@ekivemark                                                                                                                ...
#Health3                  Why should social media be important                  to healthcare companies?                  ...
#Health3            Who the heck is he?     http://healthca.mp                                                            ...
@ekivemark                                               #Health3     http://healthca.mp                               @ek...
#Health3                                  3 Things           • Keep it simple           • Empower members and associates  ...
@ekivemark                             #Health3                            K.I.S.S.Keep It Simple - Start by listening.
@ekivemark                                                                         #Health3             P     eople       ...
@ekivemark                                                                         #Health3     Be PreparedThe first step w...
@ekivemark                                                                                                                ...
@ekivemark                                                 #Health3    Develop      Your   Triage Planhttp://www.wired.com...
@ekivemark                                                       #Health3                                            Time ...
@ekivemark                                                                                                              #H...
@ekivemark                                                                         #Health3Create a safe sandbox          ...
@ekivemark                                                                          #Health3                              ...
@ekivemark                                                                           #Health3       Supporting Sharing = T...
#Health3     We Want It In Our Hands NOW!                                Are You Ready?     http://healthca.mp            ...
#Health3                Collaboration for Health      http://healthca.mp                                                  ...
@ekivemark                                                                             #Health3                       Pull...
#Health3http://healthca.mp   @ekivemark
#Health3                                                 Mark Scrimshire,                                                 ...
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Mobile and Social Media Information Exchange: Health 3.0


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Understand and Navigate Risk and Exposure in Medical Information Exchange -
Health 3.0:The Next Online Generation, Jan25-27 Orlando, FL

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Mobile and Social Media Information Exchange: Health 3.0

  1. 1. @ekivemark #Health3 Mobile & Social Media Information Exchange Understand and Navigate Risk and Exposure in Medical Information Exchange 3rd Annual Health 3.0 Conference Jan 25 - 27, 2011 #Health3I donʼt intend This session to be one filled with legalese. Instead I want to present a practical approach to keeping out of trouble in the Social and Mobile Minefield.
  2. 2. #Health3 Why should social media be important to healthcare companies? HealthCare companies tend to be conservative in their outlook. Social Media looks like the wild, wild west. Why should they get involved? Mike Haverhals CoFounder of DoctorBase “Because its inevitable.... If healthcare companies want to regain control of their own names, they need to get in the mix now and use social media to establish themselves as transparent by authentically engaging patients.  The longer they wait, the deeper the hole gets that theyre going to have to climb out of...” http://healthca.mp @ekivemarkWhy Social Media? Here is a question I posted on Quora, the fastest growing Q&A Site. And agreat response I received.
  3. 3. #Health3 Who the heck is he? http://healthca.mp @ekivemarkYes I am involved on a few Social Media sites. Yes, I publish and participate in social mediafrom my iPhone.
  4. 4. @ekivemark #Health3 http://healthca.mp @ekivemarkSocial media grows more powerful...Yet many plans are almost prohibited from using it.
  5. 5. #Health3 3 Things • Keep it simple • Empower members and associates • Put the member in charge http://healthca.mp @ekivemarkRather than look at legislation, like the recently passed act in California covering onlineimpersonation - I want to look at an approach to Social and Mobile that will help you stay outof trouble.
  6. 6. @ekivemark #Health3 K.I.S.S.Keep It Simple - Start by listening.
  7. 7. @ekivemark #Health3 P eople O bjectives S trategy T ools Courtesy: GroundswellPOST is an approach that starts with the people we are trying to reach, what we want toengage them with. How we can accomplish and measure that engagement and finally, whattools and platforms we will use to reach them.
  8. 8. @ekivemark #Health3 Be PreparedThe first step when going Social or Mobile is to be prepared. Think about what might gowrong and plan for it.
  9. 9. @ekivemark #Health3 Set the Rules of Engagement http://www.usmc.mil/usmc/Pages/SocialMediaGuidelines.aspx 1. Be open with the public when declaring what our Corps values and principles are. 2. Provide a means for direct invitation of key publics to engage in dialogue (and potentially contrasts or principles). 3. Develop methods of engagement to maintain dialogue with key publics. 4. Deliberate mirror imaging of actions and the information we communicate. 5. Take certain risks with negative public statements and allow for a public forum (your fans) to defend your position. 6. Do not over moderate social media networks to the point of disrupting freedom of information and public opinion. 7. Manage the Corps’ reputation and relationships built on social networks (by ensuring there are adequate methods to maintain decorum, rules of engagement and site/content moderation). 8. Provide full disclosure of who you are when engaging in the social media network.
  10. 10. @ekivemark #Health3 Develop Your Triage Planhttp://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/01/usaf-blog-respo/The USAF has a field manual for web posting responses.
  11. 11. @ekivemark #Health3 Time to rethink relationships Photo: Tom CwenarRelationships are built out of conversations and transactions.
  12. 12. @ekivemark #Health3 Transparency © Absolut_photos | Dreamstime.com © JLProductions.co.ukTransparency goes hand-in-hand with Trust. We have to work out how to be more open without violating privacy.
  13. 13. @ekivemark #Health3Create a safe sandbox Follows Links Replies Mentions Likes Activity for Associates to practice inDon’t under estimate the power of your Associates. I am currently working on using aninternal social media platform to create a peer-rated social media certification.
  14. 14. @ekivemark #Health3 Empower Your VisitorsExtend your marketing dollars by empowering site visitors. The simple actions of Liking andSharing can provide powerful ratings as a result of the network effect of the crowd.
  15. 15. @ekivemark #Health3 Supporting Sharing = TraceabilitySometimes we have to let go to get more control. Making it easier to share, rather than copy,gives us much greater traceability in order to understand who is consuming our content andin what locations.
  16. 16. #Health3 We Want It In Our Hands NOW! Are You Ready? http://healthca.mp @ekivemarkIn simple terms - everything that applies in Social Media can be applied in Mobile. Everythingis going mobile. We want information at the point of action. The patient in the doctors office,or at the hospital or pharmacy does not have their computer to hand. But they do have theirphone. Mobile is no longer an option. Are you ready?
  17. 17. #Health3 Collaboration for Health http://healthca.mp @ekivemarkPatient - Patient, Patient - CareGiver, Patient - Medical ProfessionalContagion Health’s IMoveYou.com to American Well’s Online Care platform. Social Media is Mobile. Health may beprivate, Exercise may be solitary but wellness and vitality is often social.
  18. 18. @ekivemark #Health3 Pull beats Push Put the patient in controlPut the patient in control. Health information shouldn’t follow the patient. It should be WITHthe patient. When you look at HIPAA regulations life gets a lot simpler when the patient is incharge of the transaction. Our duty is to make it easy for the patient, or their nominee to bein control.
  19. 19. #Health3http://healthca.mp @ekivemark
  20. 20. #Health3 Mark Scrimshire, Director, Internet Channel Strategy mscrimshire@gmail.com @ekivemark http://ekive.blogspot.comhttp://healthca.mp @ekivemark