A Kind and Loving Legacy - Chapter 1.2


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Chapter 1.2 of A Kind and Loving Legacy

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A Kind and Loving Legacy - Chapter 1.2

  1. 2. Hi and welcome back to A Kind and Loving Legacy, this time with chapter 1.2! As you can see, I’m no longer hosting my story on the Exchange, but I’ve moved to LJ, working with Powerpoint. When we last left, the first child of the second generation, Nelson McNice, had just been born. Megan was thrilled about it, and the businesswoman has really left. She's a mother now, a mother and a wife. Let's get going with chapter 1.2 now! ----->
  2. 3. Nelson is a sweet babyboy. His father adores him, and spends every free minute with him to not miss out on anything. Even changing his diaper doesn't seem to be a problem for Alfons. A hidden familysim..?
  3. 4. Megan's a perfect mother. She knows exactly when Nelson needs his bottle, when he's tired and when he needs to burp. Sometimes she's surprised about herself. She never thought she'd ever get a baby in her life, let alone feel how she feels right now.
  4. 5. Not long after Nelsons birth, Megan is pregnant again. The morning sickness is back. Megan is happy she's pregnant again, but she'd really like to skip the morning sickness part...
  5. 6. Time flies, and it's time for Nelson to grow up and be a toddler. It's a small birthdayparty, just he and his parents. They wanted to keep it nice and quiet. Not that they have a lot of friends to invite, but that's not the point.
  6. 7. Nelson's a really cute toddler, in my opinion, even though his father isn't the prettiest of sims. He has a great personality, too: 4/7/8/3/10! He takes after his mother, with his ten nicepoints. Megan is very thrilled about that, for this legacy 10 nicepoints is perfect!
  7. 8. His ten nicepoints are noticeable when he plays with his new teddybear. He does nothing but cuddle it, and when Megan and Alfons look at it, their hearts simply melt.
  8. 9. They're a little less pleased when Nelson screams on the top of his lungs when he's waiting for his food. Their son isn't very patient. I guess he takes after his mother with that.
  9. 10. This second pregnancy is harder on Megan than the first one, she's always hungry. It doesn't matter whether it's spaghetti or pickles, or anything in between. She eats everything she can find in the fridge.
  10. 11. During her pregnancy leave she starts teaching Nelson all the things he needs to know before he'll grow up. He learns fast, although he's quickly distracted. He rather plays with all the toys he has.
  11. 12. Megan gives birth in the exact same spot as where she gave birth to Nelson. Just as the last time, she screams painfully loud for Alfons. "WHERE ARE YOU, YOU MORON!!!!"
  12. 13. "I'm right here, sweetie! Okay, just breathe, breath e ...“ "I KNOW THAT! I've done it before you know!“ "I was talking to myself, honey, I know you know!"
  13. 14. A few moments later, Megan is holding a beautiful babygirl. She has - just like her brother - her mother's grey eyes and black hair, but her father's light skintone.
  14. 15. "Look, honey," Megan says, suddenly a lot sweeter. "This is you're daughter, Katie.“ Tears are welling up in Alfons' eyes as he looks at his daughter. "Can - can I hold her?“ "Of course you can, Alfie," Megan says and she gives Katie to her father.
  15. 16. Katie is a very sweet baby, her parents adore her. "Who's mommy's little girl? You are, yes, you are!"
  16. 17. But it doesn't take long before it's already Katie's birthday. But not only hers, no, Nelson is going to grow up today as well. He has to wait a little bit longer, though, his little sister is going first.
  17. 18. He's very excited about everything. "Mommy, mommy! I watch Katie gwow up! And me too!"
  18. 19. Katie grows up nicely. Although I have to say the firstborn effect struck me... She has the exact same personality as her brother: 4/7/8/3/10, and she looks like him a whole lot. But still, she's cute! She goes and plays rightaway, and doesn't seem interested in her brother growing up.
  19. 20. "Mommy, mommy, pwetty lights!" Nelson beams at his mother. "Yes, Nelsie, pretty lights. But now we're going to blow out the pretty lights and you're going to become a big boy!"
  20. 21. And that he does. To my surprise (just a bit) it turns out he has a normal nose, instead of the huge one his father has, and he's very, very cute! I really like Nelson!
  21. 22. That evening Megan and Alfons lay down on their bed, they talk about the day they had. "We've got some great kids, Megan," Alfons says, smiling. "We sure have." Megan is quiet for a while. "But, what do you think about having another one? I mean... I love my children. But I would love to have another one. And...“ "Your LTW, I get it, Megan. And I think it's a good idea. I mean, I'm happy with Nelson and Katie, but I wouldn't mind having another one.“ "Well... Let's get to work, then," Megan says with a big grin on her face.
  22. 23. Not long after that, the usual cramps show up again. It hurts like hell, but Megan can't help but smile a little bit. She's pregnant again!
  23. 24. "You're going to be a big sister, sweetie.“ "Big sistew?" A pair of big eyes look at Megan innocently.
  24. 25. Megan decides to take early pregnancy leave. She wants to be with her children, and if she's got to be honest, she doesn't want to leave her children with a nanny. She can do it way better herself, of course.
  25. 26. And now she can fully focus on the toddlertraining. Katie too learns very fast. And she, other than her brother, doesn't get distracted very soon. "Well done, sweetie!"
  26. 27. Nelson plays outside a lot. His parents bought a nice tower for him, and he loves playing on it. "Aye, captain! No ship in sight!"
  27. 28. "Having fun there, kiddo?" "Yes, daddy! Fiftyone, fiftytwo..."
  28. 29. Megan doesn't spend all her time with Katie. When Nelson's at home, she plays with him a lot too. They have a very good relationship.
  29. 30. Nelson has a very good relationship with his sister, too. "Sweet dreams, Katie! I'll see you in the morning!“ "Sweet dweams, Nelsie!"
  30. 31. Soon he will able to play with her properly, because today it's time for Katie to grow up again! She's very excited about it, she's the center of attention right now! "Come on, Katie! Grow up! I wanna play with you!"
  31. 32. Katie grows up nicely, but I already expected that, since she's exactly the same as her brother apart from their gender. "Sorry, Nelsie! I'm really tired, I'll play with you tomorrow, okay?" Katie says while she's running to her room. Yeah, she's a little hyperactive.
  32. 33. Even if Katie wouldn't be tired, Nelson wouldn't be able to play with her. He didn't make his homework this afternoon, so he has to do it now. Luckily his father is kind enough to help him with that. After he's done with it, he's too tired to go and play and goes to bed right away.
  33. 34. The same night the third child of the second generation is about to be born. And again, in the exact same spot as the last two! And she wasn't even sleeping! This one too goes with a lot of screaming and "breathe, honey, breathe, breathe"-ing.
  34. 35. But eventually Megan holds her third child, and second son in her arms. This little guy doesn't have his mother's grey eyes. No, his ones are green, just like his father. He does have his mother's black hair, and her skin. "Hello Kyle, welcome to our world!"
  35. 36. Nelson and Katie love their new babybrother. "Ahh, he's tiny, isn't he?" Katie says with a tender expression on her face. "Yes, he is. You were that tiny once, too. But now you're big. Kyle will get big, too, and then we can play with him!“ "Yeah, that'd be cool. Right now he's just... sleeping.“ They're silent for a while before Nelson says. "Wanna go and play before we have to go to school?“ "Yeah, good idea, bro!"
  36. 37. Nelson and Katie are each others best friends. That's probably because they're so much alike. They play together all the time, but bring friends home often too. But even than, they all play together. "You're little sister is very cool, Nelson," his friend says. "Yeah, she is!" Nelson admits proudly. His little sister rocks!
  37. 38. It doesn't take long before it's time for Kyle to grow up. He's been cheered at by his brother, sister, father and some coworker Alfons brought home.
  38. 39. Kyle grows up to a relatively cute toddler. Relatively, because he has his father's nose. Yes, I know. Not good. His personality is different from those of his brother and sister: 8/10/10/4/3. No 10 nicepoints, unfortunately.
  39. 40. Megan adores her youngest child. It's going to be te last one, so she wants to enjoy every single minute with Kyle while he's still a toddler. It's the last toddler, and she's kind of sad about it.
  40. 41. "Oh man, this sucks!" Megan says one morning, while she's still got a bunch of homework to do. "I'm tired, it's like the middle of the night, I can't do my homework right now! It's just not fair!"
  41. 42. "It's your own fault, Katie. You should have done it yesterday. And the day before, because yesterday Miss Graham was already mad at you for not doing your homework the day before! You should be a little bit more responsible, Katie." Nelson sees it as his responsibility that his little sister makes his homework. "I know, alright? It just way more fun to play. Homework sucks!" Katie sighs while she tries to concentrate on her exercises. Nelson shakes his head and mutters something under his breath but then walks out of the room.
  42. 43. Almost an hour later Katie jumps on the couch next to Nelson. "It's done! I'm finished! Now I can watch tv with you, which is way more fun.“ "Well, you can get up again, because we've got to go to school.“ Katie sighs. "Oh man! This sucks !
  43. 44. That evening, Nelson starts a little lecture. "You see, Katie? It's way better to first do your homework and play afterwards. 'Cause when it's done it's done and then you can have a lot of fun." He says wisely. Katie rolls her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. First homework, then playing. Will you drop it already!"
  44. 45. Time flies, and it's almost time for Nelson to grow up to be a teenager. The day before Nelson and Katie are playing together on Katies room for the last time. "Nelson?" Katie asks, hesitating. "When you're all big and stuff... Will you still play with me? Because you're my best friend and... well, playing isn't as much fun without you."
  45. 46. Nelson is silent for a little while. Then he starts talking again. "Of course I'm still going to play with you, Katie. But not with this toys, I think. You don't play with toys anymore when you're a teen." He puts up his lecturing voice again. "You just don't do that anymore. But we can do other stuff. We can play chess together, we can watch tv together, or we can do games together. It's just going to be a little different.“ Katie looks at her big brother. "Will it be as much as it is now?“ "I don't know, Katie. But you won't be a kid forever. And when you're a teen, too, we can do stuff we both like together again."
  46. 47. The next evening, when it's about time for Nelson to grow up, he pulls his little sister into a hug. "Don't worry, Katie, me growing up isn't the end of the world you know. ” "I know, bro." Katie says and then pushes him towards the cake. "Now go and grow up, I want cake!"
  47. 48. With his family making a whole lot of noise Nelson blows out all of the candles and then waits expectantly for the little tinkles in his feet.
  48. 49. "Woah, look at my muscles! I'm biiig!" Nelson says when he's back on his feet again. Nelson rolled Fortune with the LTW to become the Head of the SCIA. His clothes are ok too, so I decides that he can keep those.
  49. 50. The same evening, Nelson already starts with collecting his scholarships. "Yeah, you can better start early, you know," he tells his mother.
  50. 51. The next morning, when the kids are off to school, Alfons is at work and Kyle's sleeping, something hits Megan, and it hits her hard. There isn't a university at Bluewater Island, there certainly isn't a university here... So where on earth will my kids have to go to college? Her heart start to beat faster. They need a good education, they need their time as students, but where?!
  51. 52. She jumps up and runs towards the computer. She starts searching for a university near Eria Island, but the simternet doesn't even seem to know Eria Island, or Bluewater. Now she really starts to panic. What if her kids don't get to go to college? They will be so disappointed, and they won't be able to find a proper job! This is where I thought it was time for me to interrupt and make my presence known to our foundress. Hello Megan.
  52. 53. Megan jumps up. "What? Who's there?" She turns around, but doesn't see anyone, of course. You can not see me, Megan. I'm not there in your livingroom. In fact, I'm not even there on your planet. But I do need to talk to you. Megan starts to get frightened. "W.what? Ha ha, you - you're funny. Now show yourself!“ That will be a little difficult , Megan. I'm here to help you with your university problem. "My - wait, how do you know that, I haven't said anything out loud about that."
  53. 54. I know. It's a little hard to explain. Let's just say I'm here to keep an eye on you for the old man who has send you on this mission. "Yeah. Sure.“ You don't believe me? You've seen a lot in your life, you've been dead for heaven's sake, but this you don't believe? "Well, maybe you're right... Just tell me what I can do so my childen are able to go to college.“ There's another island, 50 kilometres from Bluewater, you can get there by boat. That island is the university, it's called Sim State University. That's where your children will go to college. "Okay. Thank you very much... Voice."
  54. 55. You're welcome. "Can I ask you something?“ Sure, ask away. "How come Eria Island, Bluewater and Sim State University can't be found on simternet? I've sought and sought, but it's just not there!“ That's right. That's so no one can find you here. Everyone thinks you're dead except your family here, and the people on Bluewater Island. "Okay. Well, I guess that's pretty logical..."
  55. 56. ------------------------------------ And that's where I leave you for now, with a very confused but relieved Megan. Will her children be able to go to college properly at SSU? We'll see it next time in A Kind and Loving Legacy. Some slides are a little messy, with a lot of text on it, but I wrote this at first for the Exchange, so next time it’ll be better. Thank you for reading! It would be nice if you leave a reaction at boolprop.com, I really like to know what people think of my story!