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Services provided by GTI Services

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GTI Services - General Presentation

  1. 1. General Presentation of Services Turn your Customers into Fans … Certificate of Incorporation w/ DTI Philippines: 01768583
  2. 2. Organization Chart
  3. 3. Our Mission: Provide our Valued Customers with …• New Businesses• Representation of Companies in the Philippines• Training Engineering & Design Solutions• Business Development Support• Daily Solutions for Your Business• Sourcing Services
  4. 4. New BusinessesOpen your company to the world
  5. 5. Business Bringer• We act as Business Bringer – Massive Industrial Network – Knowledge of your future markets• Frame Agreements – Share your dreams, we’ll make them complete – Commission-based Service: • no business, no fee
  6. 6. Representation of Companies Come in the Philippines!
  7. 7. Representation of Companies in The Philippines• Your Company: – is interested in making business in The Philippines? – needs local representation?• We provide representation for international companies who wish to establish themselves in this market or expand their existing business base in the Philippines by supplying: – Logistics support – Business Development support – Other Services whenever requested• For Representation Service, we require: – companys structure – companys culture – companys model – companys mission statement – to know ins and outs of company
  8. 8. Training Design & Engineering
  9. 9. Context of Training• Training & Competencies Development: key factor of business growth• Implementation of Career’s development program is time-consuming: – Competencies Assessment – Individual vs. Corporate objectives – Heterogeneous Suppliers – Training Plan Management• Ambiguous strategy at management level: – Training costs money – CFO says “What if we train employees and then they quit?” – CEO replies “What if we don’t train them and they stay?”
  10. 10. Learning Process: A complex Story
  11. 11. ISD & ID Models for Performance Improvement• Definitions: – Instructional Design (ID): • “a systematic process employed to develop education and training programs in a consistent and reliable fashion” • Instructional Design models or theories may be thought of as frameworks for developing modules or lessons that 1. increase and/or enhance possibility of learning 2. encourage engagement of learners to learn faster and gain deeper levels of understanding – Instructional System Design (ISD) • Broad scope of work and typically divide instruction design process into 5 phases: 1. Analysis 2. Design 3. Development 4. Implementation or Delivery 5. Evaluation• ISD process keeps entire training, development, or educational process on correct path or objective• One or more ID models are used to best supports the learning process being designed.• ISD is similar to “plug-and-play”: you plug the needed ID model into ISD model
  12. 12. ISD & ID Models for Performance Improvement
  13. 13. ISD: a mee-too of famous “Plug & Play”
  14. 14. What We do for You …• We carry on: – Training Development: • Pre-Training Assessment (Gap Analysis) • Design, Development and Implementation of Training Plans (long term, short term) • Post-Training Assessment (Added Value) – Standardization of Training programs • Integration of Complex Environment • Creative Thinking • Critical Thinking – Contractors Management: • Selection • Evaluation • Contracts • Training Cost Management) – Creation of Innovative Training Materials & Tools
  15. 15. Training Development
  16. 16. Standardization of Training programs (I)
  17. 17. Standardization of Training programs (II)
  18. 18. Contractors Management• Audit of Training Contractors – Pre-Qualification • SWOT Analysis • Pedagogic Methods – Sourcing• Contracts Management – Negotiation – Spend Analysis
  19. 19. Innovative Training Materials & Tools• Standardized Training Material at Corporate Level• Training Toolboxes• 3D Training Development• Interactive e-training solutions• Continuous Development of new technologies
  20. 20. Development Support
  21. 21. Development Support• Company Image Creation/Renewal• Marketing Service• Change Management
  22. 22. Image Creation/Renewal• Company image is intangible but as important, if not more, than product/service traded• Image Creation/Renewal Services: – Preparation of Marketing & Communication Means (logos, brochures, advertisements, product packages, business cards, web design, …) – Definition of Pricing Strategy: Is it preferable to be the price leader with lowest price on the market or to focus on exceptional customer service at slightly higher price? – Sales Strategy: We align your sales strategy and tactics with company image – Customer Service: we set up your customer service policies – Publicity: whenever required, we focus publicity efforts on publications matching corporate image – Promotions: whenever required, we organize your company’s participation to events matching its image – …
  23. 23. Marketing Services• Our Vision: Marketing is responsible for how Your Company is perceived• Our goal: to become your Integrated Marketing Service• How? – GTI Services puts your Business Lines in the center of its strategy – GTI Services emphasizes your Processes – GTI Services evaluates metrics that transcend marketing campaigns (engagement, value, profitability, …) – GTI Services implements trigger-based communications and onsite dynamic content delivery – GTI Services does not consider integrated marketing as bounded by marketing department only. We merge Sales, Marketing and Services.
  24. 24. What is Change Management?• Definition: coordination of a structured period of transition from situation A to situation B in order to achieve lasting change within an organization• Change Management is used to describe: – Task of managing change – Area of professional practice – Body of knowledge (models, methods, techniques, and other tools) – Control mechanism (requirements, standards, processes and procedures)• The 3 Steps of our change Management Service: – Phase 1 - Preparing for change (Preparation, assessment and strategy development) – Phase 2 - Managing change (Detailed planning and change management implementation) – Phase 3 - Reinforcing change (Data gathering, corrective action and recognition)
  25. 25. Change Management Service Profits Market share Productivity Adoption Costs Error ratesTime to competency
  26. 26. Daily Solutions for Your Business SN OE LE VD ES D Daily Assistance Process Optimization
  27. 27. Daily Solutions for your Business• 2-ways Customers Management• Tendering Processes• Logistics Management
  28. 28. 2-ways Customers Management• Our team replies on your behalf to your customers’ needs … – Provision of technical/financial documentation – Telephone and e-mail support – Daily Management of Services provided to your customers• … But also to your needs: – Invoicing Processes – Statement of accounts ; Overdue invoices claim – Sub-contractors management – …
  29. 29. Tendering Processes• On your behalf, our team prepares for you: – Technical/Commercial Brochures – Pre-qualification documents – Qualification documents – HSEQ Management System – HSEQ Audits documentation – Technical and Commercial bids – Other documents upon request
  30. 30. Logistics Management• Management of employees travels through your travel agency• Planning Management• Employees documents management: – Medical check-up – Training Matrix – Diplomas & Certificates – Employees files – …
  31. 31. Sourcing Services
  32. 32. Sourcing Services• Manpower• Specialty Chemicals for O&G
  33. 33. Manpower Sourcing• Need personnel but do not have: – Access to expected resources? – Time to identify resources?• We help you by: – Identifying international candidates and transferring them to your organization (lump sum) – Setting-up and Managing interface/contracts with manpower suppliers in the Philippines (lump sum, on-call or contract) – Organizing candidates skills update according to your needs (case by case)
  34. 34. Specialty Chemicals O&G• We carry on for you: – Identification of Cost-Effective Suppliers – QA/QC Audit of products – Contracts Management – Orders/Invoicing Management – Logistics Supervision• Business Lines – Drilling Fluids Chemicals – Cement Chemicals – Stimulation Chemicals
  35. 35. Thanks for your Attention