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The Research Process
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  • 1. A site created to address the research process among all disciplines and grade levels.
  • 2. Maryland Common Core State Curriculum
    • Essential skills and knowledge needed to master grade specific standards
    • FCPS Research Process Site provides:
      • Skills Continuum
      • Skills Scope and Sequence
      • Best Practices for Teachers
      • Rubrics for Elementary, Middle and High School
      • Research Process Resources
  • 3. A Big Change: Increase in research skills particularly in Language Arts
    • W7 CCR Anchor Standard
      • Conduct short as well as more sustained research projects based on focus questions, demonstrating understanding of the subject under investigation
    • W8 CCR Anchor Standard
      • Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information while avoiding plagiarism
      • And other research skills embedded throughout.
  • 4. What should students know?
    • What is one expectation you have for your students in regards to research ?
      • What should students know when they come to you?
      • What should students know once they leave your classroom at the end of the year?
    • How do your expectations compare to the Skills Continuum ?
  • 5. What steps do I take to get students through the continuum?
    • Best Practices
    • Read through each section individually.
    • Some items to note:
      • Use of Subscription Databases and eBooks
      • Collaboration with Media Specialists
      • Time Management of Research Process
  • 6. Example using the continuum
    • In ninth grade, students are expected to “Continue to develop a working bibliography and differentiate between bibliography and Works Cited.”
    • With past projects, you always rush through or ignore the bibliography/works cited page because you lack time.
      • – You can collaborate with your media specialist to create an interactive lesson on creating WORKING bibliographies that are continually revised as students research to alleviate plagiarism.
  • 7. How Do I Teach This Stuff?
    • Resources
    • Linked Resources include:
      • A two-page list of websites that address all stages of the research process
      • Linked pages of websites specific to research skills in the Scope and Sequence chart
    • Added notes with each linked skill
      • Divided by grade levels
      • Descriptions of what is found on each link
  • 8. Example Using the Resources Page
    • In sixth grade, you might use the following website and form on the resources page to teach and explain the importance of evaluating websites:
      • Evaluating Websites
      • Website Evaluation Form
    • There are even examples of unreliable sites to use for practice.
  • 9. Sharing
    • In small groups, discuss how you can integrate the FCPS Research Process into what you are already doing in the classroom.
  • 10.
    • Questions?