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Why Design is the Best Major


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My experience as a Hofstra University Design Student

Published in: Career, Business
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Why Design is the Best Major

  1. 1. Why Design is the Best MajorHow Studying Design at HofstraWill Prepare You for any Career By @EmilyMiethner
  2. 2. Hello and welcome! By @EmilyMiethner
  3. 3. My Life NowFounder, PresidentCommunity Manager By @EmilyMiethner
  4. 4. By @EmilyMiethner
  5. 5. My Hofstra ExperienceClubsFounder of HAGA (Graphic Design Club)Key player: Professor Ocko By @EmilyMiethner
  6. 6. My Hofstra ExperienceInternshipsIntern, Knitting Factory, +1 Music, Time Out NYKey player: Professor Klinkowstein By @EmilyMiethner
  7. 7. My Hofstra ExperienceNetworkingCreated “Not All Artists are Starving” eventKey player: Professor Infield By @EmilyMiethner
  8. 8. My Hofstra ExperienceSupportEarned the Fine Arts Department ScholarshipKey player: Professor Fendrich By @EmilyMiethner
  9. 9. My Hofstra ExperienceFamilyGot a great surgeon for my broken ankleKey player: Jo Ann Laguerre By @EmilyMiethner
  10. 10. By @EmilyMiethner
  11. 11. My Post Hofstra ExperienceMore InternshipsIntern, Gawker Media and Flavorpill By @EmilyMiethner
  12. 12. My Post Hofstra ExperienceBegan a Side ProjectFounded NY Creative Interns By @EmilyMiethner
  13. 13. My Post Hofstra ExperienceGot Job Through Career FairSocial Media Coordinator, Sterling Publishing By @EmilyMiethner
  14. 14. My Post Hofstra ExperienceNow Enjoying Startup LifeCommunity Manager, RecordSetter By @EmilyMiethner
  15. 15. What You’ll Learn StudyingDesign at Hofstra that You CanApply to Any Career By @EmilyMiethner
  16. 16. Looks Matter-Make better presentations-Create better resumes By @EmilyMiethner
  17. 17. Public Speaking-Practice presentation skills-Learn to explain your ideas By @EmilyMiethner
  18. 18. Value Feedback-Learn to get the most out of critiques-Experience giving feedback to peers By @EmilyMiethner
  19. 19. By @EmilyMiethner
  20. 20. By @EmilyMiethner
  21. 21. Questions? By @EmilyMiethner
  22. 22. Thank You! By @EmilyMiethner