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Workwise overview summary 2011


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Workwise overview summary 2011

  1. 1. Workwise, est 1983, delivers world-class, customised learning solutionson-time, on-standard and on-budget to the South African corporatemarket.For over 28 years, medium and large organisations throughout SouthAfrica have used the Workwise training programmes to enhance theperformance and productivity of managers, team leaders, service, salesand administrative staff.
  2. 2. INSTANT RETURN ON INVESTMENTThere is an Instant Return On Investment (we call it IROI) from Workwiselearning programmes in the areas of:• Team Leadership• Management Development• Customer service• Project Management• Sales• Talent Management• Personal and Business ProductivityThe design of customised solutions ensures that learning is relevant to peoples jobsand that they are able to rapidly acquire skills that they can use immediately.You will find our programmes to be of great value in this competitive market.
  3. 3. ACCREDITATIONWorkwise is accredited by the Services SETA – decision # 0172 and manages andmaintains a detailed, documented QA system.Workwise has attained the prestigious internationally recognised Investors In Peopleaward and has also achieved Star 2 (best practice) and Star 3 (customer service)certification from the Service SETA.Workwise actively manages world-class performance and QA, customer service,content and people management delivery levels in order to retain these recognisedqualifications.
  4. 4. Essential SkillsThe essential skills of time management, communication, goal-setting and problem solving are the key to maximisingindividual and team performance and productivity at every level in organisations. HIV/AIDS Knowledge is Power isincluded in the Essential Skills as this life-skills programme empowers people with a sound understanding of thepractical aspects of preventing and/or living with HIV & AIDS in South Africa.Productivity EssentialsThe unique Number Accuracy & Speed and Proofamatics programmes measurably increase productivity andprofitability by reducing errors, increasing working speed with numbers and enhancing the accuracy of writtencommunications.Service EssentialsThis dynamic curriculum including professionalism, developing productive partnerships and the unique CustomerService Transaction model is designed to enhance service delivery levels, retain existing customers and grow yourbusiness.Service Management EssentialsThe Service Management Essentials curriculum enables supervisors and managers of service professionals toreinforce, support and coach new behaviours in the workplace. It also empowers them to actively manage and improveservice delivery levels.Sales EssentialsA comprehensive, flexible curriculum designed to maximise sales opportunities and achieve business growth andprofitability.
  5. 5. The Workwise Team Leadership Essentials (TLE) training curriculum will put your organisation’steam leaders at the head of the class. From the basics of defining and understanding what management is, to functionalmanagement, the essential skills of leadership, building commitment through communication and motivating - Workwisehas your needs covered with our valuable, effective team leadership programmes that produce results.Management Development Programme (MDP)The Workwise Management Development Programme is a comprehensive curriculum structured to provide supervisorsand managers at all levels with the essential functional, interpersonal, performance and team management skills,processes and techniques needed to lead individuals and teams to achieve desired business results.The Art of Project ManagementThe new world-class Art of Project Management provides the structure, process and tools necessary to implement andmaster the art and science of project management.SMART Performance Management & People Development ProcessThe SMART Performance Management and People Development Process is a line-management driven performancemanagement and development tool. It enables managers to actively manage all aspects of individual and teamperformance and development to achieve required business results.Functional Management: Practical application tools and techniques that enable supervisors and managers to plan,organise, direct and control the utilisation of resources and the achievement of results in the workplace.Performance management skills, including goal/standard setting, performance feedback and appraisal andcoaching skills, to develop and entrench a results-oriented, performance culture in teams and organisations.
  6. 6. IMPLEMENTATION OPTIONSWorkwise offers two options for engagement andimplementation.Option 1: Workwise conducts the training (and if required, theassessment) in-house for groups of 6-15 learners.Option 2: Workwise trains and accredits your own facilitators toimplement the learning programmes in-house in order to increaseflexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  7. 7. WORKWISE PERFORMANCE RESULTS 2010 Partner with Workwise for Success!Workwise is proud to publish our 2010 performance results:1 - Commendation from the external verifier for excellent quality assurance and management practices236 - learners trained to be better, more effective team leaders and managers625 - learners trained to enhance and improve customer service delivery116 - learners certificated with credit6067 - NQF credits awarded to learners35 - world-class learning programmes on offer17 - customised curricula designed for clients8 - facilitators trained and accredited to facilitate Workwise learning programmes in-house in their organisations3 - new-release learning programmes16 - moderations conducted839 - assessment decisions upheld0 - assessment decisions overturned by the SETA verifier86 - average percentage reduction in errors as a result of the unique Number Accuracy & Speed programme11 - dedicated and professional staff servicing Workwise clients and learners2010 - new, updated Proofamatics programme0172 - Workwise FULL ACCREDITATION decision number from the Services SETA
  8. 8. CONTACT WORKWISEWorkwise celebrating 28 years of service to the South African Corporate market, delivers world-class, customised learning solutions on-time, on-standard and on-budget!Call Workwise now on 011 476-7550 or email make an appointment - we will listen to you and assist you to analyse your unique needs and objectives; before developing a customised solution for you, at no cost!Website: