Consumer behavior project launching fruit juice


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launching fruit juice. project for consumer behavior

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Consumer behavior project launching fruit juice

  1. 1. Hamdard University Islamabad Campus Consumer Behavior: LaunChing new produCt fruit JuiCe prepared and presented By m. umair arshed BBa vi
  2. 2. • • • • • • • Objective Aim Location Mission Vision Target Market Competitive Analysis
  3. 3. The product selected is Juice and our brand name is Fruit Splash Juice
  4. 4. • Fruit Splash Juice will produce juice in the following varieties : Apple Orange Pineapple Grapes Guava Mango Mixed Fruit Strawberry
  5. 5. • Basic purpose is to provide fresh and health fruit juices to the people of Pakistan • Target of capturing at least 5 per cent of the market share within a year and then 15 per cent over the time.
  6. 6. “To be a leading producer of fruit juices based on dedication to nature, corporate and process hygiene, dynamic leadership and commitment to our partners and stakeholders.”
  7. 7. “To be capable to deliver the range and quality of Juice which the customer demands, which can only be fulfilled by the modern technology
  8. 8. •Enough availability of raw materials •High consumer retention rate •Price, a competitive advantage •Natural product •Participation with a growing industry. •Competitive advantage over carbonated soft drinks •Awareness among consumer •Seasonal availability of fruits •Brand acknowledgement •Limited financial resources •Tough competition in the market •Cut throat competition •Unstable government policies •High Tax rate in Pakistan •Competitors High resources
  9. 9. • • • Tax Laws Stability of Government Law of hiring and promotion
  10. 10. • • • • Increasing GDP Growing middle class Higher Disposable Incomes, hence more consumer buying power Easy availability of loans from banks
  11. 11. • • Changing consumer habits & lifestyles - The Pakistan consumer of today is clearly seeking healthier alternatives Consumer buying behavior
  12. 12. • • Advancement of newer technology Government providing thrust on R&D
  13. 13. • Market segmentation is the process in marketing of dividing a market into distinct subsets (segments) that behave in the same way or have similar needs • Variables Used for Segmentation Geographic variables Demographic variables Psychographic variables Behavioral variables 1. 2. 3. 4.
  14. 14. • Fruit Splash has set geographic target area. Company will serve domestic and rural areas. • Metropolitan Cities, small cities of the pakistan, and towns. • Density of Area: Urban, Semi-urban, Rural. • Climate: Tropical
  15. 15. • • • • • • • • • Age – all age group gender – Both Male and Female family size - doesn’t matter Education - doesn’t matter Income – middle & lower middle class consumer occupation – student, working and retired people, labour religion – doesn’t matter nationality/race – doesn’t matter language - doesn’t matter
  16. 16. Personality No Lifestyle Yes Value Yes Attitude Yes
  17. 17. • • • • • benefit sought product usage rate brand loyalty profitability income status
  18. 18. • Users perceive fruit juice as a healthy drink. • Users drink fruit juice as a refreshing alternative to carbonated drinks. • Users willingly spend on products related to health and lifestyle. • Users enjoy fruit juice not only as a means of healthy life, but as an intrinsically enjoyable activity in itself.
  19. 19.  Primary and Secondary Markets  Market Segmentation o Geographic variables o Demographic variables o Psychographic variables o Behavioral variables
  20. 20. • The juice and juice drink category is among the fastest growing segments • Fruit drinks as a category is growing at 18-20 per cent, carbonated soft drinks are growing at 6-8 per cent. • It’s the fastest growing liquid beverage category. • More than 90 % of sales happen through the unorganized route - juice centers, street corner shops and so on.
  21. 21. • • • • • Recreational Fitness Health Lifestyle Sports
  22. 22. Primary Market • Kids – Fond of Fruit Juice (fond of mango, strawberry) • Teens – More experimental • Youth – Experimental and more buying power • Working People • Housewives • Elderly people
  23. 23. • Secondary Market Travel Industry – Airlines, Railways and Local Transport Systems Recreational – Movie Theatres, Malls, Parks, school, collages, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bars etc.
  24. 24.  Identification Of Competitors
  25. 25. » Nestle Juices » Coca Cola (Minute Maid Pulpy Orange / Maaza ) » Olfruit » Shezan » Tops » Pepsi(Slice) » Fruit Vitals
  26. 26. Product  Place  Pricing  Promotion 
  27. 27. Type Fruit Juice Features Fruit Splash is a 100 percent fruit juice which will be produced and marketed by Ahsan & umair Industries Ltd. PLC Our product lie in introduction period Identification brand name – Fruit Splash
  28. 28. Our product lie in introduction period  Low sales  High costs per customer  Negative profits  Innovator customers  Few competitors Objective: to create awareness and trial  Offer a basic product  Price at cost-plus  Selective distribution  Awareness – dealers and early adopters  Induce trial via heavy sales promotion
  29. 29.  Distribution Channel  Product location availability  Modes of transportation
  30. 30. Cities Rural Areas Within region
  31. 31. • • • Fruit Splaash has set geographic target area. In start we will target only small cities and rural areas. Because most of the population of Pakistan belongs to rural areas. And mostly people of rural areas are not aware about brands and not loyal with brands. Density of Area: Semi-urban, Rural, Towns
  32. 32. • From road transportation
  33. 33.  Apply the concept of providing quality product at optimum price  Provide profitable discounts, deals and schemes  Adopt sales oriented objective  Have one price policy to maintain a goodwill among customers.
  34. 34.  So, as a new comer our pricing strategy is to introduce our products in the market at lower prices so as to create the huge demand in the market and to compete with other competitors.  As we come up in the demand, we will increase our prices and will provide more efficient and affordable juices
  35. 35. Promotional Tactics  Provide free samples in the market for the brand awareness
  36. 36.  The following shows the advertising in the print media, electronic media etc – to our target audience by using the message showing a glass full of juice “Drink this much every day”
  37. 37.  Fruit Splash will position itself as a no – compromise drink where a person does not have to make any compromise with the fun element of having the refresher and the health element and that it is also socially appreciated/ accepted.
  38. 38. Thank You