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5 Non-Obvious Questions Raised By Pew Internet's Health Online 2013 Study


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To help expand and propel conversation about Pew's important work, we have developed this presentation. It focuses on five critical questions raised by Pew's research that have been rarely articulated and addressed.

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5 Non-Obvious Questions Raised By Pew Internet's Health Online 2013 Study

  1. 1. 5 Non-Obvious Questions Raised By Pew InternetsHealth Online 2013 Study January 2013
  2. 2. Developed By Enspektos | A Bit About UsFounded in 2005, Enspektos, LLC is a digital health marketing communications innovationconsultancy. We work with a range of health organizations, including pharmaceutical companies,payers, non-profits and government agencies.We exist to help our clients (and the broad health industry) use digital technologies to inspirepatients, caregivers and others to take action around health and wellness. We achieve this goal bydeveloping and deploying a range of products and services, including enmoebius, a patent pendingdigital surveillance and behavioral measurement engine that reveals the link between digital healthcontent and behavior change.Learn more about Enspektos at Click Here to Learn More
  3. 3. January 15, 2013: Pew Releases its Annual Report on How People Consume Digital Health Content Click Here to Learn More
  4. 4. Headline #1Many Rely on Dr. Google toDiagnose Medical Conditions
  5. 5. Headline #2 The Insured and Women Are MoreLikely to Search Online for Health Info Source: Pew Internet, 2013 Source: Pew Internet, 2013
  6. 6. This is Fantastic Data!
  7. 7. But, There Are Certain Curiosities(or Questions) Raised by Pews Research
  8. 8. Well Address Them By ExaminingPews Research Along With Our Own Digital Health Dataset
  9. 9. What Data Did We Collect?
  10. 10. digihealth pulse is Enspektos, LLCs Research Initiative Examining Digital Health TechnologyAdoption and the Impact of Content Consumptionon Health Awareness, Perceptions and Behaviors Click Here to Learn More
  11. 11. To Date, Weve Passively Observed the Web andSocial Media Content Consumed byOnline Moms, Health Providers and Active Digital Health Consumers Click Here to Learn More
  12. 12. Weve Also Collected Survey Data on How They Are Using a Range of Digital Technologies for Healthdigihealth pulse is an Ongoing Research Study Click Here to Learn More
  13. 13. A Note Before We Begin Pew Said Source: Pew Internet, 2013But, Were Interested in the Scope and Impact of Digital Health Content Consumption, So Well Talk About Both
  14. 14. Question1. Is Search the Center of the Online Health Info Consumption Universe?
  15. 15. Pew Said: Source: Pew Internet, 2013
  16. 16. This Question Makes Sense to Ask in aSurvey Because It May Be Easier for People to Recall Health Content Consumption Thats Proactive in Nature
  17. 17. And, If You Ask People to Recall More Detail AboutTheir Online Health Content Consumption Activities, You Run into Trouble “The test results [significantly differ] between passively observed data and respondent recall. . . . Respondents select websites which are familiar as sources of health and wellness information, but which they either do not actually visit or visit regularly enough to validate with passive observations." Source: Kantar Media, Safecount, 2011 This Study Illustrates Why What People Say is Sometimes Different from What They Do
  18. 18. We Should Not Forget That PeopleConsume Health Content Whether They Are Seeking It or Not
  19. 19. Search is Only Part of the Picture, Much Health Content is Being Consumed Serendipitously From Enspektos, LLC Tracking Study of 398 Active Digital Health Consumers Conducted Sept. - Oct. 2012
  20. 20. 1. Implications Search is Important But, It Shouldnt Be Our Primary Focus We Need to Consider the Many Ways People Are Consuming Digital Health Information Across Caregiver, Provider or Patient Journeys and How This Content Influences Them at Each Stage
  21. 21. Question2. Is Offline More Important Than Online When it Comes to Health Information Consumption and Influence?
  22. 22. Pew Said: Source: Pew Internet, 2013
  23. 23. Yet, Are Offline Information Sources Also Influencing Opinion About Health and Wellness?
  24. 24. Online Moms Are Widely Recognized As DigitalPower Users, But Offline Health Info Sources Carry Weight From Enspektos, LLC Study of 573 Online Moms Conducted in Late 2011 - Early 2012
  25. 25. 2. Implications Offline Health Information Sources Are Key Despite the Rise of Digital, Humans Still Power Health The Machines Havent Won, Yet
  26. 26. Question3. Are We Paying Enough Attention to the Fact That Minorities Are Important in Digital Health?
  27. 27. Pew Said: Source: Pew Internet, 2013
  28. 28. Weve Also Seen How Minorities AreMore Likely to Download Mobile Health Apps(Some of Our Online Mother Data Appears Below) From Enspektos, LLC Study of 573 Online Moms Conducted in Late 2011 - Early 2012
  29. 29. Do We Understand Why MinoritiesAre Using These Technologies and What They Want?
  30. 30. 3. Implications Dont Forget People of Color in Digital HealthTake Note: Unlocking How and Why Minorities Use the Web, Mobile and Other Digital Technologies Could Yield Tremendous Benefits
  31. 31. Question4. Is Social Media Less Important Than We Think in Health?
  32. 32. Most People Arent Turning to Social Networks First to Find Health Content Data Source: Pew Internet, 2013
  33. 33. Some Health Content is Less Likely to Be Consumed on Social Networks(Data Shown Below Was Collected During Online Moms Unaided Social Media/Web Sessions) From Enspektos, LLC Tracking Study of 538 Online Moms Analysis conducted on data collected between November 7 and December 20, 2011 Numerous categories tracked, four shown above are for illustrative purposes *Among mothers with Twitter/Facebook accounts who granted permission to track status updates
  34. 34. 4. Implications Social Media Cant Be Dismissed But, We Need to Better Understand Socials True Impact on Awareness, Perceptions and Behavior Across a Variety of Disease States
  35. 35. Question5. Is the Digital Health Money Train Moving in the Right Direction?
  36. 36. A Look at Common Digital Health Investments Source: Rock Health - Mid-2012 Digital Health Funding Report Source: Rock Health - End of 2012 Digital Health Funding Report
  37. 37. Source: Rock Health - End of 2012 Digital Health Funding Report$150M Invested in Tracking Tools But, Limited Self-Tracking is Happening via Mobile Data Source: Pew Internet, 2013
  38. 38. Sensors Are a Big Focus Source: Rock Health - Mid-2012 Digital Health Funding Report But More Data onDigital Health Consumer Demand Needed (as of Early 2013)
  39. 39. 5. Implications Questions Remain About How Well Digital Health Investment Activity is Aligned With Market Demand, But . . .
  40. 40. Enspektos is Gathering Data on Emerging Digital Health Technology Trends via digihealth pulse Click Here to Learn More
  41. 41. Remember, Dont Be Afraid to Ask (and Answer) the Non-Obvious QuestionsAbout Digital Health Trend and Impact Research
  42. 42. And One More Thing . . .
  43. 43. Information is Abundant
  44. 44. Insights Are Scarce
  45. 45. Choose InsightGo Beyond the Obvious With Enspektos, LLCsDigital Health Market Research and Advisory Service, enmoebius bronze Click Here to Get Started Now