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Make Your Online Presence Work for You
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Make Your Online Presence Work for You


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • 1. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Make Your Online Presence Work for You A Social Media Workshop Presented by Emily Miethner Founder, President
  • 2. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns What You Will Learn How to stand out, find jobs and internships, and connect with potential mentors Answers to all your specific social media questions Keep in mind: These tips explain why you should use social media, but more importantly, how to connect with people
  • 3. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Let’s Meet •  Name •  Major •  One big social media question/what you hope to gain
  • 4. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns My Social Media Highlights
  • 5. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns My Social Media Highlights
  • 6. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns My Social Media Highlights
  • 7. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Get Referred
  • 8. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Use Social Media to •  Follow your interests •  Prepare for opportunities •  Showcase your aspirations •  Master events (online and offline) •  Connect with employers
  • 9. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE KEY
  • 10. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 11. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns General Tips •  Assume everyone sees everything •  Keep it professional •  Know your industry •  Keep it manageable
  • 12. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 13. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns (via
  • 14. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Follow Your Interests •  Listen first: follow relevant industry Twitter accounts, blogs, and niche social networks (Pinterest, Quora, etc) •  See how others in your industry use social media Example: comedy writers vs digital marketers •  What makes the most sense for you?
  • 15. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Follow Your Interests
  • 16. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns DOUBLE THE OPPORTUNITIES
  • 17. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Prepare for Opportunities •  Follow companies for talking points •  Be on the look out for exclusive announcements •  Search for as many employees as possible for outside interests and an insight into culture
  • 18. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Prepare for Opportunities
  • 19. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns TELL YOUR STORY
  • 20. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Showcase Your Aspirations •  There are lots of options for a "digital home” •  Have and clear and professional photo •  Your bio should include… What you do, what you’ve done and something fun
  • 21. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 22. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 23. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 24. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 25. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns BE THE BELLE OF THE BALL
  • 26. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Master Events (online + offline) •  See if there’s a public guest list •  Can’t make it? Follow along online •  Follow up with anyone you connect within 24 hours through email or LinkedIn
  • 27. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Master Events (online + offline)
  • 28. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns vs.
  • 29. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Some Favorite Twitter Chats •  #JobHuntChat: Tips for job seekers •  #GenYJob: Bring potential students of all ages with the resources and connections they need to make their college and career school dreams come true •  #InternPro: Chat about internships and networking •  #HFChat: Weekly chat for job seekers & experts
  • 30. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 31. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Connect with Employers •  Get on their radar before you reach out (…but don’t be too aggressive) •  See if you have mutual connections •  Easily stay in touch after you meet
  • 32. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 33. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns
  • 34. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns What Now? •  Q&A General questions first, then specific •  Set 1 Goal for this semester: Challenging but realistic •  Join our live event tonight!
  • 35. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns NY Creative Interns •  Mission •  To enable college students and recent grads to find jobs, mentors, inspiration, and the tools to follow their dream careers •  Fun Facts •  Largest Meetup for interns and grads in country! •  Speakers from Condé Nast, Etsy, Bravo, Tumblr, Google, Getty Images, NBCUniversal and more •  Social and educational events all year round
  • 36. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Join NY Creative Interns
  • 37. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Resources Platforms for building personal websites: •,, Blogging Tools: •  Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous, Blogger • LinkedIn Tips: • • •
  • 38. By @EmilyMiethner of @NYCinterns Resources (cont) Internship and Job Hunting Resources: • Start Finding Events: • •  Twitter chats: