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Reintroduction of a product or marketing campaign after it has been discontinued for a period of time and then undergone some sort of improvement or change.

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Rooh afza

  1. 1. Hamdard It was a century back that "Hamdard" was born inthe bylanes of Delhi. In 1906, Hakeem Hafiz AbdulMajeed, a well-known Unani practitioner of his time, withhis entrepreneurial instinct and missionary zealestablished "Hamdard" to serve mankind. Unfortunately,Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed did not live long to see hisdreams take shape. After him, his son, Hakeem AbdulHameed popularly known as Hakeem Sahab, took overthe administration of Hamdard at the age of 14, in 1922.
  2. 2. SafiCinkaraSharbat Rooh-AfzaRoghan Badam ShirinChyawanprash
  3. 3. No Promotion & advertisement driveNo Modification (In terms of Packing, Product depth, assortments)Faulty Marketing policyPoor Product positioningNo celebrity endorsing the productCompany diverted on exports sales, ignoring thedomestic market.Growing packed fruit juice market
  4. 4. Re-Launch Dominate unexplored syrup juice market. Make a place in huge explored fruit juice market.
  5. 5. Presenting            "If you look at its colour, itenchants your heart. If you taste it, youfind its flavor enlivening. In fragranceit excels other flowers. In efficacy it isquite an elixir. Its refreshing andinvigorating effect is beyond reckoning.A sharbat like Rooh Afza has neverbeen produced, nor ever shall be."
  6. 6. 100% Natural Taste100% HealthyInstant Ready to serve optionAvailable in various qty optionsAvailable in 4 four identical flavorsVegetable Extract (FOR COLOR).
  7. 7. Rooh Afza as nutrient In the form of invert sugar, glucose and fructose. Rooh Afza for essential electrolytesIn the form of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and phosphate. Rooh Afza for retention of body waterHas the ability to maintain and finally adjust the bodys water balance due to the presence of electrolytes in balanced quantity. Rooh Afzas medicinal propertiesWhich stimulate and correct the function of the heart, liver and kidney and check vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion and stomachache. Rooh Afzas soothing and refreshing properties Which act on the central nervous system and the rest of the body.
  8. 8. Premium Blueberries pomegranatePlum
  9. 9. Instant (Ready to Serve)
  10. 10. Instant (Ready to Serve)
  11. 11. sachets Rs 5/-(20ml) Instant (Ready to Serve) Rs 10(50ml) Rs 50/- (1Ltr) Rs 45/-(600ml) Rs 70/-(1 ltr) Rs 10/-(200ml) Rs 25/-(500ml) Rs 50/-(1000ml)
  12. 12. CustomerRetailersDistributors
  13. 13. Customers General Teenagers and Kids GeneralRoad ShowsSpecial camps @ Super Markets, Shopping Malls,MultiplexesFree SamplesTie up café day (Instant juice vending machines)Free extra quantity.
  14. 14. Teenagers and KidsReturn 20 tetra packs(200ml) and get a ToyFreeReturn 20tetra packs(500ml) and a watchFreeFree tattoos and stickers on purchase ofRs5/- sachets“Rooh Afza Piyo Jadoo se Miloo Contest”(win a Chance to win Brand AmbassadorJadoo.
  15. 15. “Rooh Afza Piyo Jadoo se Miloo Contest” o…… Ja do
  16. 16. Distributors and retailersFree Sales Aid (Window displays, kayos etc .Window display contest.Sales target contest.Extended credit terms
  17. 17. Rural and Urban India
  18. 18. General Teenagers and Kids Profiles Of Media Type Television Television Radio Radio Print Media Print Media Other Tools: Other Tools: •Advst on School Fee Cards •Ad on Public transportation Passes •Advst on Games software •Ad on Cable T.V subscription cards •Advst on School •Balloon Advst Transportation •Ad on Movie tickets •Pop corn containers, paper bags etc.Teenagers and Kids General
  19. 19. In Crores Cost Statement Fixed Cost R&D 2 Warehousing 1 Plant and Machinery 5 Other assets 1st Year 2Variable Cost Advst & Promotion 10 7 Raw Materials 8 Other expenses 3 18 Advst & Promotion 2nd Year 3 Initial Fund allocation 30 Crores Raw Materials 10 Other expenses 2 15
  20. 20. EstimatePrice (instant) 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 200ml (Price Rs10) 25lakhs units 50lakhs units 75lakhs units Revenue 250 lakhs 500 lakhs 750 lakhs Rs 25/-(500ml) 5lakhs units 8lakhs units 15lakhs units Revenue 125 lakhs 200 lakhs 400 lakhs 3lakhs units 7lakhs units 10lakhs units Rs 50/-(1000ml) 150 lakhs 350 lakhs 500 lakhs Revenue
  21. 21. Strengths The Biggest strength of the company is its established brand name in the market. RoohAfza is already a popular well known product in the market with a label of “Good health Drink”. RoohAzfa is an identical product in itself which has no strong competitors therefore the company can enjoy monopoly in the respective segment.
  22. 22. Opportunities Unexplored syrup juice market. For the first time sachets has been introduced which will generate us a huge revenue Again, tetra pack has been introduced to acquire market share in the respective segment, which is a fast growing segment
  23. 23. Threats Competition.