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Pregnancy three


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Pregnancy three

  1. 1. Three
  2. 2. Welcome back to the 100 Pregnancy Challenge.Flora Solei is a immigrant to Laguna Isle fromRiverblossom Hills. To waive her immigration feesshe agree to complete a 100 Pregnancy Challenge.Dill was the result of her second pregnancy withDerek Menon. Dill join his triplet siblings Arnica,Chamomile, and Borage.
  3. 3. Flora placed Dill in one of the cribs in the nursery. Shehad to brush off a thin coating of dust. The three cribshadn’t really been used she bought the blanketsdownstairs. But she didn’t feel safe leaving Dill on thefloor with his three curious siblings. They probablywouldn’t hurt him on purpose but children sometimesdidn’t understand what they did could hurt others.
  4. 4. The triplets were all safely asleep downstairs so shetook a rare moment to get some sleep herself. It washard to believe that she had only been on Laguna forless than two weeks and she already had four kids.She had two men that she loved and loved her back.Derek would be thrilled to meet Dill, and hopefullyArmando would be too.
  5. 5. “Mine!” Chamomile said grabbing Borage’s bottle, she washungry but Momma was busy with Arnica.“No no.” Borage tugging back his lunch, “Mine.”“Umph.” Chamomile pouted, she went off to find Mommasince Borage wasn’t willing to share.
  6. 6. Momma was more than happy to give her a bottle of herown. It tasted better than Borage’s bottle anyway.
  7. 7. It was the older kids’ birthday today. Floramade one more money wish from thegenie, she didn’t have enough money toget them full size beds. She also wishedfor a longer life. Having a hundredpregnancies was impossible in a normallifetime.
  8. 8. The front bedroom was still empty, Floraspent the afternoon decorating while thekids napped. She spent most of the moneyon beds and redoing the upstairs bathroom.One bathroom would not be enough forfour people.
  9. 9. She finished none too soon the kids were alreadygathered in the kitchen.
  10. 10. Arnica looked the most likeher. Chamomile had hercheekbones, but everythingelse was clearly Avri’s.Borage was a spiting imageof his father.
  11. 11. “Momma, Borage peed his pants.” Arnica laughedpointing at her brother.“Arnica!” Flora scolded, “don’t tease your brother.”“He grew up in pink pajama’s too!”“Stop being mean Arnica!” Borage snapped, “Youdidn’t even learn to walk. Until just now.
  12. 12. She called Derek over as soon as she could.“You want to see him?” She asked him.“I have a son?” He stammered.“Yes, come see him.”
  13. 13. “Dill.” He said softly, “He looks like you.”“He doesn’t look like anybody yet.” She laughed.
  14. 14. “Thanks, Flora.” Derek said pulling her closer, “I though Iwould never get to have a family.”“It’s not traditional, I know. But if anyone deserves akid it’s you.” She smiled kissing him. “Excuse me asecond.”
  15. 15. “Flora?” Derek followed.“I’m alright.” She said wiping her mouth, “I don’tunderstand, I haven’t…”“That’s not good, I know a doctor, maybe I should bringhim over.”“Maybe it’s just a stomach bug.” She said going over tothe sink.
  16. 16. “Momma’s been upstairs forever.” Arnica complained,“How come we have to clean the bathroom?”“Momma said we made the mess.” Chamomileshrugged.“She’s kissing Mr. Derek.” Borage stuck out his tongue, “Irather be here.”
  17. 17. The downstairs bathroom began to become the ulimateplayroom.“Alright bedtime.” Flora finally said, they had woken upDill again.“Aww, but Momma.” Chamomile pleaded.“No buts, BED.” She said shooing them out of thebathroom.
  18. 18. She had planted some fruit trees in the back yard onefor each of the triplets. The rascals were sleeping lateso she spent some time tending them. She wouldhave to teach the kids to take care of them when theywere a little older.
  19. 19. It wasn’t long before her quiet time was over,all four children wide awake. Luckily the olderchildren were content to play by themselveswhile she got little Dill taken care of. Hisbirthday was tonight, she was looking forwardto seeing Derek with his little boy.
  20. 20. She popped after settling Dill back in the crib.“But how?” She wondered, she hadn’t been withanybody since Derek.
  21. 21. “Are you going to have another baby just like Dill?”Chamomile asked.“I guess so.” She said distracted, “Not just like Dill.Derek is not this baby’s daddy.”“Oh, then who is its daddy?”“I wish I knew sweetie.”
  22. 22. Still stumped she used the last charge of her firstmachine. Anna would be coming to Dill’s birthdayparty. Flora had begged and pleaded. She hadn’t seenAnna since that first time on the sidewalk. They hadtalked through e-mails.
  23. 23. She spied a man walking on the sidewalk.“Hi.” She said out to greet him.“Hi…” He said looking puzzled.“Umm, I’m Flora, I’m new here.”“Benjamin. Popularity sim right?”
  24. 24. “Is it that obvious?” She said, “My son is having aparty tonight, you want to join?”“Sure my ferry back to Bluewater doesn’t leave for afew hours.” Benjamin laughed.“Thanks.”
  25. 25. “So, you’re pregnant again.” Anna asked fondly,“Who’s the father?”“That’s what stumps me. I haven’t well you knowsince Derek. And here I am.”“That’s interesting. I’ll talk to my friends, Ani-Meiand Pony they might know something.”“Thanks Anna, I don’t know what else to do.”
  26. 26. “You must be Borage.”“Are you my grandma?” He asked, “Arnica said you were.”“No dear, I’m just a friend of your mother’s.”“Are you going to stay the night like Mr. Derek?”“No, but I’ll stay here for the party.”“Can I call you Grandma?”“Oh why not, I believe you and my daughter Rizzi would get alongfantastically.”
  27. 27. “Careful of the fire baby.” She said holding Dillcarefully away from the lames, “Now blow!”
  28. 28. “Aha!” Dill cried batting at the confetti. Derek was righthe did look a lot like her.
  29. 29. Momma handed Dill off to a man that was vaguelyfamiliar. He wore a soft coat, Dill like to rub his faceon yet. “Can you say Daddy?” The man asked.“Da.” Dill gurgled.“I guess that’s well enough.” The man laughed watercoming out of his eyes.
  30. 30. Dill’s birthday party was a success. The guestsincluding Benjamin and Derek went home. Flora feltrelieved that it went well. She couldn’t wait to throwanother for the triplets.
  31. 31. “Yay Dill’s smart like me.” Arnica yelled clapping herhands.“Not quite.” Flora smiled, “Almost though. Then nomore diapers until this little one is born.”
  32. 32. “Grandma? It’s Borage.” Momma was asleep soBorage took the chance to try out the phone, “Areyou going to come to my birthday party?”“Of course, but that’s not for awhile yet is it?”“No, I just wanted to ask.”
  33. 33. “You Mrs. Pokemon isn’t really our grandma right?”Chamolmile asked when her brother sat back down toplay.“Yeah, but she said I could call her that, since we don’thave one.”“Gam Gam!!!” Dill laughed coloring.
  34. 34. “You have great skill Arnica.” A strange lady said.“Umm thanks, does my mom know you’re here?”“No, I guess I’ll see you at My Muse’s sometime.”The lady said handing Arnica a card and fleeing.“Weird lady.” Arnica shrugged and went back topainting.
  35. 35. Flora popped into her second trimester, she still hadn’tgotten a call from Anna or her friend. It was all Floracould do to try not to worry about it.
  36. 36. Long after the kids were sent to bed, Flora got a call.“Anna, I didn’t know you would still be awake.”“Of course. The girls and I were playing Don’t Wake the Llama. I talked to Pony, shesays that sometimes genies will exact a price for wishes. If you get what I mean.”“So the genie got me pregnant??”“That’s what Pony said dear.”“Oh. I had never heard of that.”“She said it happened to her once.”“Well thanks Anna, and thank Pony for me, I feel a little better.”
  37. 37. The next morning the kids were all excited. The older threebecause it was their first day of school. Dill was simplyexcited cause they were.“Mommmoo.” He waved his hands excitedly as she grabbedhis breakfast.Chamomile and Borage were talking excitedly in the corner,speculating what school would be like.
  38. 38. The bus honked loudly on the street.“Time to go!” Flora told her kids, hurrying themout to the bus. The driver gave her kids strangelooks, almost like they were going to saysomething mean. Strange.
  39. 39. After settling Dill at the toy table, Flora went to repairthe shower that had broken again.
  40. 40. The all too familiar labor pains struck her just as shestarted.“Ninety seven more, only ninety seven more.” She hissedbetween her teeth.
  41. 41. “Hey there sweetie.” She smiled looking at her magicbaby girl, “Eucalyptus. That’s what I’ll call you.”
  42. 42. That’s it for this chapter. Yes I keep shameless referencing mypokémon legacy. I’m only a little sorry about it. Yay for Genie dads.Armando was going to be next, but now I have plans for him. I wishEuca didn’t have black hair, but you get what you get. Pony did havea genie baby in my uncompleted first Pokémon legacy. I nevermanaged to get the chapter when it happened out though.Eucalyptus is normally poisonous but the oilis used as an antiseptic, and in very smallamounts in candy, toothpaste and coughdrops. The wood often used to makedidgeridoos which are the coolestinstruments ever.