. What is Open Innovation? “ Innovation distinguishes a leader from his followers. Steve Jobs 7
  8. 8. “ Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively." Henry Chesbrough, 2003 8
  9. 9. Open Innovation Model – The Innovation Funnel On open innovation model, the company keeps strong relationships with external partners within different stages of the innovation development process Research Development Comercialization Joint Venuture Licencing External Technology Insourcing Spin-in Merge and Aquisitions INTERNAL MARKET R&D Divest Spin-off Licencing R&D Services 9
  10. 10. For most companies innovation is a proprietary activity but for others... Closed Innovation Open Innovation Not all of the smart people work for us so we must The smart people in our field work for us find and tap into the knowledge and expertise of bright individuals outside our company To profit form R&D, we must discover, develop External R&D can create significant value; internal and ship it ourselves R&D is needed to claim some portion of that value We don´t have to originate the research in order to If we discover it, we will get it to market first profit from it Building a better business model is better than If we are the first to commercialize we will win getting to market first If we create the most and the best ideas in the Is we make the best use of internal and external industries, we will win ideas we will win We should profit from others´ use of our IP, and We should control our intellectual property (IP) so we should buy others´ IP whenever it advances that our competitors don´t profit from our ideas our own business model 10
  11. 11. Open Innovation creates new revenues opportunities Closed Model Open Model Open Model Past Present Future Revenues New Businesses Spin-Offs New Revenues Royalties Revenue Revenue Revenue Internal Internal Development Development Cost Internal Cost Development Cost Costs 11
  12. 12. Companies are creating their own Open Innovation Systems, that are composed by... Processes Partners´ and Governance Network relationship Open Innovation System Organizational Infrastructure structure 12
  13. 13. Key Factors for Open Innovation Success Clearly Defined Support and IP policies Organizational Services for Structure and Partners Governance Strong Relation Infrastructure Network and location Adequate Partners Funding Collaborative Stakeholders Culture Support Open Processes Strategic Innovation and KPIs for Alignment Innovation System Mgmt 13
  14. 14. What facilitates this NEW approach to innovation is the rise of Web 2.0 – as a participatory platform... 14
  15. 15. Using web2.0 tools to improve open innovation in organizations “ The best manner to predict the future is inventing it. 15
  16. 16. Battle of Concepts Challenges to undergraduate students 16
  17. 17. Generating results with Open Innovation TerraForum & Battle of Concepts
  18. 18. Battle of Concepts
  19. 19. Our inspiration “Every company has its issues and challenges. Students have time, drive and innovative solutions.”
  20. 20. Our concept “Promoting innovation through open concept battles, in which companies offer challenges (Battles) and college students and young professionals offer solutions (the Concepts).”
  21. 21. Dutch fever spreading… Dutch princess, Máxima, and the minister of Ecomomic Affairs, Van der Hoeven, in conversation with the winner of one of the Dutch battles.
  22. 22. History • Since 2006, already • In six months distributed Battle of Concepts Brazil Battle of Concepts Holland distributed 500 46 thousand reais (US$ thousand euros to 25 K) and will distribute participants another 74 thousand reais (US$ 40 k) to the • More than 5 thousand participants students registered • More than 3 thousand • More than 100 battles students registered concluded • 30 students received • Received more than 3 prices thousand concepts • Participation of • Participation of various Government public entities
  23. 23. Some participating companies
  24. 24. Integrated Benefits Companies Students  Reduced Investiment in  Market display ideation process and recruiting of talent  Payment  External collaboration  Experience with real with talent challenges  Emotional relationship with young professionals and  Relationship with possible clients companies  Relationship with  Employability academic world Universities Country  Prestige and positive  More innovative display of brand companies  Engagement of young and  More interested and innovative people engaged students  Feeling of co-creation and search for solutions  Real world cases to together use in class room  More interaction between companies and universities
  25. 25. Working process Challenge definition Publish the challenge Development of concept Evaluation of concept Finalization and publish results
  26. 26. Working process 1. Definition of challenge Definition and Boc and company Approval of formatting of define price challenge challenge Responsabilities BoC: present examples of battles; help with definition and formatting of battle. Responsabilities of company: select, write and approve battle; determine value of prices.
  27. 27. Working process 2. Publishing of challenge Boc launches the Students and young battle on its site and Boc publishes battle talents register for other communication at universities free at the site channels Responsibilities BoC: publish the battle on its site and other communication channels (Newsletter, blog, twitter and social networks); maintain active student base. Responsibilities company: publish battle using its communication channels
  28. 28. Working process 3. Development of concept Students and young Students and young Students and young talent download talents upload talents study battle battle concepts to site Responsibilities BoC: Generate and present monthly report containing number of downloads, concepts received and new registrations. Responsibility company: to check summary of concepts received on site to start evaluation process.
  29. 29. Working process 4. Evaluation of concepts Boc and BoC receives and Company Company selects company sends concepts evaluates best concepts consolidate final to company concepts results Responsibilities BOC: Pass received concepts to company and give advise during evaluation process. Generate final report (in DVD) with concepts and student base. Responsibilities companies: Select best concepts.
  30. 30. Working process 5. Finalization and results publishing Boc rewards the Boc discloses winners, who The company The company the classification receive a letter becomes the implements the of concepts on and conducts an owner of the concept the website interview via the concept blog or video Responsibilities BOC: announce the classification of concepts and the names of winners. Responsibilities companies: Implement concept; pass (if possible) status of implementation and results achieved.
  31. 31. Results
  32. 32. Whirlpool case Challenge “How to innovate in brand communication at sales point?” Results .  2.550 visits to challenge  880 downloads of challenge  40 concepts received  Average of 5h of work by each participant  Total of 2 hours of intensive thinking for Whirlpool
  33. 33. Philips case Challenge “Develop in a simple manner an interactive and intuitive way to configure the manuals of our products” Results .  2.300 visits to challenge  814 downloads of challenge  34 concepts received  Average of 5h of work by each participant  Total of 1.700 hours of intensive thinking for Philips
  34. 34. Testimony "Battle Of Concepts is a simple and innovative way to find solutions for challenges and opportunities for our organization. Moreover it promotes the company and creates stronger links with young talents, that can present solutions and see them being brought into practice" Mônica Reiter Bissi, HR Manager Vopak
  35. 35. Exemplo Battle– Eneco Holanda Challenge Find new ideas for the re-use of oil or gas platforms in the sea What can we do with oil or gas platforms? They are not only ugly, but they can be a threat to the environment. Some important factors: Technical execution Security and well being Environment Specification Cost Reputation and influence on public opinion The permanent question is: How to re-use obsolete installations? Do they necessarily need to become old iron or can they be re-used? Research in the last ten years have shown that there have been some re-use of platforms such as the Spar, that was transformed in a pier and other ideas such as prisons etc.
  36. 36. Example Battle– Rijkswaterstaat Holanda How can the minister of transport and water reduce the consumption of energy and water and CO2 emission in its infrastructure? With the slogan “Good ideas have no Challenge value when not implemented” Rijkswaterstaat invite the participants with the three best ideas to present their ideas and show how they work in practice. Scope restrictions: Rijkswaterstaat will not implement wind mills or biodiesel energy – Specification “Windmills will encounter resistance from the populations and biodiesel is not sustainable and need to be bought”. Prices: 1º 1.500 euros 2º 750 euros 3º 350 euros 4º a 10º 200 euros 11º a 20º 100 euros
  37. 37. Government Battles The Government of Minas Gerais, through the Department of Science, Technology and Education, signed an agreement with the company Battle of Concepts to develop a relationship program to encourage students to solve business challenges. The partnership is an innovative initiative and will be part of the conference Inovatec 2010, which will occur in October.
  38. 38. Government Battles The Government of the Netherlands embraced the initiative of the Battle of Concepts. In all, Government has released nearly 20 battles, including battles signed by the ministers themselves.
  39. 39. Other examples of Battles Work and security at work “How can companies benefit from the productive creativity of 2.0 workers?” “What can companies do to diminish unemployment?” “How can we become the preferred organziation for young people to work for?” “How to guarantee a secure working place for people that work for our railroad company?” “Create a new method to avoid collision between trucks and people” “Develop a technology to bring150kg up the stairs.” “How to avoid dangerous contact and accidents with mechanical machines?” “Create a new concept to improve the conditions of workers that act in the extreme offshore conditions of the Antartic.“
  40. 40. Other examples of Battles Education “How to avoid dropout in higher education?" "How will be the classroom in the future?" "Tell the Minister of Education how to show excellence in higher education" “Develop a new concept or a new campaign to encourage diverse audiences to be high school teachers." Sustentability "How can we show that we do sustainable procurement?" “New and innovative ideas to teach our clients to be more environmentally conscious" "How can we reduce 5000 cars on the A2 highway using only communication?" “How can the Ministry of Transport and Water reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission in its infrastructure? "
  41. 41. Other examples of Battles Entrepreneurship and Innovation "How to stimulate entrepreneurship in children up to 16 years?" “How can 'social media„ help young entrepreneurs in their businesses?" "How to tell the top companies and educational institutes about 'Innovation in services?" Health Care "Develop a new campaign aimed at young people to promote and improve knowledge of asthma in children." “Develop a simple interactive, rational and emotional way to touch the hearts of people between 40-65 years to encourage them to donate blood"
  42. 42. Other examples of Battles Transport "How will the system of high-speed transport be in 2040?" "Give a solution to reduce train noise” "How to avoid fatal accidents at railroad crossing with roads?" “How to prevent collisions of trains on the date of launching a new security system?" "How to reduce the disturbance between trains and boats at roads and river intersections?" “How to improve competition between public transport and the use of private cars?" “Create a bonus system to encourage car users to use more public transportation."
  43. 43. “The best way to have a good idea is to have many ideas” Thanks!