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Infographic: Facebook, Privacy and Health


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This infographic highlights data published in 2011 focusing on how people really use Facebook for health and wellness.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Infographic: Facebook, Privacy and Health

  1. 1. What You Need to Know: alth ok, P rivac y and He Fa cebo Facebook and Health Dont Mix Facebook is dominant, but not in health. Most dont use it to find health information. Fewer share personal health content on the site. Could privacy concerns be the reason? Infographic based on 2011 Path of the Blue Eye Project report. Learn how to access it here: The Facebook Facebook Users Facebook is Popular, Privacy UnShare Reject Sharing But Not in Health Conundrum Health Info Could Facebook Like Buttons Few Social Network Users Get Majority of Facebook Users Reveal Personal Health Info? Health Info on Sites Would NOT Share Health Path of the Blue Eye Study 2011 · Like · Comment Pew Internet Study 2011 · Like · Comment Information Path of the Blue Eye Study 2011 · Like · Comment 40% of top 10 U.S. health and medical Websites (as of March 15% of social network users go to 40% 2011) had installed Facebooks 68% declared they had not and Like button (Source for Website sites like Facebook and MySpace to get health information would not share their personal ranking: Experian Hitwise) 15% health information on Facebook 68%Security Concerns Caregivers Are The Exception "Its Nobodys Business But My Own"Security experts are concerned personally identifiable Those caring for others are more likely to turn to 86% of non-sharers refuse to post health informationinformation about users’ online health activity can be social networks for health information and support. because "its no ones business but my own."transmitted to and potentially shared by Facebook. 193,000 Privacy Conversations Most Social Network Users Have Not Privacy Concerns Limit Sharing Path of the Blue Eye Study 2011 · Like · Comment Posted Health Content More than one-third of non-sharing Facebook users say Pew Internet Study 2011 · Like · Comment they are afraid their health information will be used by 193,000 social media conversations (on marketers and strangers Facebook, Twitter, Forums and Blogs) 11% of social network users have Path of the Blue Eye Study 2011 · Like · Comment focused on Facebook and privacy posted health or medical information between January 2010 to February 2011 39% 11% I’m afraid strangers would find my health information (Source for conversation data: Sysomos) 32% My health information could be used by marketers 5,869 Words Number of words in Facebooks Privacy Policy 11% Facebook, 2010 · Like · Comment The Majority of Web Users Frequent I’m concerned my insurance provider would find it Social Networks Pew Internet Study 2011 · Like · Comment 62%: Internet users go to social Younger Facebook Users More networking sites like Facebook Willing to Share and LinkedIn Path of the Blue Eye Study 2011 · Like · Comment 62% 18-24 21% 25-34 23% 35-44 16% 45-54 9% 55-64 2% 65+ 2% © 2011 Enspektos, LLC