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Social Media and Healthcare


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Social media has evolved beyond personal and recreational tools to become relevant business tools, especially in healthcare. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or blogs, a growing number of families are using social media as their primary source for health and wellness information and advice. Akron Children's Hospital invites you to join the evolution and learn about the myriad ways it uses social media.

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Social Media and Healthcare

  1. 1. Social media andhealthcare
  2. 2. What is social media? Social media is any online platform that provides content for users and allows users to participate in the creation or development of the content in some way (i.e., blogs, comments, photo sharing, video sharing, etc.).Social Media and Healthcare
  3. 3. Why do we invest in social media? tweet tweet tweet tweet tweetSocial Media and Healthcare
  4. 4. Our social media goals • Marketing • Wellness • Recruitment • Philanthropy • Brand Management • Professional Collaboration • Consumer, Patient & • Reputation Management/ Professional Education Customer Relations • Community CreationSocial Media and Healthcare
  5. 5. Halo effect of social media for healthcare organizations 81% 57% Of consumers said a Of consumers believe social media connection that if a hospital has a with a hospital was likely strong social media to have a strong impact onpresence, they’re likely to their decision to seek be more cutting edge treatment at that hospital 25% Of consumers said they’re likely to connect with hospitals via social media in the future
  6. 6. Where do we do it?Social Media and Healthcare
  7. 7. FacebookEmploying Social Media in Healthcare
  8. 8. Facebook StatsMost social conversations surroundingAkron Children’s occur on Facebook 2 PR staff members post content and respond to questions and complaints Content creation and monitoring are shared responsibility among PR team Efforts measured monthly
  9. 9. Health Informationof consumers use social media sites to seek medicalinformation, discuss symptoms and express their opinionsabout doctors, drugs and health insurers(PwC Health Research Institute, 2012)
  10. 10. Brand Messages
  11. 11. Philanthropy“Have a Heart, Do Your Part” radiothon posts garnered themost engagement on Facebook in the first half of 2012
  12. 12. Philanthropy
  13. 13. Patient Engagement
  14. 14. Health Social Media of consumers use social media to share their health experiences (Pew Research Center, 2011)
  15. 15. Service Recovery
  16. 16. @AkronChildrens Interesting Practical or uniquehealth tips stories Fundraising News and events announcements
  17. 17. @childrens_cme Why do we tweet? • To push medical education • To build relationships with other physicians • To raise profile of medical education at Akron Children’sSocial Media and Healthcare
  18. 18. Recruitment on Facebook of recruiters use Facebook in their recruitment strategy*Custom FB tab promotes careers: Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting, 2012
  19. 19. @ChildrensJobs of recruiters use Twitter in their recruitment strategy*Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 2012Social Media and Healthcare
  20. 20. @ChildrensJobs Open Job search Life inside positions tips Akron Children’s Employee EFC events stories Northeast Ohio livingSocial Media and Healthcare
  21. 21. LinkedIn Social media tool for recruiters of recruiters use LinkedIn in their recruitment strategy Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, 2012Social Media and Healthcare
  22. 22. YouTube• Established in 2007• 525+ total videos• 425,000+ total views• 298 total subscribers
  23. 23. Top 5 YouTube Videos1. Childhood Speech and Language Delays2. Vomiting and diarrhea3. Bedwetting4. Preparing kids for imaging procedures5. West Nile virus
  24. 24. Inside Children’s Blog Launched in 2009 #1 traffic driver to blog Mix of PR-generated and personal stories by patient families and employees
  25. 25. Pinterest and Google+
  26. 26. How do we know we’re hitting the mark? – By monitoring and analyzing how, where and why healthcare consumers are interacting online – By establishing a two-way dialogue with consumers, including the ability to listen, determine sentiment and context, and receive status updates – By moving toward social media “data mining” where a social data stream can be analyzed to discover trends over time and track a responseSocial Media and Healthcare
  27. 27. Questions? Contact: Andrea Joliet Asst. Director, Interactive Marketing ajoliet@chmca.orgSocial Media and Healthcare