Sales and Distribution enhancement


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Our Primary Objective: Sustainable Sales Growth and Improved Sales Effectiveness ConsultTia focuses on producing significant increases in profitable sales and dramatically improving sales support processes. We employ a hands-on approach to directly impact sales effectiveness and increase revenues of FMCG,Telecom,Foods Industry

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Sales and Distribution enhancement

  1. 1. ConsultTia Corporation . offers a complete range of Management Advisory Services and HumanResource Services from conceptualization to execution & Maintenance, such as:•Business &Management Advisory Services-Sales and Distribution Enhancement•Staffing – Both Temporary and Permanent•HR Consultancy & Training•Total Manpower Selection Process Outsourcing•Benefits and Statutory Compliance Outsourcing•Sales Training & Management
  2. 2. Sustainable Sales Growth and Improved Sales EffectivenessConsulTtia focuses on producing significant increases in profitable sales and dramatically improving salessupport processes. We employ a hands-on approach to directly impact sales effectiveness and increaserevenues. This involves integrating product-specific training on highly effective fundamental selling and salesmanagement skills with in-field training and coaching. Generally,ConsultTIA’s sales enhancement services fall into four areas:ConsultTia customizes proven methodologies to each client’s needs and organization in an effort to consistentlyachieve powerful results. Sales Effectiveness Assessment Sales Process Methodology Sales Training Recruiting/Talent Outsourcing
  3. 3. Sales Effectiveness Assessment
  4. 4. Sales Effectiveness Assessment•Conduct live field-work with personnel to review sales process including: - Objective setting - Customer targeting/acquisition - Strategy formulation - Product knowledge - Selling skills (questioning/probing, presentation, closing) - Follow-up•Review customer pipeline and prioritized opportunities that can be closed•Interview sales management and evaluate processes, tools, and procedures•Review product offering and markets being served•Identify and quantify selling and marketing opportunities that can make a positive and immediate impact
  5. 5. Sales Implementation & Training.•Institutionalize customized selling processes•Work with sales management to develop and roll out effective coaching and management strategies•Ingrain new sales strategies through intensive in-field coaching, including utilization of detailed• reports to “zero in” on results and critical sales activities.•Develop customized tools (selling and sales management)•Quantify sales results•Define detailed action plans for implementation of new sales strategies and processes.•Launch and execute agreed upon strategies.•Support training through one-on-one coaching directly in the field
  6. 6. Market Opportunities:•Implementation of New Product and Private Label Strategies•Review current product base and customer requirements•Identify potential private label/new product line extensions/opportunities .•Develop product strategy and roll out plan•Pricing and Promotional Strategies•Analyze existing pricing structure and benchmark against competition•Review promotional plan and/or ongoing programs .•Identify potential pricing and promotional opportunities to generate revenue growth (i.e. implementincreased volume strategies such as volume discounts, loyalty programs, standing orders, etc.)
  7. 7. Organizational Development•Assess hiring process and compensation strategies.•Implement a comprehensive recruiting and compensation plan.•Institutionalize ongoing hiring and compensation procedures•Analyze and recommend effective organizational structures Sales Training •Develop customized sales training strategies •Define detailed action plans for implementation of new sales strategies and processes •Implement a standardized sales training curriculum • Reinforce training initiatives through creation of sales tools (laminated cards, audio tools, CD-ROMs, etc.) •Reinforce training initiatives through one-on-one coaching directly in the field •Conduct ongoing initiatives to improve sales training
  9. 9. OUR PLEDGE We acquire the right talent that can take your organization to the NextLevel. We help you focus on your core processes and hence improve business productivity and profitability.
  10. 10. WHY US?OUR PLEDGE Conducting your business in a socially responsible way is good business. It means that you can attract better employees and that customers will know what you stand for and like you for it.” - ConsultTia
  11. 11. Name- Ahmed M.IEmail-ahmad@consulttia.comMob No- 91-9804612257Direct- 91-33-64580414Skype- consulttia.corpLinkedIn- AhmedM.I