Advertising Plan of Nestle Milk Pack (Relaunch)


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Presentation on "Advertising Plan of Nestle Milkpack Re-Launch" by Dr.Syed Ahmed Owais, Shahzad Naseem & Zaheer to Sir.Shahzeb Abbasi in Advertising class given at Hamdard University City Campus, (HIMS).
Advertising Principles & Practice, 7 th edition, Wells, Moriarty, Burnet.
Websites of Nestle, Olpers and Goodmilk.

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Advertising Plan of Nestle Milk Pack (Relaunch)

  1. 1. Advertising Plan ofNestle Milk Pack(Relaunch)Syed Ahmed OwaisShahzad NaseemZaheer
  2. 2. Company Vision: Vision of Nestle Milkpak is to expand business according to the increasing demand of market. As per our company vision in 2020 production capacity of all plants working in Pakistan is being increased. So extension of Kabirwala Plant is the example of our company vision.
  3. 3. Company Mission: At Nestle, we believe that research can help us to make better food, so that people live a better life. Good food is the primary source of good health, so we are trying to make good food.
  4. 4. Competitors:The maincompetitors of NestleMilkpak are:Olpers MilkGood MilkHaleeb Milk
  5. 5. Competitive Advantage Nestle Milkpak never compromises on quality. Nestle Milkpak’s extensive milk collection system ensures that the milk you get is of the finest quality. Nestle’s products are available in every city and town. Nestle is using the latest technology in its production units. Nestle makes milk powder of the surplus milk in winter and converts this milk powder into UHT milk in summer.
  6. 6. Advertising Plan: 4 - Situation Analysis: Total Target 180000000 (i)-Background Market Of Milk Research: Annual Production 33.25 Of Milk Pakistan is the 5th largest (Billion Liters) milk producing country in Total market of 31.92 the world. Gawala (96%) An estimated 33.25 billion Billion liters liters of annual milk is Total EXISTING 1.33 produced. market of processed milk (4%) Billion Liters
  7. 7. (ii) - SWOT Analysis: Strengths: Weaknesses: Strong Brand image. The target market of Nestle Quality product. Milkpak is upper middle and Solid Financial position. high class because lower middle and poor class cannot Strong supply chain network. afford to buy UHT milk due to Qualified work force. its premium price. Commitment to High Quality Products. This is the only weakness of Focus on research and development. Milkpak.
  8. 8. (ii) - SWOT Analysis:Opportunities: Year Annual Annual Production ConsumptionMore people are coming (million (million liters)towards processed milk liters)because loose milk isdangerous for health due to a 2008-09 648.43 353.71lot of contamination.Growth of processed milk isincreasing with 20% annuallyso Nestle Milkpak has the 2009-10 753.89 372.05opportunity to capture a largeshare of market.
  9. 9. (ii) - SWOT Analysis: Threats: Two main competitors Haleeb and Olpers are main threat for Milkpak especially the Olpers is growing very fast. Inflation is getting higher and higher so the purchasing power of the people is decreasing day by day. There is no entry barrier for new entrants as the Olpers has come in the market.
  10. 10. Key Advertising Problem:Decreasing Sales/Declining Market Share.5- Key Strategies: Objectives: 1-To increase market share. 2-To Create Brand awareness. 3-Purchase Action.
  11. 11. Strategies: 1-Increase Milk Useage: (a) through building brand alliances with Tea & Juice manufacturer ‘s like manufacturer Tapal Tea & Hamdard Rooh Afza. (b) Will also make alliances with cooking channels specially Masala TV to sponsor their hot shows . (c) Will run Nestle Milk Pack show to provide new recipes to increase milk usage and therefore increase our sale and increase share of processed milk. (d ) Will provide tasty and delicious recipies on our website 2-Increase Health Awareness: by focusing on professionals. 3-Increase Brand awareness: through IMC.
  12. 12. (c ) Target Audience: Demographic Segmentation: Children, Women of Child Bearing Age 15 - 45, Eldery Women, upper and middle class families, specially focusing on middle class. class. Psychographic Segmentation: Milk Pack’s have segmented the market more towards achievers who are goal-oriented and focused on their Pack’ goal- careers. Those who are health concious. concious. Behavioral Segmentation: Milk Pack’s products have been segmented on the basis of benefits that consumers seek in the milk. Pack’ consumers People look for a brand that can be used for all purposes from drinking to, tea whiteners as well as for health related uses.
  13. 13. Brand Position & Differentiation: Positioning Strategy: • Functional Positioning Nestle Milkpak has adopted the functional positioning strategy like: “Khaalis He Sab Kuch Hai” “Wohi Qudarti Maza” “Jaan Banaoo” “PURE MILK, HEALTHY LIVING” Differentiation: Addition of “Calcium” and Vitamin “D”
  14. 14. (e) Brand Image & Position: Brand Image: Quality Nutritious Milk. Brand Personality: Haelthy, Active, Goal oriented people.
  15. 15. (6) Message Strategy: (i)_Key Consumer Insight: Age------------Children, Women of Child Bearing Age, Elderly Women. Sex------------Either Sex but special focus on Women. Race----------Any. Ethnicity-----Pakistani. Income-------Middle Classs. Occupation---Professional (i.e, Healhy, Active, Goal oriented people).
  16. 16. (6) Message Strategy: (ii) Selling Premise: Quality pure milk. (iii) Support: UHT Treated. Standardized and Homogenised milk with minimum fat at 3.5%. Aseptic packing using Tetra Pack. Enriches with Calcium and Vitamin D.
  17. 17. (6) Message Strategy: (iv) Big Idea: 1-Tapal tea is recommending Milk Pack to be used with its tea to get the real taste and aroma. 2-Well Women Campaign using Specialist Doctors like Gynaecologist, Paediatrician and Orthopaedics recommending to use a glass of milk pack daily to get healthy living. 3-Sportsman & Sportswomen using milkpack as a drink during sports interval.
  18. 18. (6) Message Strategy: (v) Execution: 1-Tapal + Mlkpack Co-production. 2-A prominent Gynaecologist in her charitable clinic at some rural area of Pakistan councelling a nutritiously deprieved pregnant women to make effort to maintain her health and provides a free Milkpack Pack as a supplement. It also highlight’s Nestle Corporate Social Respondcibility i.e, taking active part in Well Women Campaighn. 3-Shahid Afridi and the Women athelet who won the 100 metre race for Pakistan are using Milkpack as a drink during their sports interval.
  19. 19. (7) Media Strategy: (i) Media Objectives: 1-Increase Milk usage: using brand associations like with Tapal and Rooh Afza. 2-Increase Health awareness: specially amongst children and Women. 3-Increase Brand awareness: through advertising.
  20. 20. (7) Media Strategy: (ii) Vehicle Selection: 1-Television: Reach: -Cocking Tv: like Masal & Zoq. -Drama TV: like Hum TV. -Islamic TV: like QTV. Frequency: Mainly advertise during Prime Time & during Morning Shows.
  21. 21. (7) Media Strategy: 2- Radio: Reach: Main focus on FM Radio chanels like FM 100,107 & 89 particulary music oriented. Frequency: Advertise durin office hours to target working class i.e, Early morning between 8-9 am and between 5-6 pm.
  22. 22. (7) Media Strategy: 3-News Paper: Will advertise on Sundays and Public holidays in: Jang, Express, The News & Dawn.
  23. 23. (7) Media Strategy: 4-Magazines: Will advertise in Children and women magazines like: Nonehal, Kiran, Shouaa. Also advertise in professional magazines like: Economist, JPMA.
  24. 24. (7) Media Strategy: 5-Billboard: 1-At or near offices: Like at Shahra-e-Faisal. 2-Outside shopping centres like: Tariq Road, Clifton Shopping Mall & Haidery.
  25. 25. (7) Media Strategy: 5-Billboard: 3-Outside schools: Grammar School, Beacon House & City School.
  26. 26. (7) Media Strategy: 6-Cable: Will advertise in the Local Cable Channels like Movie Channel. They are cheep. Large number of people watch them. Movies are shown on them on the bases of rating.
  27. 27. (7) Media Strategy: 7-Internet: 1-Enhance our own website of Nestle Pakistan, showing Milk Pack prominently. 2-Social Sites like Face Book. 3-Email sites like Hotmail & Yahoo. 4-Websites of our media partners like Hum TV, FM 107, Geo & Jang.
  28. 28. 8-Other Tools: (i) Personal Selling: Our strategy is to target Medical Professionals related to our Target market, which is Children, Women of Child Bearing Age and Elderly Women. So our team of representatives will go in the field and will meet directly with prominent Pediatricians’, Gynecologists’ and Orthopedics’ of the major cities of Pakistan. We will convey our message that health should be the top priority of each individual and one way of maintaining and ensuring health is to have milk daily. .For this purpose our product Milk Pack is the best choice.
  29. 29. 8-Other Tools: 1-Stalls: (a) We will place our stalls inside major Schools, Colleges and Universities specially Medical Colleges and Business Schools for promoting our Brand Milk Pack amongst our target market and young professionals who will be our partners in future. (b) We will also place our stalls inside major departmental stores like Metro, Makro, Imtiaz Super Store, Naheed and Agha’s and provides free tea and milk related products to our visitors of the stall. It will be a means of Promotion plus a Positive Word of Mouth, if the audience likes it.
  30. 30. 8-Other Tools: (iii) Public Relation: -Toll Free Number. -Web Site of Nestle. -Mailing Address. -Provide free consultation once a week at the level of district hospitals for Gyaene & Paeds. -Provides Tea & Cofee Makers to prominent businesses in major cities like Karchi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawlpindi, Oeshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad & Sialkot. This is ment to show our presence in major busisness markets of pakistan ad make healthy corporate relationships as they are the bulk purchasers.
  31. 31. 8-Other Tools: (iv) Sponsorship: -Ministry of Health: In co-ordination with the Ministry of Health, government of Pakistan, Nestle Milk Pack will provide funding to the Lady Health Programme and to the Mother & Child health Programme to train health workers and provide equipment for better monitoring of patients We will provide free 250 ml packs of Nestle Milk Pack to underweight children’s and nutritionally deprived women. This will be our Corporate Social Responsibility. We will sponsor OPD’s at the level of District Hospital to ensure that better facilities are provided to Children and Women.
  32. 32. 8-Other Tools: (iv) Sponsorship: Medical Institutes: Will sponsors students presentation, seminars and Medical Conferences like seminar on post-menopausal symptoms & care. Business Schools: We will provide attachments to business students and will also help he in making their reports on any product of our’s.. It is to build health and strong relationships with future business professionals that will help promote our brand “Nestle “ in general.
  33. 33. 8-Other Tools: (v) Packaging: Colour will remain as green & white. Will highlight our product differentiation in Bold with Red Background “Enriched with Calcium & Vitamin D for stronger bones and teeth.” Will also highlight in bold our product features like: -UHT Treated. -Packed in Aseptic Tetra Pack. -Homogenised and Standardized at minimun 3.4%
  34. 34. Advertising Plan of NestleMilk Pack (Relaunch) The End