how to design carpet in ms paint
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how to design carpet in ms paint



simple tutorial in designing carpet in Ms Paint

simple tutorial in designing carpet in Ms Paint



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how to design carpet in ms paint Document Transcript

  • 1. HOW TO DESIGN CARPET IN MICROSOFT PAINT Ms paint is a simple program as every body knows. Start >open paint > and you start to draw. Choose the brush or pencil and start to paint or draw. Do what ever you like and you will have a result of your talent. Your expression is there in the computer and save it for to show to every body what talent you have. I am a gifted artist from Philippines. I draw and practice to design a carpet in the computer when I first bought my first computer in 1998. I work as carpet designer for hand tufted carpet since 1973 and I draw hand painted colored sketch for handmade carpet and computer sketch using the Ms Paint Program. I use this simple program to design a carpet presentation to the client. I am now retired and I like to share to every fans of Ms Paint my little talent in designing in Ms Paint. To design a carpet here is the step by step tutorial for all Ms Paint Fans. Open>paint>rectangle and draw a rectangle line. This is provisionary size of your design Choose >View >Zoom > custom zoom > choose 800 percent View > zoom > show grid.
  • 2. Grid show up and start making your design in the grill. 1 dot equal-1 pixel of color. You can start with black color to make design then change the color later as you go along . Change color in your palette. Make 4 color shade of red light to dark for the flower. Make the border line and draw a flower using the brush or pencil
  • 3. After you draw a flower choose select tool and make rectangular selection on the flower. Choose edit > copy --- edit > paste > a copy of flower will go out and place it in the border. You can make plenty copy of flower depends on how much you need. . On the color palette, make 3 shade of green, light, medium and dark. In carpet designing we limit the colors into 3 up to 4 colors depend on the design. Now draw the leaves and stem with 3 color shading.
  • 4. Choose select tool and make selection on the flower - edit > copy --- edit > paste --- image > flip rotate > choose flip vertical ---- edit > flip rotate choose rotate by angle 90 Then put the rotate image in the border on the vertical side corner
  • 5. r Now we have this design. We will make a fill in this portion. I like red for the background, beige for the border, dark brown for the border band line and gold for the band lines. Choose magnifier in the pallete and click on the design then you return to the normal design
  • 6. Return to zoom and choose select tool. We will make a copy of the border to continue the repeat of the design. Select the flower design then edit > copy > paste .> then attached it to the flower in the border . Do it again edit > paste. Then join the design
  • 7. Now the border is long and repeated. You will do the same on the vertical side
  • 8. Now we make this size as our one fourth of the whole design and make line to close the rectangle. This is our horizontal and vertical centerline. We will use this in repeating is quarter design to complete the carpet design. Before we make fill, we must complete the repeat in the band border design. We do the same as we copy the pattern and paste the design in the border. Select the design with selection tool > edit > copy > paste > and attached it to the border to complete the band border design Make background fill
  • 9. Now we complete the one fourth of the design. We are nearly to finish our carpet design. Now choose select tool and select only the whole design starting in the center Edit> copy --- edit > paste
  • 10. Image > flip/ rotate > flip vertical l Attached to complete the half repeat of design Edit > Paste >
  • 11. Image > flip/rotate > rotate by 180 degree then attach it exactly in the border Image > flip/ rotate >flip vertical Image > flip/rotate > rotate by angle 180 degrees .check joining on border on each side
  • 12. Final repeat and complete carpet design. Clean, adjust and make label for the carpet presentation. I hope you like this little presentation. If you have any comment, or you design carpet in Ms Paint then join my group at yahoo groups. If you are interior decorator or architect and you need carpet design presentation email me at To see more of my carpet design please check the following site. foyokane site at and Yahoo groups carpet designing in Ms Paint