Webinar Slides: Digging Deeper to Understand Digital Health Moms


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These are slides from a Webinar hosted by Enspektos, LLC focusing on understanding and effectively communicating with digital health moms. This event took place on June 15, 2012.

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Webinar Slides: Digging Deeper to Understand Digital Health Moms

  1. 1. Webinar: Digging Deeper toUnderstand Digital Health Moms Enspektos, LLC THINK-Health KC Health June 15, 2012 Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  2. 2. THANK YOU Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  3. 3. OUR GOAL: WE WANT YOU . . . TO BE (MORE) AWESOME Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  4. 4. About  the  Speakers   Jane  Sarasohn-­‐Kahn,  THINK-­‐Health   Kelley  Connors,  KC  Health   Fard  Johnmar,  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  5. 5. About  Enspektos   We  are  a  health  markeHng  communicaHons   innovaHon  consultancy       We  help  our  clients  use  digital  technologies     to  persuade  paHents,  providers,  caregivers     and  others  to  take  acHon  around  health  and  wellness    Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  6. 6. Overview   The Digital Brain Wars BAD, BAD Segmentation Doing it Right/Wrong Let’s Talk Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  7. 7. Overview   The Digital Brain Wars BAD, BAD Segmentation Doing it Right/Wrong Let’s Talk Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  8. 8. Our  Secret  Wish:  Immediate  Compliance   Robot Voice: Message received. Complying with request. SMS Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  9. 9. The  Reality:  She’s  Indifferent  and  InaPenHve       I  Don’t  Care!    Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  10. 10. Why?  She’s  Filtering  Out  the  Noise:       It’s  Hard  to  Win  Her  APenHon   Emerging: Social Search Relevant Content What She Algorithms That Surfaces Delivered via Chooses to Bring Relevant Relevant Content Social Channels Let In Content to You Machine Search Social Self Health Content Filters Filters Filters Filters Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  11. 11. Why?  She’s  Choosing  When  to  Engage     Moms  Using  Mobile  and   Social  Networks  Frequently    to  Very  Frequently   Internet: 33% to  Find  Health  Content   Moms  Using  Web     Very  Frequently     Social Mobile: Networks: to  Find  Health  Content   17% 34% Five-­‐Point  Scale,  Top/     Top  Three  OpHons  Shown   Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  12. 12. Why?  She’s  Choosing  When  to  Engage     Internet: Internet: 50% 47% African  American  Moms     Hispanic  Moms     Using  Web     Using  Web     Very  Frequently   Very  Frequently     to  Find  Health  Content   to  Find  Health  Content   Five-­‐Point  Scale,     Top  OpHon  Shown   Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  13. 13. Why?  She’s  Choosing  When  to  Engage     African  American   Moms  Using  Mobile     and  Social  Networks     Somewhat  Frequently  to     Very  Frequently     Social to  Find  Health  Content   Mobile: Networks: 12% 24% Social Hispanic  Moms  Using     Mobile: Networks: 23% 33% Mobile  and  Social  Networks     Somewhat  Frequently  to     Very  Frequently   Five-­‐Point  Scale,  Top   to  Find  Health  Content   Three  OpHons  Shown   Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  14. 14. Why?  Her  Networks  Have  Impact   Influence  of  Social  Networks  on  Health/Wellness  Opinion  by  Race   Whites   African  Americans   Hispanics   Very High Influence Very High Influence Very High Influence 7% 13% 6% High Influence 15% High Influence 17% High Influence 13% Moderate Influence Moderate Influence Moderate Influence 30% 20% 34% Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  15. 15. Let’s  Face  It:  We’re  in  a  Digital  Brain  War   How  Do  We  Get  in  Here?  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  16. 16. Waging  the  Digital  Brain  War   Step  I:     Understand  How  Online  Health  Content  Reaches  People   The Earned/Owned Online Health Content Nexus Embedding Socializing Proacting Content Consumer Perceptions Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  17. 17. Waging  the  Digital  Brain  War   Step  II:     Change  the  Playing  Field   Source:     Enspektos,  LLC,   We  Normally  Play  in  an   enmoebius  Dashboard   Area  That  Receives   Limited  Online  AHenIon    Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  18. 18. Waging  the  Digital  Brain  War   Step  II:     Change  the  Playing  Field   Source:     Enspektos,  LLC,   What  About  Linking     enmoebius  dashboard   Health  to  Other  Topics     That  Occupy  More  of     Moms’  Mindshare?  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  19. 19. Waging  the  Digital  Brain  War   Step  III:     Beware  of  Shiny  Objects   Source:     Enspektos,  LLC,   Wow!  Moms  Are     enmoebius  Dashboard   Spending  a  Lot  of  Time   In  Social  Networks!     Isn’t  This  a  Great  Place   for  Health?  
  20. 20. Waging  the  Digital  Brain  War   Step  III:     Beware  of  Shiny  Objects   Out of ~79,000 Just  Because  Your     Twitter/Facebook Status .13% Focused on Diabetes Updates* Processed . . . Content’s  There  Doesn’t     Mean  It  Will  Be  NoIced   (Diabetes  is  Just     One  Example  of  a     Common  Problem)   Source:  Enspektos,  LLC  Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  21. 21. Contact  Me   Fard  Johnmar   Enspektos,  LLC   www.enspektos.com     TwiPer:  @fardj     More  enmoebius  info:  enmoebius.enspektos.com      Speaker:  @fardj    Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  22. 22. Overview   The Digital Brain Wars BAD, BAD Segmentation Doing it Wrong/Right Let’s Talk Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  23. 23. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE BUT . . . Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  24. 24. DON’T FALL PREY TO THE SEGMENTATION TRAP Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  25. 25. Caveats About the Digital Mom… …a multiple persona Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA (Econ.), MHSA THINK-Health and Health Populi BlogSpeaker:  @healthythinker  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  26. 26. Health and Digital Moms: N 1 Who’s a Mom, Anyway? A caregiver:A mother with A mother with an adult child children children with parents “Dad as Mom” 18 18 55 Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  27. 27. Real Age ≠ Digital Age •  Concept of “digital age” not always inversely proportion to digital natives’ age •  Wells Fargo found that thirty-something’s more digitally savvy than twenty-something’s •  Older digital users more likely to manage finances and careers online. Source: Youth and Tech Savvy Not Always Related, Wells Fargo Survey Shows, Wells Fargo, January 21, 2010 Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  28. 28. Health is Personal to “Me”Moms project-manage use of digital technologiesLots of segmentations! Pick 1 ; ) MWW •  Mobilizers •  Wallflowers •  Urban originals •  Practical adopters •  Casual connectors BabyCenter Razorfish •  Field experts •  Lifecasters •  Audience •  Butterflies •  Pros Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  29. 29. Health is Personal to “Me”Moms project-manage use of digital technologies But wait! Still More Mom Archetypes•  Mintel’s cluster analysis •  Family Engineers (34%) •  Chill Moms (45%) •  Networkers (21%)•  Alpha Mom: educated, tech-savvy, Type A, kidcentric, multitasker, fashion-conscious (Source: Comcast, The Mommy Channel, 2004)•  Beta Mom: opposite of Alpha Mom, more laid-back, often Gen Y. Pejorative: Slacker Mom. Urge Alpha moms to “chill” (Source: coined in USA Today in 2007)•  Mobile moms•  …and the personae just keep on comin’… Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  30. 30. Listen to Bill Pearce, Marketing ProfessorUC-Berkeley Haas School of Business •  Digital is a tool to make Mom a “better” Mom •  Don’t think “digital mom”… •  THINK: Moms in a digital era •  “Mom” has 3 hours everyday due to parenting •  Technology helps her bridge time gap •  All moms have some digital gadgets; 65% use more than 5 technologies to make their lives better. Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  31. 31. Always Remember the Motrin Moms Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  32. 32. Health Goes Beyond “Health Care”How People Define Health and Wellness Mental/ Personal Financial healthPhysical health emotional appearance 82% 94% Health 87% 91% Source: Edelman Health Engagement Barometer, October 2008 Speaker:  @healthythinker   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  33. 33. Know Thy (Health) Consumer Digital is but a platformSpeaker:  @healthythinker  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  34. 34. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, MA (Econ.), MHSA Health Economist and Management Consultant THINK-Health jane@think-health.com www.think-health.com www.healthpopuli.com Blog @healthythinker Twitter and SkypeSpeaker:  @healthythinker  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  35. 35. Overview   The Digital Brain Wars BAD, BAD Segmentation Doing it Right/Wrong Let’s Talk Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  36. 36. AND NOW . . . Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  37. 37. GRIPPING TALES OF TACTICAL JOY | PAIN Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  38. 38. Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  39. 39. Women expect brands to engage them… on their terms Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  40. 40. Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  41. 41. Why Social Influence is Key 66%  Boston  Consul0ng  Group,  2009   of women don’t believe health care marketers understand them 65% of people using social media are women Nielsen,  2010     75% of caregivers are women Na0onal  Family  Caregivers  Alliance,  2009     65% of on-line health seekers are women Pew  Internet  Research,  2010     53% of moms say social networks influence their health and wellness opinions  Enspektos,  May  2012  Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  42. 42. Women are simply more than health care consumers. They’re activists, advocates multi-dimensional and change agents Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  43. 43. What are women interested in? Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  44. 44. On-line and Off-line Advocacy Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  45. 45. Rule #1: Don’t Tell and Sell Your  Tools:  On-­‐line  CommuniHes  Led  by  Influencers  ConversaHons  with  Brand  Ambassadors  What You Must Demonstrate: Facilitation Collaboration Respect
  46. 46. UNF Shot@Life #vaccineswork
  47. 47. Rule #2: Ask Listen (rinse and repeat but not too oftenJ) Your  Tools:   Social  CommuniHes   Informal  Networking   Surveys   Polls   What You Must Demonstrate: Respect Understanding Context Authenticity Speaker:  @kelconnors   Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  48. 48. Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  49. 49. Rule #3: Be Share-Worthy Your  Tool:   Brand-­‐Sponsored  Content  (mulH-­‐format)   What You Must Demonstrate: Expertise Relevance She’s the hero – “Shero” Advocacy Inspiration Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  50. 50. Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  51. 51. Her Interests are Share-Worthy Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  52. 52. Rule #4: Help Women Support Others Your  Tool:   Partnerships  that  acHvate,  not  just  inform     What You Must Demonstrate: Collaboration Advocacy Inspiration Action Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  53. 53. Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  54. 54. How to Activate Bone Health? Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  55. 55. Rule #5: Don’t lose sight of your mission Your  Tools:   Ongoing  conversaHons  with  advocates,  acHvists   Listen  o_en  and  speak  authenHcally     Integrate  social  media  response  plan  with  corporate   communicaHons   What You Must Demonstrate: Authenticity Transparency Advocacy Respect Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  56. 56. Community Engagement Fail
  57. 57. Apply the Rules 1. Remember what women want: The 411, to be connected and fun. 2. Let women talk themselves into loving you. Use message boards, blogs. Invite them to participate in a consumer panel. 3.  Make social communications part of your business strategy. Integrate social communications with customer service, patient education, marketing and RDSpeaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  58. 58. For  a  copy  of  the  HerRules  e-­‐book,  a  constantly  evolving   publicaHon  featuring  women’s  views  and  voices,  please  go  to   Inyurl.com/herrules      Speaker:  @kelconnors  Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  59. 59. Contact  Me   Kelley  Connors   www.KC-­‐Health.com     KC  Health     TwiPer:  @kelconnors  
  60. 60. Overview   The Digital Brain Wars BAD, BAD Segmentation Doing it Right/Wrong Let’s Talk Hashtag:  #digihealthmom  
  61. 61. IN WHICH WE . . . HAVE A CONVERSATION Hashtag:  #digihealthmom