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Introducing Rooh Afza in UAE | Marketing Research Project
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Introducing Rooh Afza in UAE | Marketing Research Project


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Our Marketing research semister project on Introduction of Rooh Afza in UAE.

Our Marketing research semister project on Introduction of Rooh Afza in UAE.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Submitted To:  Sir Ahsan Ahmed Submitted By:  Syed Sohaib Ali  Ehsan  Aiman Alya  Mehreen Butt
  • 2.  Rooh Afza is a product of Hamdard which is a multinational company working in India and Pakistan.  Hamdard, 'the global house of herbal products' is a household name in Pakistan and is known worldwide having a very large product range.  Hamdard is engaged in production of medicines under Greco-Arab System of Medicine. Herbal medicines are natural medicines, simple to use and have no adverse side effects. The great man HAKIM SAYEED established “Hamdard” in 1948.
  • 3.  Rooh Afza is a popular concentrated sharbat invented by Hakeem Abdul Majeed and manufactured by the companies he founded, Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, India and Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, Pakistan since 1907.  The inventor never explained his choice of the name Rooh Afza, English speakers often refer to it as 'rose syrup'.  It is a natural cold drink and a blend of pure crystalline sugar, distilled extracts of citrus flowers, aqua's of fruits, vegetables and cooling herbal ingredients processed to impart its taste.
  • 4.  Rooh Afza is a product. It is a tangible thing and sell in the market.
  • 5.  Rooh Afza is a want.  It’s purely thirst quenching drink.  It increases the level of glucose in the body which makes consumer energetic so its one of the healthiest energy drinks.  It comes under the category of low priced drinks.
  • 6.  As Rooh Afza is a refreshing drink. It give us refreshing feeling.  After drinking Rooh Afza People desire to buy it again because it’s a best drink that kill thirst.
  • 7.  Idea is to introduce the Rooh Afza Product by Hamdard Inc. in UAE i.e. Market Development
  • 8.  A recent case study conducted in UAE doing market analysis resulted in following key results.  Age
  • 9.  Income  What people mostly drinks
  • 10.  Market Segmentation  Consumer Buying Behavior  Target Market  Positioning  Competition  The Market  Competitive Advantage  Distribution
  • 11.  The marketing plan recognizes the various segments of the market for Rooh Afza ready to drink packs, instead of marketing a product in one way to everyone. The segmentation is based on various criteria such as those listed below. Demographics: This is to study of the distribution density and vital statistics of a population and includes such characteristics as :-  Gender= no gender discrimination, its for all  Age= all those who can drink it  Education= both educated and uneducated  Marital status= for the people of marital status  Size of family unit= for all families  Total income of family = for all those who can afford it  Religion= for the people of all religion in targeted geographical areas
  • 12.  Behavioral:  Occasions: The drink is very popular in Ramadan, again the main reason being that it gives instant energy.
  • 13.  Geographic's: The geographic areas targeted by Rooh Afza are Pakistan, India and now UAE.  Psychographics:  Life Style: Health conscious people who exercise and avoid energy drinks which have artificial flavorings and ingredients such as high content of caffeine, which is harmful for the body.  Social Class: It's an economical drink which can be afforded by anyone.
  • 14. People buy it because:  It is economical  Affordable by lower and middle class  Liked by people of every age  Influenced by family because it is a traditional drink since 1907
  • 15.  The target market for instant Rooh Afza drink is families with children who are respective to new, convenient, notorious and inexpensive form of refreshment.  The company’s brand will be positioned at with low price, high quality and sustain with its remarkable identity mashrub-e-masrik (the drink of east).
  • 16.  Major target audience are:-  The student  The bachelor  Married.  Individual  Family  Retired person  The person who is sitting abroad who has the Pakistani nationality.
  • 17.  The market of sharbat is less saturated with only three brands of red sharbats. If we talk about drink juices the market is highly saturated with ten competitors. The Rooh Afza will be positioned in the market as Mashroob-e-Mashrik.
  • 18.  The nearest direct competitors of Rooh Afza ready to drink packs will be the following ones:-  Forst  Nestle  Tops  Shezan  Tang  Pepsi and coke  Other gas drinks  The nearest indirect competitors of Rooh Afza ready to drink packs will be following ones  Jam-e-sherin  Taskeen-e-rooh  Other fruit squashes
  • 19.  When we will talk about ready to drink juices, the market is highly saturated with below ten competitors. The estimated market shares on the basis of market research are shown below
  • 20. Rooh Afza being in market since hundred years gives it an edge over others. It is purely a combination of different fruits, vegetables and herbs. This gives it a competitive advantage as generally a drink has one or two of them but it is a combination of all in one.
  • 21.  For distribution the company will go for pull strategy.  The demand will be created in the market through effective advertising and promotion, customer will ask local sellers for product, local seller will demand the product from whole sellers, whole seller will demand the product from the stockade dealers, dealers will demand the product from the zonal offices and zonal offices from the company, finally.
  • 22.  Market >>>> seller >>>> whole sellers >>>> stockade >>>> dealers >>>> zonal offices >>>> company
  • 23.  Micro Environment  Macro Environment
  • 24.  Micro Environment includes following factors :- 1- Company Activities of different department in the company effects the company. 2- Suppliers Activities, efficiency of suppliers effects the company. 3- Marketing Intermediaries (Firm helps company promotion) Actions of marketing intermediaries effects the company. E.g reseller, distributer etc.
  • 25. Other micro environment forces which effects company are :-  Customers  Competitors  Public
  • 26.  The Macro Environment includes following factors:- 1- Demographic Environment Demographic changes effects the company’s market segmentation policy. 2- Economic Environment Economic environment affects the expenditure of both the consumer and producers. 3- Natural Environment Natural environment has direct impact on company because company needs fruits and herbs for manufacturing.
  • 27. 4- Technological Environment With time, company need to adopt new machines and equipments to increase production. 5- Political Environment It has no direct impact on company. 6- Cultural Environment Cultural environment do affects the company’s sales over time.
  • 28. STRENGTHS:  A popular summer drink that quenches thirst, maintains the water-electrolyte balance, and acts as an instant source of energy for the body.  It is a type of UNANI medicine which has zero side effects.  It is recommended by some doctors for weak and old people.
  • 29. WEAKNESSES:  Company’s inability to maintain sales varying with seasons e.g. low sale of Rooh Afza in winters.  Ever changing customer preferences like, now customers ask for convenience.  Ever changing external environment.
  • 30. OPPORTUNITIES:  As Rooh Afza is inexpensive compared to other beverages, it can generate huge demand and the revenue accordingly.  Population is increasing by a considerable rate per year, giving us another opportunity to increase our market share.  Rooh Afza has a supreme brand image in people’s mind, it can go for line extension and enter the category of pure juices and milk for instance.
  • 31. THREATS:  The biggest threat for Rooh Afza has always been the competitors in the industry.  Prices and the inflation rate is increasing day by day , this reduces the purchasing power of the customer.
  • 32.  Factors Considered  Pricing Approach  Decided Price
  • 33.  The price of ready to drink Rooh Afza has been decided while taking into consideration of following factors.  Marketing objectives i.e market share leadership through price penetration(lower prices for getting maximum market share)  Marketing mix strategies  Costs  Other organizational consideration  The market and demand.  Consumer perception of price and value  Competitor’s prices  Other external environmental factors
  • 34.  While pricing value based pricing approach was considered.  In the questionnaires we have already asked the customers to give the suggestions about the price for ready to drink Rooh Afza 250ml packs. And people have coded their suggested prices
  • 35.  After considering costs of ready to drink rooh Afza packs, competitor prices, marketing objectives, consumer perception of price and value and other factors the price that was finally decided for ready to drink Rooh Afza is AED 2.
  • 36. The distribution channel will comprise following levels  Markets  customer  Local sellers  Whole sellers  Stockade dealers  Zonal offices.  Company
  • 37.  Communication Objectives  Communication Media And Sources
  • 38.  The communication objectives are following  Increase customer awareness of the product  Increasing customer knowledge about the product  Increase customer liking for the product
  • 39.  Advertising:  Radio  Television (ads between dramas by sponsoring for dramas)  Newspaper  Magazines  Online advertising  Flex Advertising  Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • 40.  The company tends to win 35% of market share.  Product: quality, convince, low price  Price: AED 2 per juice packet  Place: At every retail shop where Rooh Afza liquid is available  Promotion: The promotion would be done through advertising, bill boards, radio and print media.
  • 41. It has all the characteristics of business market:  Sold in bulks to distributers  Available in whole Pakistan, India, UAE etc  Demand of Rooh Afza exists  But Rooh Afza does not deal in B to B as it is FCMG so its larger market is B to C
  • 42.  Product Level  Product Attributes  Product Branding  Product Packaging  Product Designing  Product Labeling
  • 43.  Core product: a drink that quenches the thirst.  Actual product: ready to drink Rooh Afza sharbat.
  • 44. A refreshing and delicious drink good for sunstroke, quenching the thirst, palpitation, nausea and other summer complains. Because of it’s being in convenient tetra packs customers now can have Rooh Afza whenever they want and wherever they want.
  • 45.  Rooh Afza is a registered trademark of Hamdard laborites (WAQF) Pakistan. Brand extension strategy has been practiced by chasing the existing brand name “Rooh Afza” for ready to drink sharbat also.
  • 46.  As people are becoming more and more health conscious day by day. So ready to drink Rooh Afza will be packed in250ml tetra packs. Although tetra pack will be costly for the firm but customer satisfaction and quality product transfer is a duty of Hamdard laborites (WAQF) Pakistan.
  • 47.  As we are introducing Rooh Afza instant in 3 flavors 1.Rooh Afza milk 2.Rooh Afza lemonade 3.Rooh Afza lass
  • 48.  The labeling of ready to drink Rooh Afza will be highlighting the positioning i.e A u want when u want!!
  • 49.  Hamdard has the most prestigious name for the health care products. With the benefit of the name Hamdard has been immensely successful with its drink “ROOH AFZA. The technology Hamdard has, the domestic market situation and their international experience will surely enable them to maintain their motto.  The target market of this product will be mainly the sportsmen, professional athletes, field workers, health conscious and time oriented people. By repositioning and introducing Rooh Afza in the new areas like UAE, it will boost its profit and will get more level of customer satisfaction
  • 50.  Hamdard always try to provide its consumers with the premium quality in hygienic conditions. For Hamdard quality comes first so it has equipped its labs with the latest and best quality machines. Hamdard has set its price within the range of possible prices determine by market demand and cost, competitors cost, prices in which there is hardly any change.  The opinion of people towards taste and freshness of Rooh Afza is excellent. The overall experience of people is good but this should be looked into as more customers are satisfied and the more Hamdard’s goodwill would be enhanced.