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Using Social Media To Boost Referrals


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Social Media Marketing Tips for Attorneys.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Using Social Media To Boost Referrals

  1. 1. Legal MarketingUsing Social Media To Boost Referrals@ @stephenfairley
  2. 2. 56% of attorneys are already using a social networkLinkedIn #1 Facebook #2 @stephenfairley
  3. 3. Attorneys Need toHave a Presence on All of them @stephenfairley
  4. 4. What manypeople fail tounderstand ishow peopleare usingsocial mediatoday @stephenfairley
  5. 5. S ocial networks are more and more being used as personal search engines @stephenfairley
  6. 6. Google & BingHave integrated social media into their search results @stephenfairley
  7. 7. When you are looking for a recommendationWhat do you trust more -- a Google search or one of your friends?Tens of thousands of searches are conducted every day on Facebook @stephenfairley
  8. 8. Asking your friends and colleagues for Shift a referral has simply moved online Discover Share @stephenfairley
  9. 9. Social media sites like Facebookand LinkedIn help you keep tabs on your referral sources, so you caninteract with them more frequently @stephenfairley
  10. 10. Takeaways• Y must have a presence ou on multiple Social Media platforms.• Social Networks have quickly multiplied the number of people someone can ask when seeking Referrals.• Getting Referrals from friends is a long-time practice. @stephenfairley
  11. 11. Thank YouStephen FairleyStephen@ http:/ / ytUuZ1 @stephenfairley