Marketing plan for taxi cab


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Marketing plan for taxi cab

  3. 3. • One team :- People Will work as one team• One Plan :-Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix & Accelerate development of new services our customers want and value.• One Goal :-“An exciting viable UDATE PARINDE delivering profitable growth for all” • UDATE PARINDE
  4. 4. UDATE PARINDE Functional and Technical Excellence.• Know and have a passion for our business and our customers• Demonstrate and build functional and technical excellence• Ensure process discipline• Have a continuous improvement philosophy and practiceOwn Working Together• Believe in skilled and motivated people working together• Include everyone; respect, listen to, help and appreciate others• Build strong relationships; be a team player; develop ourselves and others• Communicate clearly, concisely and candidlyDeliver Results• Deal positively with our business realities; develop compelling and comprehensive plans, while keeping an enterprise view• Set high expectations and inspire others• Make sound decisions using facts and data• Hold ourselves and others responsible and accountable for deliveringresults and satisfying our customers • UDATE PARINDE
  5. 5. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS• Opening of many offices ,institutes and changing life style has opened a new corridor for taxi service• Based on high cost, low profit margins• Many players exist in PATNA –Radio Taxi , Amba travel• Uneven growth: demand for taxi is growing in the route of Frazer road, Boring road , Station• Markets is very competitive as CITY buses are also available• Customers have more choices than before; less loyalty• Industry today must have higher degree of flexibility and responsiveness so suppliers can act quickly when volumes are not up to par • UDATE PARINDE
  6. 6. Technological Trends• Advances in digital technology, wireless communication, processing technologies have widened the dimensions of service development in the taxi industry.• While the benefits of some electronics are as cost-saving modules for the parts they replace, some others such as voice recognition and night vision systems have obvious marketable advantages.• Using multimedia delivery platforms and user-friendly voice- and touch-screen-based human-machine interfaces. Provide entertainment to passengers / improve navigation by sharing data across components in the taxi.• Advanced electronics also control a vehicle’s subsystems to improve the driving experience or make the car more efficient. • UDATE PARINDE
  7. 7. Social and Cultural FactorsConsumers are stressing the need for more• Safety Features• comfort, reliability• faster ,safe comfortable service .Economic and Business Condition• Bihars latest Economic Survey for 2009-10 says as much: Patnas per capita gross district domestic product is Rs 31,441.• Patna also has the highest per capita saving in the state at Rs 675/month.• Highest per-capita fuel consumption and the highest per capita income at Rs 6,958.• Across the state, the city also has highest per capita spendingshare on health and education (in 2009-10) at Rs 674 and Rs 5,633.. • UDATE PARINDE
  8. 8. Legal Environment• Government such as in the BIHAR is expected to take into consideration the importance of safety regulations and eco-friendly products pro-active Delivery of service taking care of customer . We have a social responsibility to take care of the environment.Media Environment• Taxi cabs spend zero on its promotion through electronic and very less through print media• Radio Mirchi and Maurya Chanel have greater reach to target customer of UDATE PARINDE• UDATE PARINDE have decided to launch its ad campaign with Radio Mirchi , Maurya chanel and using social networking site through aggressive marketing and promotion. • UDATE PARINDE
  9. 9.  BEST TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT WELL TRAINED AND CUSTOMER FRIENDLY DRIVERS STRONG PORTFOLIO QUALITY SERVICECommunity RelationsTakes strides to protect the environment; development ofelectric vehicle & efforts to increase fuel efficiency Byfollowing BHARAT 4 standard • UDATE PARINDE
  10. 10. Employee Relations• UDATE PARINDE provides incentives for employees; ex: “Thumbie” award is given to employees demonstrating high personal commitment to their customers and community• Company created Family Service and Learning Center program for UDATE PARINDE workers, family member and accidental insurance of drivers and medical insurance of their family• Rs 500 for education of their childrenInvestor Relations• Maintains high level of communication with its investors and potential investors• Accurately and honestly reports earnings and losses in ways easily accessible by the public via company Web site, mailings, and print materials by request • UDATE PARINDE
  11. 11. • Declining operation margin• Declining market share in sector• Huge debtsEmployee Relations• The company cannot offer incentive and bonus in first 2 year of its operation.• No job securityInvestors Relations• Results of economy investors worried about sales and profits, possible dividend cut, possibility of credit downgrade• Due to increasing competition shareholders may not get as big of return on investment in the company. • UDATE PARINDE
  12. 12.  Large potential in the emerging markets Consumers seeking more convenient and reliable service Increasing demand for cab service • UDATE PARINDE
  13. 13.  Due to increased economic growth people are looking for buying cars. rising manpower cost. High maintenance cost. concerns among employees about their job security may arise . intense competition well organized City bus service UDATE PARINDE will have tough time pleasing investors • UDATE PARINDE
  14. 14. Porter’s 5 ForcesBuyer Power – Medium• Consumer has some bargaining leverage• Available substitutes• Price sensitivity is common for UDATE PARINDE• Can`t pay reasonably higher price even for best serviceBarriers to Entry – Medium• Difficulty entering into established industry• Currently numerous options for taxi cab customers • UDATE PARINDE
  15. 15. Porter’s 5 ForcesThreat of Substitutes -– High• Plenty of options in the cab industry• Dependent on price performance• Zero customer loyaltyRivalry -– High• Brandy identity and equity• Differentiation between competitors• Market is still growing • UDATE PARINDE
  16. 16. Market Size (in crore)14121086 Market Size (in crore)420 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 • UDATE PARINDE
  17. 17. fleet size500450400350300250200 fleet size150100 50 0 supply Demand gap Demand gap • UDATE PARINDE
  18. 18. Fleet size120100806040 Fleet size20 0 Radio Taxi Amba City Udate travels Service Parinde • UDATE PARINDE
  19. 19. Market share(in % of value)90%80%70%60%50%40% Market share(in % of value)30%20%10%0% Amba Travels Radio Taxi Others • UDATE PARINDE
  20. 20. Amba Travel having strong fleet and 10% market share is mostpotential competitorAmba Travels is a taxi service, Patna based firm,• located right in the heart of city!• It has been engaged in providing variety of services to the corporate world and tourists coming from different parts of the India and Other countries.• Services include Corporate Travels, Project site visit, Family Trip, Leisure trip, Airport/ Railway Station transfers to and from Patna Airport/Patna Railway Station. • UDATE PARINDE
  21. 21. Weakness :-• Its not technically upgraded• Under-satisfied Staff & customer• Very less loyal customer which means poor brand image• Target customer are Visitors • UDATE PARINDE
  22. 22. • Chauffeur Driven Cars Well-trained, disciplined and reliable chauffeurs to take around town with a fleet of 60 Taxi• Membership card :- Silver coin of Rs 15/5km Gold card -------------Rs 2.75/km valid for 1 week Platinum card--------Rs2.50/ km valid for 1 month Diamond card --------Rs2.20/km valid for 4 month• Self Drive Cars Easy & convenient self-driven cars are available on daily, weekly & monthly basis with safety lock , night vision ,GPS navigation , Collision mitigation device . • UDATE PARINDE
  23. 23. • Payment gateway :- 1) Card swap , 2) Credit /Debit card swapping machine installed in to back of Taxi.• Recharge Your Card or book the Order through Online payment or getting it Recharge at Recharge Centres at Gandhi maidan , Dakbangla chowk ,Near P&M mall , Station , Mithapur Bus stand .• 24*7 Customer Care and order booking Events & ConferencesWe also manage ground transportation for events & conferencesincluding pre and post tours.Long Term Rentals and Mini Leases We offer customized solutions for corporate & individualcustomers needing specific cars for long durations. • UDATE PARINDE
  24. 24. Vehicle Type Minimum Basic rate Night Halts Chargeable Rs/Km KmIndica 8.50 150 100Sumo 9.00 150 100Scorpio/Logan/Indigo 12.00 150 100Innova 14.00 250 100 • UDATE PARINDE
  25. 25. PREPAID TAXI TARIFF (Rate in INR) Destination Indica Indigo/Sumo INNOVA Airport to Maurya Hotel 200.00 315.00 365.00 Airport to Any hotel on 200.00 315.00 365.00 Fraser /Exhibition Road Airport to Any hotel on Boring Road, SK Nagar 200.00 315.00 365.00 and SK Puri Airport to Patliputra Colony, Kankarbagh, 300.00 420.00 450.00 Rajendra Nagar and Kadamkuan Airport to Patna City 550.00 735.00 600.00 Airport to Danapur 450.00 735.00 600.00 Airport to Maner 700.00 1365.00 950.00 Airport to Hajipur 700.00 1365.00 950.00 (Railway Station) • UDATE PARINDE
  26. 26. ID – TransportationSegment– heavy weight , light weight , CabSub Segment – Inter-city , InterstateQuality Segment –Good , Better , Best • UDATE PARINDE
  27. 27. VISITOR Frequent • UDATE PARINDE
  28. 28. • PATNA icon• HI-TECH taxi cab• Geared toward safety & comfort conscious consumer• Family Taxi• Offer solidity and reliability• Sophistication and comfort • UDATE PARINDE
  29. 29. • CARs , taxi being used are quality product provided with tech-enabled facilities .• Trace your children with on a single call with help of customer support executive.• Planned to include Luxury cars in the cab by the end of 2013.• I-Pad provided for entertainment/ online shopping.• On order being placed , call center representative will inform the Cab driver near to the place of order so that to ensure the convenience and timely delivery of the service • UDATE PARINDE
  30. 30. Before Launching theUDATE PARINDE we willorganize PATNAMARATHON 2011 andwinner will be CalledUDATE PARINDE2011 and will be givenRs 5,00,000 cash… • UDATE PARINDE
  31. 31. • Flying Situation Promotion Strategy is to inform customers that the . UDATE PARINDE is the solution to the difficult situation at hand and . he/she will be able to save time and can reach his destination before time.• Radio• Television ads• Bill board ,flax hording • UDATE PARINDE
  32. 32. ..Recharge centers at GANDHI MAIDAN,Dakbanglachowk, Near P&M mall , Near Mithpur bus stand , near patnacityGarage Near Mithahpur bus standCall center at GarageOnline presence :- • UDATE PARINDE
  33. 33. ..Trained call center executive from IBM Tech-enabled Driver with experience of 1 year and possess good communication skill Call center at Garage • UDATE PARINDE
  34. 34. UDATE PARINDE COST OF CARS RATE 25TATA INDICA 2000000 15INDIGO 1500000 10 SUMO 1000000 10 INNOVA 1600000 10 SCORPIO 2200000 35 TAXI 1700000 10000000 COST OF LAND MITHAPUR EXT AREA(10000SQ.FEET*1200) 12000000 OTHER COST ADVERTISEMENT(300*36*365) 394200 FLYER AND HOARDINGS 25000 ADV. THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 100000 OTHER PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES 3500000 INSURANCE(10000*100) 1000000 5019000 TOTAL 27519000
  35. 35. Items RATESalary of driver (12*100*7000) 8400000Salary of call centre employ (12*10*12000) 1440000Rent of recharge centre(12*5*40000) 2400000Maintenance cost 1000000Fuel 12775000TOTAL 26015000 • UDATE PARINDE
  36. 36. Investment of founder members Rs 60,00,000 each = 60,00,000*5=Rs 3 cr Expected Revenue generation ;- 100*365*900= Rs32850000 Profit before tax = Rs68,35,000 Net profit after tax = Rs 54,68,000 • UDATE PARINDE