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Social Media Brush Up from Columbia University's Social Media Weekend
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Social Media Brush Up from Columbia University's Social Media Weekend



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  • 1. Social Media Today, Part I● Brushing up on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 2. Hello and welcome!● Introductions By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 3. What We DoEmily Miethner ● Social Media Career Coach, Speaker, Strategist ● Founder / President, NY Creative InternsPatricia Kitchen ● Newsday Web Reporter ● Also writing on social media basics and personal branding By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 4. What We’ll Cover● Twitter● LinkedIn● Facebook● Your Questions By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 5. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 6. Getting Started● LinkedIn is NOT just a glorified resume● It can be the keystone for your personal brand● Its social. It’s OK to talk to strangers By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 7. Getting Started● People respond to you better if you have a profile photo● The headline under your name is valuable real estate, but often underused By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 8. Customize Your URL By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 9. Getting Started● Job hunters: LinkedIn can turn your profile into a resume● Journalists can take a free tutorial Feb. 28 on finding and researching sources● See my resources list at● bit.ly/LinkedInResources By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 10. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 11. Why Twitter● You may think you don’t have time, but when you learn how to find value in Twitter, you won’t have time to not be on Twitter● Your experience will be as good as the people you follow● Find and follow news from the people and sources you care about By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 12. Why Twitter By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 13. Terminology● An “@ mention” is using a twitter handle in a tweet● An “@ reply” is when you start a tweet with a twitter handle● A hashtag (#smwknd) is a way to group/sort tweets By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 14. @Mention vs. @Reply vs. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 15. Hashtag Stream vs. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 16. Tips● If someone is on Twitter, don’t be afraid to tweet at them● You have room for 140 characters, but stick to 120● Take advantage of your Twitter profile By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 17. Sample Twitter Bios vs. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 18. Sample Twitter Bios vs. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 19. Sample Twitter Bios vs. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 20. By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 21. Share Content with Lists● Share content with specific people● See content from specific people● Friends wont know if you add them to three lists: ○ Close Friends ○ Acquaintances ○ Restricted By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 22. Share Content with Lists By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 23. Create Lists By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 24. Create Lists By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 25. View Your Profile As... By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 26. Conclusion● Be active● Be consistent● Be responsive By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen
  • 27. Thank You!Questions? By @EmilyMiethner & @PatriciaKitchen