The Boon OWBC: Chapter Five


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The Boon OWBC: Chapter Five

  1. 1. The Boon OWBC Chapter Five: Technical Difficulties
  2. 2. So! The results of the heir poll came to a draw, and I opted for dual heirship, rather than a revote. So both Orca and Oscar will be in charge this generation. Theda came second, and then Bianca last – no one voted for Bianca!! Let’s get started on the important stuff, shall we…
  3. 3. “Omigosh, a GIRL sat next to me! What do I do?!” I sent Bianca, Orca and Oscar to university together, despite the age gaps between them. Theda will come later, as she’s much younger. It just makes it easier to play when I close up the gaps.
  4. 4. While Orca shocks that dormie boy by actually talking to him, Oscar is trying to woo his first ever female. It didn’t go well.
  5. 5. “Congratulations on making it to class, Bianca!” “Thanks, Orca!” Because all three of the siblings are undeclared in their majors, they all go to the same classes. And when they return, they end up talking for far too long on the edge of the lot. It made for a lack of interesting pictures.
  6. 6. Reason #456 why I’m glad Orca is an heir: She’s a lot of fun. Also I get to put the clipart orca in all of the chapters.
  7. 7. “Pull my finger. With your face.” “But-” “You know you want to!”
  8. 8. “His hoof made a dent in my head where my nose is!” Orca, that was already there. “I dislike cows!”
  9. 9. Well, she sure changed her mind about cows pretty quickly! And also got stuck in his face while she did so.
  10. 10. The cow then took off his costume (gasp!) and climbed into Orca’s bed, where he stayed all night. So Orca couldn’t get any sleep.
  11. 11. She didn’t complain once, though. I can’t look at her needs, because she’s a bad apple, but she didn’t seem remotely tired the next morning when she was wolfing down her pancakes.
  12. 12. How can you tell that I brought neat freaks to university? Oscar spends most of his time cleaning up after various cows! And he ENJOYS it! That bottom picture also seems to sum up university – streakers, cows and a responsible playable student.
  13. 13. This is a different cow upsetting Orca, by the way. None of them seem to like her – or maybe she just happens to be the only one around when they’re feeling mean.
  14. 14. Luckily, a llama was on hand to defend Orca’s honour. “Don’t worry, m’lady! I will take care of this swine!” “Er, swine means pig, mister llama!”
  15. 15. “Haha! I am triumphant! You will regret the day you messed with a Sim State lady!” “You’re a nut job! I’m finding somewhere else to pull pranks…”
  16. 16. Orca, it’s not nice to stare. Seriously, she watched that dormie shower, then used the shower. I guess she was just waiting patiently, but it didn’t half look creepy.
  17. 17. Orca doesn’t sleep at night, regardless of whether or not there is a cow mascot in her bed. She just sits in the dining room, staring into space. It’s not like the dorm doesn’t have sofas or anything! Because it does! Orca’s just odd!
  18. 18. Once the trio had finished their first semester, I sent them on their way to start a greek house. Not one of my wisest decisions – they’re almost broke.
  19. 19. Bianca and Oscar have to set about raising money for flamingos and a gnome, because Orca is barely playable. She gets to goof off while they work. “This hardly seems fair.” “Shut up and dig.”
  20. 20. “You’re not very good at this, Oscar. I’ve already found a secret map.” Seriously, Oscar got a water pipe on his first try!
  21. 21. “I’m so glamorous and successful!”
  22. 22. “Why does this keep happening to me?!” I have to admit it, Oscar digging is one of my favourite things. He’s just so BAD at it!
  23. 23. Thanks to Bianca’s successful attempts at digging, the house got some flamingos and a gnome. Um. A name for the gnome. Errr. You know what? I’ll just name it Juliet because we have Gnomeo on the main lot. Also Juliet is a bearded woman.
  24. 24. After a day of digging and not much else, it was time to party! I wasn’t sure if the party-each-season was supposed to continue at college, or just on the main lot, but they party so much at college, that there’s AT LEAST one every season. So I’ve covered myself regardless.
  25. 25. “Hey! Stop that! Stealing is wrong!” Lucinda, really? You have your own gnome that you need to steal, not this gnome!
  26. 26. Uhhh…okay! I wasn’t expecting this, but apparently Oscar has a thing for the servo. And considering Eva is based off of Oscar’s step-dad, Rob, I’m sure there’s some deep and psychological trauma going on here.
  27. 27. At least one of my heirs has fallen for someone who can reproduce. I’m starting to really like the idea of Komei and Orca. But we’ll see what happens.
  28. 28. “Oh, Eva, you’re so beautiful!” They were best friends when Oscar was a teen, I should have seen this coming. They have two bolts.
  29. 29. For some reason, the cops turned up. This is the first party of the challenge to be broken up by cops, I think that’s some sort of achievement!
  30. 30. And because nothing happened for a whole day, another party was thrown! “Hey there, would you please seduce my step-son? A robot won’t produce us grandbabies.” “Do I even know your son?” “Probably. Why else would you be at his party?” “Dude, this place has the best parties on campus! Everyone wants to crash one of these!”
  31. 31. And the most interesting part of the entire party was this: The mass smustle on the lawn. They’re almost all in time! And Ani-Mei was there, too, somehow! ---------------------------- Ani-Mei writes Altered Fates: An Alternate Universe Legacy among other things.
  32. 32. Rather than ending with the cops, the party ended with a theft – Bianca went and got Juliet back from her mother! Speaking of Lucinda and the others, let’s see what’s up at their house.
  33. 33. Theda has found a temporary boyfriend. They have no bolts, but no negative boltage, they’re just best friends who got a little curious about those “First Kiss” wants in their panels. It probably won’t continue once Theda joins the others at college.
  34. 34. Then it was time for the Summer Party! I throw a lot of parties. It helps pass the time when I get bored, which in college, is ALL THE TIME. Nothing interesting happens.
  35. 35. “Hey good looking. What are you doing home?” “Party time. Thought it’d be nice to come back for a bit.” “Want to take this to the only double bed on the lot?” “You know it.” Someone got in their way, however, and they gave up on woohoo for a little bit.
  36. 36. Elsewhere at the same party, Komei and Orca have started flirting. Komei always looks so serious!
  37. 37. You know what? I’m sold, Orca can keep him. The whole relationship happened on free will without any intervention from me, so it’s obviously meant to be.
  38. 38. The next day, I was still feeling cheated over the lack of pregnancy with Rob’s abduction, and used one of the daily purchases on a dance sphere. Realistically, it probably could have bought them something more useful, but I wanted an alien baby. It worked first time, and Rob came back pregnant.
  39. 39. “Hey, why is everyone standing out here?” “Well, Theda, your father just got pregnant from aliens, the robot was out here on the dance sphere, and I’m not impressed that your father doesn’t think raising a baby is going to be a lot of work! I thought we were done with kids!” “Chill, Mum. Orca and Oscar won’t be that much longer, and they can help out.” “I suppose…”
  40. 40. Later that night, Lucinda caught Rob flirting with Eva, who is essentially a robot copy of himself, and their marriage broke down. Excellent times. Not.
  41. 41. “Mum? Are you okay?” “I’m building another robot! I’m taken my sadness out on this block of metal!” “Okay…do you want some grilled cheese?” “Yes please.”
  42. 42. “Eva, can robots feel emotions? Because I think I love you.” “Robots can simulate emotions.” “Good enough.” “I love you too.”
  43. 43. Hooray! An alien baby! About time! And since Lucinda reacted to one flirt between Rob and Eva, Rob and Eva have been stalking each other. I should have seen this coming. Rob’s name almost spells Robot for Wright’s sake!
  44. 44. “Ugh, pregnancy is so uncomfortable.” “Good. I went through it four times, it’s about time you did!”
  45. 45. “Are you kidding me?! In OUR bed?” I’m going to have to do something about this at some point. In the meantime, I’m just going to see how it developments.
  46. 46. Also, Gnomeo is missing and I’m worried now that he’s not coming back. I think Komei took him, so if I married Komei in, would Gnomeo be in his inventory? This is a whole 3 points we’re talking about here!
  47. 47. “And that’s for stealing my husband, you electronic skank!” “Wow, you’re hot when you’re kicking butt!” “This changes nothing, Rob!”
  48. 48. “I can’t cope with this anymore! I’m going to college!” Seeing her parents argue took its toll on Theda. We’ll see her when we eventually make it back to the university lot.
  49. 49. I wanted to introduce you guys to baby Keegan before heading back to the uni lot! He’s got one heck of a personality – 10/1/10/3/10! He’s freakishly neat, outgoing and nice!
  50. 50. Back at university – wait, Bianca, what are you doing? “It’s called fashion. Bowl sunglasses are all the rage.”
  51. 51. Anyway, Theda arrived with a ridiculously un-Theda-ish outfit. I’ve been putting Theda in dresses for her whole life. Maybe she’s trying to rebel.
  52. 52. Theda is also gorgeous, if you can look past the eye-nose issue. She’ll probably throw some cute kids later on! I’m still thinking Theda is probably partially – if not mostly – blind by this point.
  53. 53. “Your family sure is weird looking.” I think out of all the siblings, Orca is the one who looks the most ‘normal’. I quite like my unique collection of sims!
  54. 54. A robot, a cheerleader, a professor, a streaker and your parents. It must be a university party!
  55. 55. A university party with predictable university party happenings – like Oscar and his robot woohoo. I’ll try and find him a wife who can reproduce in the next update, I think. I don’t like the idea of Rob and Oscar sharing a robot.
  56. 56. You didn’t think I’d make it through a whole party without one shot of Orca and Komei, did you? Let’s just hope his nose is more dominant than hers. Also, I *just* noticed Bianca in the bottom left corner. What the heck is she doing?!
  57. 57. I think we might have to stop inviting Lucinda over, I don’t think Juliet can take much more kidnapping. If Lucinda wants to steal a gnome, she should find Gnomeo and steal him!
  58. 58. “So the mouth on your costume acts as a real mouth, and that’s how you can have dinner with me?” “Excuse me, m’lady.”
  59. 59. “Curse you, ridiculously annoying bovine!” “I love having the mascots over for dinner…”
  60. 60. At some point, someone must have stolen Juliet back. But that’s not the important thing about this slide – I used one of Orca’s commands to invite Komei over! I wanted to see what they were like outside of a party setting. Because I love them together.
  61. 61. Predictably, they jumped straight into the aspiration-reward hot tub. What did I expect?! Anyway, I think I’ll call it here for this chapter. See you next time for the last two years of uni! And more of Keegan! And the consequences of cheating on your wife with a robot that your step-son is sleeping with! Until next time! 