Digging Beneath the Surface: Understanding the Digital Health Mom


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This report provides data on the current state of the digital health mom, or mothers who utilize a range of technologies such as mobile and the Web for health. The publication also provides information on mothers' perceptions of online health content. This data was collected immediately after content was consumed.

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Digging Beneath the Surface: Understanding the Digital Health Mom

  1. 1. Digging Beneath the Surface Understanding the Digital Health Mom www.enspektos.com
  2. 2. Where Were Going 1. 2. Where Were Going
  3. 3. Digital Moms: The Webs Power Users Moms Are Turning to Digital for Support, Shopping and Sharing Source: eMarketer, Moms Infographic, 2011
  4. 4. Digital Moms Contribute to Pinterests Rise Moms Sharing Images, Life Stories and More Helped Boost Pinterest Source: Vitrue Infographic, 2012
  5. 5. Moms and Health Dr. Mom Manages Her Familys Health and Relies on the Web for Medical Info Source: BabyCenter, Meet Dr. Mom, 2011
  6. 6. Women and the Health Web Moms Online Activities May Contribute to Gender Differences in Online Search HabitsSource: Pew Internet and American Life Project, Illustration Source: Enspektos, LLCThe Social Life of Health Information, 2011
  7. 7. Women and Health Social MediaHowever, Health SocialMedia Activities of Menand Women Are SimilarSource: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Social Illustration Source: Enspektos, LLCmedia “likes” healthcare: From marketingto social business, 2012
  8. 8. Moms and Online Health Search Sources: Razorfish, CafeMom, Digital Mom, 2009; BabyCenter, Meet Dr. Mom, 2011
  9. 9. Moms and Health Digital Media Little Recent Data is Available on How Moms Use Digital Media for Health and Its Influence on Medical Decisions
  10. 10. Investigating the Digital Health Mom Enspektos, LLC Conducted Two-Phase Study of Digital Health Moms Between November 2011 and January 2012 Phase I N: 573 Mother Internet users; Demographic calculations based on unpublished Pew Internet and American Life Project data collected between August 9 and September 13, 2010 (Well Focus on the Survey Phase First)
  11. 11. Consulting Digital Media for Health Content Internet Most Frequently Consulted Source for Health/Wellness Content Followed by Social Networks Percentages Represent Online Moms Indicating How Frequently They Consult Various Digital Channels for Health/ Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012 Wellness Content
  12. 12. Downloading Health/Wellness Mobile Apps 40% of Online Mom Smartphone Owners Have Downloaded Health/Wellness Apps Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012
  13. 13. Social Networks Influence Health Opinion 53% of Moms Say SocialNetworks Have Moderate to Very High Influence on Health/Wellness Opinions18-29 Year Olds Most Likely to Say Social Networks Have High Influence Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012
  14. 14. This is Great News . . . Yes! Moms Are Using Digital Technologies for Health!
  15. 15. But, Making the Data Actionable . . . Do We Have Enough Information to Take Significant Action on These Results?
  16. 16. Requires Digging Below the Surface . . . Likely Not, So What Else Do We Need to Know?
  17. 17. And Answering Critical Questions Sally: I Know Digital Health What Content is Getting Past the Moms Are Rising, But . . . Filters People Are Putting Up to Prevent Information Overload? What Does the Online Health/Non-Health Content Landscape Look Like? If I Publish Content, Whats the Likelihood it Will Be Seen? What Are Moms Perceptions of Online Health Content They Consume on the Web or Social Media?
  18. 18. With Answers Sally Can Truly Get to Work Lets Give Them to Her
  19. 19. Where Were Going 2. 1. Where Were Going
  20. 20. Brian Solis Got it Right: Relevance Wins Key Solis Quotes "Information Must Now Find People, Otherwise it Remains Unseen" "Context is King and is the Key to Earning Relevance" "Connected Consumers Are in Control of How Relevant Content Moves in Their Direction"
  21. 21. Paid Media Important, But Earned is Critical Moms More Likely to Consume Earned Media Health Content Because it is Prevalent Online Okay, So What Does This Mean in Practice?
  22. 22. To Be Seen Earned/Owned DigitalHealth Content Must Penetrate Moms Filters Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012 Only the Most Relevant and Compelling Content Gets Through Thus, Answering the Question of Whether Moms Are Using Digital for Health is Only the First Step The Second (and More Important) Step is Finding Out Whats Getting Past Their Filters and Why
  23. 23. Investigating the Digital Health Mom During Tracking Phase We Examined Digital Moms Real World Online Content Consumption Habits and Perceptions of Health Information (on Select Topics) N: 538 Moms from survey phase Encountered During Web who entered tracking phase Tracking conducted during Web sessions Browsing Sessions that took place on laptops and desktops
  24. 24. Research Insight: How Online HealthContent Reaches Moms Data on Online Health Content Consumed by Study Participants Will Illustrate How the Nexus Operates (You Will See What They Saw) Notice How the Nexus Aligns With Content Filters Discussed Previously Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012
  25. 25. An Example of Embedding from Study Diabetes Prevention Message Embedded Within Article Regarding Dangerous Weight Loss Activities "Rapid weight loss by critical calorie restriction causes water, some fat and muscle loss, which . . . increases the risk for . . . type 2 diabetes."
  26. 26. An Example of Proacting from Study Search Sparked by Paula Deens Diabetes Announcement Results in Exposure to Variety of Topical Messages
  27. 27. Examples of Socializing from Study If youre living with diabetes or a caregiver of someone who is, do you know what type of sock people with diabetes should wear Social Media Delivers Stream of while exercising? Diabetes Messages of Varying A FOUNDATIONAL SUPPLEMENT. Benefits for Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Energy, Pain Quality to Digital Moms and more!! 22 amino acids. Festive or flop? What’s a diabetes-friendly holiday dish you’ve tried to make that didn’t go as planned? Join @AmyfromMars in her battle to fight & stop #diabetes & to Kiss a Pig! 3/3 http://t.co/mtGG50DF #cbias Diabetes Expert Disses Weight-Loss Programs - MedPage Today http://t.co/cnnUyxHX Video: Link between cholesterol-lowering drugs and diabetes http://t.co/TR9iqLXX
  28. 28. What About Perceptions? Immediately After Diabetes Content Consumed, Participants Asked to Respond Re: Their Perceptions Two Types of Perceptual Data Were Collected: • Sentiment: Positive, Negative, Neutral • Credibility: 5-Point Scale - 1 = Low Credibility 5 = High Credibility
  29. 29. Examples of Perceptual Data: Web/Social Paula Deen Online Search Credibility: 3 Sentiment: Positive Health Impact News: Lower Your These Data Snapshots Illustrate #Cholesterol Increase Your #Diabetes Risk By 48% http://t.co/onjf33bS Study in Digital Moms Ability to Carefully Archives of Internal Medicine Evaluate Digital Health Content Twitter Post Credibility: 3 Sentiment: Negative
  30. 30. How Does Diabetes Fit Within Moms Overall Online Content Environment?Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012 Analysis conducted on data collected betweenDiabetes is Competing Against Many Other Topics in an November 7 and December 20, 2011 Numerous categories tracked, four shown Environment Where Health Receives Limited Attention above are for illustrative purposes *Among mothers with Twitter/Facebook accounts who granted permission to track status updates
  31. 31. Now, Lets Answer Sallys Questions Source: Enspektos, LLC, 2012
  32. 32. Theres More to Come Delivering High-Value Above and Below the Surface Digital Trends, Perceptual and Impact Data to the Health Industry Read on for More Information About the Initiative
  33. 33. About enmoebiusenmoebius is a patent pending digital surveillance and behavioral measurement engine.It provides rich and real-time data on how earned and owned online health contentimpacts: • Awareness and perceptions of products, services and issues • Intent to engage in various health behaviors (purchase, adherence, screenings, vaccinations, etc.) • Behaviors influenced by by online health contentEnspektos will launch enmoebius in mid-2012. Watch the Video & Get E-mail Updates (SlideShare Users Click Here)
  34. 34. About digihealth pulsePowered by enmoebius, digihealth pulse is a forthcoming tracking study of active U.Sdigital health consumers. These are individuals who go online frequently, use socialmedia and turn to the Web to find health information for themselves or others.digihealth pulse will feature robust and real-time data on a range of subjects, including: • Evolving media consumption habits (use of new and existing digital technologies) • Awareness of online health content across a range of common conditions and topics published online and via social media channels • Select behaviors sparked by online and social media contentdigihealth pulse insights will be made available free of charge and via a syndicatedmarket research service. Enspektos will launch digihealth pulse in mid-2012.Join our mailing list to receive the latest digihealth pulse news. Get E-mail Updates (SlideShare Users Click Here)
  35. 35. About EnspektosEnspektos, LLC is an innovation consultancy that has provided digital marketing andcommunications services to health organizations operating around the world since 2005.The firm produces technology-driven strategy, research and training products andservices for a diverse range of clients, including government agencies, non-profits,pharmaceutical companies and payers.Learn more about Enspektos, LLC at www.enspektos.com.