Bringing new managers on board


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Carole Teacher from Mott MacDonald presented a session at 'LearningNow: Induction strategies that work' on 25th September. Her session was about the challenges and solutions of bringing new senior managers on board.

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Bringing new managers on board

  1. 1. Bringing New Managers on Board @epictalk For all the latest news about the event follow us on twitter @epictalk and use the hashtag Carole Teacher – Mott MacDonald Group Ltd
  2. 2. This Talk • Who is Mott MacDonald? • Induction training for new leaders and managers – why we needed to think differently • Challenges • Connecting new leaders faster • Working with other stakeholders – the managers manager and role of local HR • Lessons learned- summary sheet of hints and tips
  3. 3. Who is Mott MacDonald? We work in 140countries On some 16kprojects 1bn turnover 14k staff
  4. 4. Why we must engage with new senior managers High expectations (both parties) to: • Demonstrate results quickly • Make a difference • Influence 30-40% new hires (and promotions) fail (DDI) The “multiplier effect”. A senior manager may affect 1000+ employees 10 10 10 10 20 20 40
  5. 5. Our challenge Problem • 120 new senior managers/year and 7% were leaving in the first year • Recruits ranged from New Zealand to California • Decisions highly decentralised • High risk of ethical and commercial breaches • Strong collegiate culture, resistant to change and to outsiders (so hard for new people to find a way in) • Average tenure of top grade -30 years (they started when the company had 200 people) • Light-touch management
  6. 6. Our solution Senior Induction Virtual “meet the Board sessions HR involvement Manager of manager involvement “You don’t know what you don’t know “checklist Solution • Welcome webinar in first month – run by me • Series of webinars run by the Board and corporate heads, hosted by me and me team • Extensive “you don’t know what you don’t know” checklist • HR manager support • Manager’s manager support • Additional help if needed
  7. 7. Gaining buy-in • Individual meetings with Board members and corporate heads – who we wanted as contributors • Good proposal based on evidence and sound case (e.g aim to reduce risk and turnover) • HR staff involved in design of their role • Report to HR discussed and created especially to enable them to take action
  8. 8. Lessons learned • Involve HR manager earlier in the process – their help has doubled participation rates • One-to-one meetings with contributors was key to their buy-in • It’s hard to shift senior managers from presenting to discussing • Difficult to get feedback on the effectiveness of the tasks carried out locally • We underestimated the lack of skills at using any kind of on-line meeting software • Virtual conferencing takes far more discipline than face-to-face • Despite doubts, delegates really appreciate the opportunity to speak candidly with board members • Board members enjoy the chance to connect