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  1. 1. TWITTER#bothered?
  2. 2. Twitter is a service for anyone to communicate and stay connectedthrough the exchange of quick, short messages
  3. 3. HOW POPULAR…
  6. 6. I am guilty …
  7. 7. And so are others….
  8. 8. But seriously Twitter is for …• Telling people what you are doing• Asking / answering questions• Sharing / discussing news• Getting feedback• Customer support• Selling• ..commmunicating…!!!
  9. 9. What are the benefits for PR and business??
  10. 10. Customer service
  11. 11. Southwest Airlines• The person in the Twitter role equipped to handle: » news management, » customer communications, » be able to write compelling tweets and be willing to be engaged at all times• Had a customer back who direct messaged that the kiosks were down in an airport and was frustrated• Twitter person contacted the airport to find out exactly what was going on and sent him a reply that there was a power outage and it would be up soon.
  12. 12. Reputation
  13. 13. Sales..
  14. 14. What Dell does• 2010 sales of approx $6m• Special offers etc• Narrow audience targetting• Integrates with facebook and email marketing
  15. 15. Reporting News
  16. 16. News Crowd Sourcing
  17. 17. Media Relations
  18. 18. When Tweets Go Wrong
  19. 19. When Tweets Go Wrong• Social media expert from Ketchum Interactive, James Andrews.• Handles FedEx. Went to visit them in Memphis, USA• Arrived in Memphis and Tweeted:
  20. 20. When Tweets Go Wrong• Oh no! His client was following him on Twitter!• After his talk at FedEx, an employee sent an email that questioned his judgment, defended the citys revitalization efforts, pointed out that the employees hed just addressed had taken a 5 percent pay cut to support the company, and questioned the expense of paying Ketchum for the presentation.• Copied top communications executives at FedEx and Andrews bosses at Ketchum, as well as PR guru Peter Shankman, who made the email public without revealing the employees identity.• Andrews was trashed on Twitter and blogs for dissing the hometown of an important client, while FedEx took heat for the take-no-prisoners missive of its rogue employee.
  21. 21. Or do they?• Andrews got 500 more followers on Twitter• Is in demand more than ever for his Social Media consultancy!• "All things media are now social; all things social are now media."• Important lessons learned
  22. 22. Don’t Piss Off Baby Wearing Mums! • “Baby wearing moms / we feel your pain” • International Baby Week • Los Angeles blogger Jessica Gottlieb (1,000 followers) • Katja Presnal (5000 followers) collated all the tweets and made a video • • By Sunday night, was offline and PR department was emailing apologies via blogggers.
  23. 23. Managing the communications
  24. 24. • Tweetdeck• Lists• Follow hashtags• Iphone / android apps• Twitter monitoring tools
  25. 25. Twitter Best Practice• Take lessons learned from other direct-to- consumer communications such as blogs and email newsletters and transition those to Twitter.• Brand profiles must be personal and honest; content must be compelling to successfully interest and attract people.• Connect to the audience as often as possible; reply directly to them if they are speaking about your brand.
  26. 26. Twitter Best Practice• Make sure your Twitter voice is consistent with your brand.• Do not exist on Twitter only as another version of corporate promotion. Be a person.• Get your CEO or top executive involved. Employees love it. Customers love it. There is no more powerful way to humanize your brand.• Above all, be authentic. Don’t try to fake, spin or hide behind your tweets -- it wont work.
  27. 27. Task• What is the twitter strategy?• Multiple accounts? How / why?• Frequency of tweets• Types of tweets / content?• Sentiments…