Helix Open Innovation Caspar Van Rijnbach 2 [Compatibility Mode]


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Presentation given at Helix event in Toronto on June 2nd 2010.

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Helix Open Innovation Caspar Van Rijnbach 2 [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. Helix Innovation Hive Applied Innovation for Value Realization [Caspar van Rijnbach] [Open Innovation- Experiences from Europe and Brazil] [TerraForum Consulting] June 2, 2010
  2. 2. Fiat Mio: Open source design Any company can use the ideas (more than 10.000) submitted by users
  3. 3. The world has become smaller... © 2010 Information is not to be copied without permission by Helix Commerce International Inc. 3
  4. 4. Open Innovation REQUIRES a new mental model Base on Chesbrough 2003 Closed Innovation Open Innovation Not all of the smart people work for us so we must The smart people in our field work for us find and tap into the knowledge and expertise of bright individuals outside our company External R&D can create significant value; To profit form R&D, we must discover, develop internal R&D is needed to claim some portion and ship it ourselves of that value We don´t have to originate the research in If we discover it, we will get it to market first order to profit from it Building a better business model is better than If we are the first to commercialize we will win getting to market first If we create the most and the best ideas in the Is we make the best use of internal and industries, we will win external ideas we will win We should control our intellectual property (IP) We should profit from others´ use of our IP, so that our competitors don´t profit from our and we should buy others´ IP whenever it ideas advances our own business model
  5. 5. Open Innovation Model – The Innovation Funnel With the open innovation model, the company keeps strong relationships with external partners within different stages of the innovation development process Research Development Comercialization Joint Venuture Licencing External Technology Insourcing Spin-in Merge and Aquisitions INTERNAL MARKET R&D Divest Spin-off Licencing R&D Services Based on Chesbrough 2003
  6. 6. Open innovation: new ideas,insights and collaboration Challenges
  7. 7. Philips High Tech Campus (Eindhoven)
  8. 8. Philips High Tech Campus (Eindhoven) Modern technology park More than €500M in investments; Technology-based startups incubation The design stimulates and forces collaboration between partners Close to universities “Research Hotel” concept
  9. 9. Natura: Open Innovation to develop new products Develop 50% of technologies externally The main innovation target is radical innovation, using strongly with knowledge management Partnerships usually on ideas generation Partners use Natura´s infrastructure and laboratories Has various partners for external collaboration: universities, research centers, companies, laboratories and foundations to support innovation
  10. 10. Good Practices in Open Innovation Systems (OIS) “ Telefónica has established a network that involves more than 1,000 partners. The company structured 7 research centers, most in Spain and close to technology parks. “ Nokia promotes “Day Dreams” with their partners, where they discuss about the technology and products trends and forecast. “ Syngenta keeps a full time partnership manager to manage collaboration and the network relationship, stimulating new business and solving conflicts.
  11. 11. Key Factors for Open Innovation Success Clearly Defined Support and IP policies Organizational Services for Structure and Partners Governance Strong Relation Infrastructure Network and location Adequate Partners Funding Collaborative Stakeholders Culture Support Open Processes Strategic Innovation and KPIs for Alignment Innovation System Mgmt
  12. 12. WEB 2.0 Facilitates Innovation even more…
  13. 13. Peugeot Design Contest - Open Design • More than 4 million page views • 5 demonstration models exhibited at automotive marketing events • Designers of around 100 nationalities • € 10.000 prizes • 5th year of the contest
  14. 14. Threadless Co-creation made by users
  15. 15. What about having students helping your company to innovate?
  16. 16. Our inspiration “Every company has its issues and challenges. Students have time, drive and innovative solutions.” Our concept “Promoting innovation through open concept battles, in which companies offer challenges (Battles) and college students and young professionals offer solutions (the Concepts).”
  17. 17. Dutch fever spreading…
  18. 18. History • Since 2006, already • In six months distributed Battle of Concepts Holland Battle of Concepts Brazil distributed 500 46 thousand reais (US$ thousand euros to 25 K) and will distribute participants another 74 thousand reais (US$ 40 k) to the • More than 5 thousand participants students registered • More than 3 thousand • More than 100 battles students registered concluded • 30 students received • Received more than 3 prices thousand concepts • Participation of • Participation of various Government public entities
  19. 19. Some participating companies
  20. 20. Eneco Case Challenge Find new ideas for the re-use of oil or gas platforms in the sea What can we do with oil or gas platforms? They are not only ugly, but they can be a threat to the environment. Some important factors: Technical execution Security and well being Environment Specification Cost Reputation and influence on public opinion The permanent question is: How to re-use obsolete installations? Do they necessarily need to become old iron or can they be re-used? Research in the last ten years have shown that there have been some re-use of platforms such as the Spar, that was transformed in a pier and other ideas such as prisons etc.
  21. 21. Rijkswaterstaat Case How can the minister of transport and water reduce the consumption of energy and water and CO2 emission in its infrastructure? With the slogan “Good ideas Challenge have no value when not implemented” Rijkswaterstaat invite the participants with the three best ideas to present their ideas and show how they work in practice. Scope restrictions: Rijkswaterstaat will not implement wind mills or biodiesel energy – Specification “Windmills will encounter resistance from the populations and biodiesel is not sustainable and need to be bought”. Prices: 1º 1.500 euros 2º 750 euros 3º 350 euros 4º a 10º 200 euros 11º a 20º 100 euros
  22. 22. Testimony "Battle Of Concepts is a simple and innovative way to find solutions for challenges and opportunities for our organization. Moreover it promotes the company and creates stronger links with young talents, that can present solutions and see them being brought into practice" Mônica Reiter Bissi, HR Manager Vopak
  23. 23. Integrated Benefits Companies Students Reduced Investiment Market display in ideation process and recruiting of talent Payment External collaboration with Experience with real talent challenges Emotional relationship with young professionals and Relationship with possible clients companies Relationship with Employability academic world Country Universities More innovative Prestige and positive companies display of brand Engagement of young and innovative people More interested and Feeling of co-creation engaged students and search for Real world cases to solutions together use in class room More interaction between companies and universities
  24. 24. Q&A