Twitter and pinterest as a PLN


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This is my presentation on using Twitter and Pinterest as a Personal Learning Network

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Twitter and pinterest as a PLN

  1. 1. Using Twitter and Pinterest as a Personal Learning Network Elissa Malespina - South Orange Middle School Library Media Specialist @SOMSlibrary
  2. 2. Twitter
  3. 3. What my PLN says about twitterI have learned more from my twitter Twitter is the bestPLN in the past 3 months than I have professionalfrom all of my "formal" PD experiences development Ivecombined.- Beth Thomas ever had. Its great Ive collaborated with educators to meet inspiring around the world and expanded teachers from all my web 2.0 tool knowledge, over the world. - Ms. resources, and more - Alicia Lee Disceplola With Twitter, you are only 140 characters from a potentially life changing interaction. - Sean Junkins
  4. 4. Great Video on Using Twitter as a PLN
  5. 5. What is Twitter?Micro-Blogging (140 Characters)Powerful social-networking serviceProfessional Learning Network
  6. 6. Who uses twitter?? It is not just celebrities a lot educators do to
  7. 7. from: Jeff Bradbury
  8. 8. Twitter Fun Facts●81% of users follow less than 100people●42% of Twitter users are between 30-50years old●Males: More work related Tweets●Females: More likely to use it to keep intouch with friends
  9. 9. Twitter Lingo
  10. 10. @One of Most Important Symbols!
  11. 11. #The Hashtag
  12. 12. RT - MTRetweet vs. Modified Tweet
  13. 13. DMDirect Message
  14. 14. Twitter: Step 1www.twitter.comName/EmailBio and Photo
  15. 15. Do NOT become an EGG!!
  16. 16. FollowFind people similar interestsLook through their followers and see ifany of them are interestingFind a hashtag to follow
  17. 17. Make sure to Read and ReactIf you see something interesting, Retweet it (RT)Share links, ideas, ask questions, answer questions Become part of the social conversation
  18. 18. Twitter Chats
  19. 19. Why chat???Meet People with similar interestsLearn about a topicBuild an audience
  20. 20. ChatsBest resource to find Edchat times and a list of tons ofchats: to follow:#satchat - every Saturday at 7:30-8:30 am EST andPST#njed - 8:30 pm Tuesday#tlchat - Every other Monday 8:00p.m. EST#edchat- 7 pm Tuesday
  21. 21. Twitter Tips Always introduce yourselfUse a recognizable Twitterhandle Let your followers know when you will beDress for an interview, not a chattingblock party Engage with others ...Use your Twitter bio to help make friendsothers Be Social ... remember to give Thanks
  22. 22. Twitter Regiment - From Brad Currie @bcurrie5 Month #1● Log on to Twitter and consume twice a week for about twenty minutes at a clip.● Follow ten new educators every week. Month #2● Continue month #1 regiment and……● Tweet out links, articles, ideas, videos, and resources Month #3● Continue month #1 and month #2 regiment plus………● Join a discussion group such as #satchat #ntchat #ptchat #edchat #sschat #iaedchat Month #4● Continue month #1, month #2, and month #3 regiment plus…….● Promote the importance of expanding your personal learning network with peers● Model all that is great with Twitter and other web based PD Month #5● Continue month #1, month #2, month #3, month #4 regiment plus……….● Integrate Twitter in the classroom or school setting as a way to engage students, promote student and staff achievements, and keep school stakeholders informed
  23. 23. Pinterest
  24. 24. What my PLN is saying about PinterestI use Pinterest to share visuals withstudents: models of students work, I use it for lessoncollections of topic-specific videos, etc. planning, ideas and inspiration. So many great ideas I have boards of books, on there! articles on ed. lesson ideas, bulletin board ideas, organization for classroom, tech tools and craftsIt has transformed the way I teach art. I get somany great ideas for projects for my studentsfrom it.
  25. 25. Good Intro Video For Pinterest
  26. 26. What is Pinterest?PinboardImage BasedOrganizational ToolThink of it as a place to store all thosemagazine articles you use to cut out
  27. 27. Who uses PinterestOver 12 Million People use Pinterest making itthe 3rd largest social media site
  28. 28.
  29. 29. My Pinterest Page
  30. 30. Uses in the Classroom and LibraryHave students make pinterest boards based on a topic - ieAuthor Study Pinterest boardsGet Lesson IdeasGet Bulletin board IdeasOrganize information for professional learningMany more ideas in my article on pinterest, on my pinterestboard and in my livebinder
  31. 31. Twitter at a PLN Livebinder
  32. 32. Pinterest Livebinder
  33. 33. Twitter: @SOMSlibraryPinterest:
  34. 34. Special Thanks forallowing me to use parts of his presentation on Twitter Jeff Bradbury @ http: //