Flax lignans


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Lignan is a Nutrition “Super man“
Flaxseed being biggest source

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Flax lignans

  1. 1. Seven Star Phytonutrient of the New MillenniumElixir of WomanhoodNectar of Rejuvenation
  2. 2. Dr. Om VermaM.B.B.S.,M.R.S.H. (London)President, Flax Awareness Society7-B-43, Mahaveer Nagar III, Kota (Raj.)http://flaxindia.blogspot.in+919460816360
  3. 3. The discovery of flaxseed as a lignanstorehouse came by just a chancesays KennethSetchell, PhD, Children’s HospitalMedical Center, Cincinnati. In astudy in 1978, he and his colleaguesunexpectedly found lignan levels inone patient several hundred timeshigher than had ever been seenbefore. The patient told that hebaked his own bread and alwaysadded flaxseed.Dr Kenneth Setchell, PhD
  4. 4. High Lignan diet is linked with health benefits•Lower risk of certain cancers•Lower risk of heart diseaseWe do not get enough lignans from our modern diet because•Daly intake of lignan is <1mg /day•Processing of foods•Low fruit, vegetable and whole grain intake
  5. 5. Lignans are phytonutrients found widespread in plant foodLignansCereals Whole GrainsFruits VegetablesFlaxseedFlaxseed is 75 to 800 times richerin lignan than other plant source!
  6. 6. Immune-Enhancing LignansJust a 1/4 cup of Flax Seed contains as manylignans as..........90 pounds of cabbage.....82 pounds of bananas.....75 pounds of strawberries.....25 pounds of broccoli.....12 pounds of wheat
  7. 7. Foodstuff SecoisolariciresinolFlaxseed 165759 µg / 100 gSesame seeds 240 µg / 100 gRye bran 462 µg / 100 gWheat bran 868 µg / 100 gOat bran 90 µg / 100 gBarley bran 42 µg / 100 gFlaxseed is blockbuster source of Lignan on this planet.
  8. 8. Different types of lignansFlax lignans: Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG)as present in the flax plantWhen eaten plant lignans get converted into “mammalianlignans” in the colon by healthy bacteriaSecoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG)
  9. 9. Mammalian lignans•Made from plant lignans by bacteria in the colon•The mammalian lignans are Enterodiol and Enterolactone•Bio-active forms present in the body
  10. 10. Eat ground flax orFlax lignans supplementSDGSECO(aglycone)Enterodiol (END)Enterolactone (ENL)
  11. 11. • Phytoestrogens – balancing effects onhormone levels• Antioxidants – scavenge free radicals• Interfere with enzymes involved inhormone metabolism• Lignan isantibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antilupus and anticancer
  12. 12. MammalianlignansHuman EstrogenEnterodiolEnterolectone
  13. 13. Pre-menopause Post -menopauseEstrogen
  14. 14. Pre-menopause Post -menopauseEstrogen Lignans
  15. 15. Estrogen Lignans
  16. 16. “SDG, Enterodiol andEnterolactone are betterantioxidants than vitamin-E”Prasad (200 ) Int. J. Angiology.9:220-25Relative antioxidant activityVitamin E 1SDG(Flax lignan)1.27SECO(aglycone)4.86Enterodiol(mammalian lignan)5.02Enterolactone(mammalian lignan)4.35
  17. 17. Inhibit enzymes involved inhormone metabolism• 5 alpha-reductase – involved intestosterone• Aromatase – key enzyme in thebody involved in estrogensynthesis
  18. 18. Women Cardiovascular Health- Hot Flushes - Atherosclerosis- Breast health - High Cholesterol- Osteoporosis- Habitual abortion- Dry vagina- PMS- Post-partum ObesityHormone RelatedConditionsMen - Hair loss- Prostate health - AcneOther Conditions- Type-2 Diabetes- Obesity
  19. 19. Menopause• Loss of estrogen• Cessation of periods• ComplaintsHot flushesDry vaginaMood swingOsteoporosis• Loss of protective effects(bone, heart)
  20. 20. Lignans may help relieve menopausalsymptoms by their mild estrogenic effects.
  21. 21. • Flaxseed was as effective as hormonereplacement therapy in reducing mildmenopausal symptoms in menopausal women.Lemay et al (2002) Obstel Gynecol 100(3) 495-504• HRT has been shown to increase risk of breastcancer and is unlikely to benefit heart• So these days millions of women looking foralternatives and herbal treatment
  22. 22. • Populations who eat diet rich in lignans havelower risk of breast cancer• Animal models of breast cancerPurified SDG reduced tumor size and number ofbreast tumors• Human studiesStudies of women with and without breastcancer indicate that flax lignans may haveprotective benefits against cancer
  23. 23. Women with newly diagnosed breast cancer ate 2 ½tablespoons of flaxseed per day• Reduced tumor cell growth• Effects were similar to tamoxifen (a breast cancer drug)• No significant side effects were reportedThomson (2000) Breast Cancer Res treat 64:50
  24. 24. “Protective” “Pro-cancer”Estrogen16 α-hydroxy-estrone2 Hydroxy-estrone
  25. 25. “Protective” “Pro-cancer”Estrogen16 α-hydroxy-estrone2 Hydroxy-estroneFlax Lignansimprove the ratio ofestrogenmetabolites
  26. 26. In short term studies women who ate between 1 and 2 ½rounded tablespoons of flaxseed a day has improvedestrogen metabolismSuggests a protective effect against breast cancerHaggans et al (1999) Nutr Cancer 33:188-195.Haggans et al (2000) Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Pre. 9:19-25.Brooks et al (2004) Am J.Clin Nutr 79:318-25
  27. 27. May lead to urinary flow SymptomsFrequencyUrgencyPainNocturiaUrinary retentionNormal Prostate Enlarged Prostate
  28. 28. Free testosteroneDHTDi-hydro-testosteroneMore potentProstate growthEnterolactone(mammalian lignan)inhibited prostate 5alpha reductase upto 80%5 alpha-reductase
  29. 29. Research at Duke UniversityMen undergoing repeat prostate biopsy given 3tablespoons flaxseed plus low fat diet for 6 months.• Decreased growth rates of benign prostate tissue• Decreased PSA levelDenmark-Wahnefried. (2004) Urology; 63:900-904.
  30. 30. • Over 64 million Americans have some formof cardiovascular disease.• Higher levels of lignans in blood of men islinked with less acute coronary events• In women, higher intake of lignans has aprotective effect on the risk ofatherosclerosis
  31. 31.  Lignans are strong antioxidants SDG (main flax lignan)• Reduced plaque build up• Lowered total and bad cholesterol• Stabilize blood pressurePrasad (1999) Circulation. 99:1355-1362
  32. 32. Lignans may reduce stress responsePostmenopausal women with vascular disease weregiven different 3 different flax dietsThe flaxseed diet with highest level of lignans reducedhigh blood pressure and stress hormones in response tostressful tasksSpence et al (2003) J Amer Coll Nutr 22:494-501.
  33. 33.  Hair loss Acne Hormones are major causes of both• DHT (potent form of testosterone) initiates aminiaturization of sensitive hair follicles• Elevated androgens (DHT) plays a role in acne bycausing excess sebum production
  34. 34. Free testosteroneHair lossAcneDHTdi-hydro-testosteroneLignans mayinfluence themetabolic processinvolved in hairloss and acne5 alpha-reductase
  35. 35. Dear Doctors,I am thrilled to tell you about miracle treatment forAIDS patients. The Flax Lignans supercharge thedepleted immune system and gives an AIDSsufferer a new life, new hope and a future. FlaxLignan cost pennies per day for a child with AIDS.Dr. Danial DavesDirector,AIDS ResearchAssistance Institute# 8 Calloway Ct.Mansfield, TX 76063May 1, 2007Dr. Danial Daves
  36. 36. • Currently no set guideline for lignin intake• Human clinical trials used between 1 and 3tablespoons of flaxseed daily• Providing approximately 50 to 150 mg of SDG(main flax lignan)
  37. 37. Thank you for your patience