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STEM CCA's - Session 3


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Published in: Education, Technology
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STEM CCA's - Session 3

  1. 1. P.A.W.S. @ WMS Monday - Thursday Beginning….Monday, March 14 th 1:02-1:32 P owerful A ctivities for W alkersville S tudents EXTEND ENRICH EXPLORE ENHANCE P.A.W.S (Powerful Activities for Walkersville Students)
  2. 2. Learn the secrets behind the Rubik’s Cube. Master how to solve this seemingly difficult cube in a matter of minutes. Learn the tricks! See who finishes this sessions as the King or Queen of the Cube!! Mr. Silver Room 311 Master the Rubik's Cube 12
  3. 3. Mrs. Dodson 609 Computer Lab Computer Time Sharpen your keyboarding skills with “Dance Mat Typing”. Learn the fine points of Google Earth. Visit blogs, practice using Glogster, investigate programs used in Math, LA, Foreign Language, and Technology. This is going to be a great activity!! 11
  4. 4. Students will use their brain power & problem solving skills plus teamwork to complete different challenges. Can you solve a problem without using your thumbs? Or can you use junk mail to complete a task?? Join in and find out! Mrs. Tregoning Room 421 Challenge ME! 10
  5. 5. STEM - Working Together Students will be problem solving – paper/pencil and hands-on approaches!! You will be given problems to solve OR…be given the materials and a task to complete. If you are a problem solver and enjoy working in groups to accomplish goals then THIS is the PAWS activity for you! Mr. Hinson Room 313 19
  6. 6. Mr. Eaves Room 423 Figure It Out! Students…learn how to solve (and create) a variety of logic puzzles. Improve your analysis skills as you exercise your mind and enhance your ability to “think outside the box”! 21
  7. 7. Blast off into space with activities that solve problems for astronauts who have launched to the moon! We will make rockets, create lunar landers, build lunar rovers, and more! Come prepared to work together, build stuff, and HAVE FUN!!! Mrs. MacGillivray Room 208 On the Moon 13
  8. 8. Students will create a Stellated Icosahedron, design fractal art and tessellations. Mrs. Cook/Mr. Bingham Room 121/126 24 MATH is ART is MATH Students will produce string art designs, construct compass art, and build 3-D polyhedra.
  9. 9. <ul><li>Who killed the mayor??? Students will take part in a murder investigation. They will do fingerprinting, blood typing, impression analysis, hair analysis, and entomological analysis. Be part of solving this crime!! </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Parental Permission Will Be Required ! </li></ul></ul>Mrs. Domboski Room 411 The Case of the Murdered Mayor 6th Grade Students Only 26
  10. 10. Hands on lessons, interviews with female scientists and mathematicians, STEM careers & studies. An opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of how & why a path in a STEM related careers can be so beneficial!! Mrs. Brown Room 211 STEM for Girls 21
  11. 11. REMINDER - THIS IS A 4 DAY ACTIVITY!! Mr. Haines 320 Computer Lab Week In Rap - WMS style   Have you ever seen &quot; The Week in Rap ?&quot;  Mr. Haines will be leading a group of students to collect pictures to create a music video about the news of the week at Walkersville Middle School.  These videos will be sent out to all the teachers so they can be shown in ROAR classes.  4