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Hustle 101: Networking for College Students & Recent Grads


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This class is designed for college students and recent grads who are looking for help finding their place (and a job, perhaps?) in the big city (or any city). Are you struggling to find a job you care about? Getting turned down and you don’t know why? In this class we’ll cover ways to reach out to people, balancing your search with social activities, how to find the best events, and the art of hustle. You’ll leave class feeling confident and prepared to find and meet people who will help you in the next stage of your career. Plus, you’ll have fun!

During class we will:

Discuss how to stand out in the sea of applicants
Uncover the best way to get informational interviews (ie meet cool people you admire)
Learn why going out is as important as emailing resumes
and more!
Classes consist of about 60 minutes on the presentation, with the rest of the time for application of what you’ve learned and Q&A.

Class Reviews

“Emily is a great teacher because she’s genuine and passionate about what she’s talking about.”

“I made a couple new friends/contacts! I was surprised how effective a virtual event could be.”

“I love NY Creative Interns events because they teach professional principles while being light-hearted and casual. Everything is easier when you feel like you’re in a comfortable and welcoming environment.”

“Emily has tons of first hand experience when it comes to networking and making connections. This class provided some GREAT advice on all sorts of things from how to meet new people, find cool events or how to write an efficient email. The best part was Emily had many personal anecdotes throughout the class that she would share. I would definitely recommend this class to a recent graduate, it really gets you in the mindset you need to start reaching out and get stuff done!”

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Hustle 101: Networking for College Students & Recent Grads

  1. 1. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHustle 101Networking for College Students& Recent GradsPresented byEmily MiethnerFounder, President
  2. 2. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsWhat We’ll Cover• What is Hustle?• How to Stand Out• Go Out to Awesome Events• The Art of Reaching Out
  3. 3. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsAbout You• Name• Where Went / Go to School• Dream Job
  4. 4. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsDefining “Hustle”
  5. 5. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsMeeting People
  6. 6. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHaving Goals andSharing Them
  7. 7. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsWhat Do You Have to Offer?
  8. 8. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHistory calls those men the greatestwho have ennobled themselves byworking for the common good;experience acclaims as happiest theman who has made the greatestnumber of people happy. -Karl Marx
  9. 9. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsHow to Stand Out
  10. 10. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsMake Business Cards
  11. 11. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsDo Your Research
  12. 12. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsLook Great Online• You control what people see when they look you up• Experiment with lots of platforms, but stick to one or two• Compare yourself to others in your industry
  13. 13. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns
  14. 14. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns
  15. 15. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns
  16. 16. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns
  17. 17. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsGet on their Radar
  18. 18. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsGo Out to Awesome Events
  19. 19. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsIRL > URL >
  20. 20. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsJoin
  21. 21. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsFollow Companies You Like• Volunteer to work events and in other ways• Sign up for mailing lists• Go to events that companies sponsor
  22. 22. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsSign up forIndustry Newsletters
  23. 23. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsThe Art of Reaching Out
  24. 24. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsWrite Short Emails
  25. 25. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsInclude Context
  26. 26. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsBe Respectful
  27. 27. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsBe Specific
  28. 28. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsFollow Up
  29. 29. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsConnect in Multiple Places
  30. 30. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsUse the College Card While You Still Can
  31. 31. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsConclusion:
  32. 32. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsBe Helpful
  33. 33. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsGet Noticed
  34. 34. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsGo Out
  35. 35. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsReach Out
  36. 36. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns
  37. 37. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns Start the Work!Follow 3 Companies or People Try 1 New Platform Find 2 Events Write 1 Email
  38. 38. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinternsSharing is Caring
  39. 39. #Hustle101 // @EmilyMiethner // @NYCinterns Thank You! @EmilyMiethner