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Hustle 101: Networking for Recent Grads


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This presentation is designed for recent grads who are looking for help finding their place (and a job, perhaps?) in the big city. It covers ways to find the best events, how to reach out to people, …

This presentation is designed for recent grads who are looking for help finding their place (and a job, perhaps?) in the big city. It covers ways to find the best events, how to reach out to people, and the art of hustle. You'll end the presentation feeling confident and prepared to find and meet people who will help you in the next stage of your career.

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  • 1. Hustle 101
    Networking for Recent College Grads
  • 2. About Me
    Community Manager
    Co-Founder & President
    NY Creative Interns
    My Post-Grad Story
  • 3. About You
    Where You Went/Go to School
    What You’re Up to Now
    Your Summer Goal
  • 4. About The Wix Lounge
    The Wix Lounge is a free workspace for creative professionals. Come in for free coffee, wi-fi, couches, workshops and networking parties.
  • 5. What We’ll Cover
    What is Hustle?
    Why Going to Events is Important
    How to Stand Out
    Finding Great Events
    The Art of Reaching Out
  • 6. Hustle 101: By@EmilyMiethner
    Defining “Hustle”
  • 7. Defining “Hustle”
  • 8. Meeting People
  • 9. Having Goals and Sharing Them
  • 10. What Do You Have to Offer?
  • 11. Hustle 101: By@EmilyMiethner
    Why Going Out Is Important
  • 12. 80% of Jobs are Filled Before They’re Posted
  • 13. History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good; experience acclaims as happiest the man who has made the greatest number of people happy.
  • 14. It is All About Who You Know
    • This is an exciting opportunity to be ambitious and meet who you want to meet
    • 15. Find a method to keep track of your connections
    • 16. To do lists with follow ups
    • 17. Save email drafts
    • 18. Set Google Calendar alerts
    • 19. Lists on twitter, facebook, Google+ circles, etc
  • <
  • 20. Hustle 101: By@EmilyMiethner
    How to Stand Out
  • 21. Defining “Hustle”
  • 22. Make Business Cards
    • Include basic contact information, where you went to school, X Industry Professional, your blog, etc
    • 23. Try Got Print, Moo Cards,Vistaprint, Staples, your local designer,or DIY
    • 24. Be creative. Example: put a list of 10 people to follow on twitter in your industry on the back of the card…and make sure the card gets into the hands of those people
  • Do Your Research
    • Know everything you can about a company and employees before interviewing or going to an event
    • 25. Connect with people you meet in in real life online and look for more connections
    • 26. Find little ways to get/stay on people’s radar
    • 27. Twitter: Retweets, favorites, #FollowFriday
    • 28. Blog: Write about them / interview them
    • 29. Email: Send interesting relevant news / articles
  • 30. Look Great Online
    • You control what people see when they Google you
    • 31. Experiment with lots of platforms, stick to one or two
    • 32. Some ways to build an online presence include,,, wordpress, tumblr, blogspot, twitter, and linkedin
    • 33. Compare yourself to others in your industry and people you want to exemplify
  • 34. Hustle 101: By@EmilyMiethner
    Find the Best Events
  • 35.
    • Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups.
    • 36. 7.2 million members, 2.2 monthly RSVPs, 250,000 monthly meetups
    • 37. NY Creative Interns (and something for everyone!)
  • 38. Follow Companies You Like
    • Volunteer to work events and in other ways
    • 39. Sign up for mailing lists
    • 40. Go to events they sponsor
  • Sign up for Industry Newsletters
  • Hustle 101: By@EmilyMiethner
    The Art of Reaching Out
  • 46. Write Short Emails
    • Respect everyone’s time
    • 47. Get straight to the point
    • 48. Practice by getting your email across as a tweet
    • 49. Don’t give up (follow up is key)
  • 50. Connect in Multiple Places
    • Social Media
    • 51. Mutual friends
    • 52. New events
    • 53. Grab coffee/lunch/drinks
  • Defining “Hustle”
  • 54. Use the “Recent Grad”Card While You Can
  • 55. Hustle 101: By@EmilyMiethner
    Conclusion:Don’t Be Afraid to…
  • 56. Reach Out
  • 57. Go Out
  • 58. Get Noticed
  • 59.
  • 60. Break Out Groups!
    Follow 3 Companies/People
    Find 2 Events
    Write 1 Email
  • 61. Sharing is Caring
  • 62. Thank You!