Minutes august 2011


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Minutes august 2011

  1. 1. Downtown Camden Guild Executive Board Meeting Tuesday, August 2, 2011 First Community Bank Board Room 9:00 AMIn Attendance: Edward Hinson, Wade Luther, Gail Carter, Patricia Richardson, DotGoodwin, Jonathan Bazinet, and Betsy GreenwayAgenda: 1. Call to Order/Roll Call 2. Approval of the Minutes 3. Officer Reports a. President’s Report b. Vice President’s Report c. Treasurer’s Report d. Executive Director’s Report i. Attendance Policy ii. Board Member Status iii. Retreat Recap & Discussion 4. New Business a. Chamber Coordination b. Event Policies c. Outdoor Dining d. Business Development Incentives 5. Other Business 6. AdjournmentEdward Hinson called the meeting to order and the roll was taken, Ann Temple and BethLee-Moeller were not present.Edward introduced Christine Anton of TenEleven Galleria as a guest of Dot Goodwin.The May minutes were approved by Patricia Richardson and second by Betsy Greenway.Officer Reports:President’s Report - Edward welcomed everyone back since the Board did not meet themonth of July.
  2. 2. Vice President’s Report – NoneTreasurer’s Report – NoneExecutive Director’s Report – i. Attendance Policy - Wade stated the Bylaws state a Board member can miss only 2 consecutive meetings without prior notice. ii. Board Member Status – Wade stated that Anne Temple has been unable to attend Board meetings due to time constraints. Patricia made a motion to remove Anne Temple from the Board with a second by Betsy Greenway. Upon discussion, Christine Anton stated she would consider filling Anne’s position on the Board. Edward stated he would provide Christine with the DCG’s Mission Statement and Goals for her review. iii. Retreat Recap & Discussion – Wade asked the Board members for input on what the downtown merchants are looking for. He stated he needed suggestions on ways to better reach local business owners. Edward stated that he has visited other communities and witnessed the community involvement. Patricia suggested the City of Camden pay for the production and mailing of the DCG newsletter and eliminate the $10 yearly membership dues. Betsy stated we may want to consider an increase in the yearly dues with a commitment of what the DCG will provide the business owner. Wade mentioned the June board retreat and the conversation held regarding a billboard on I-20 recognizing Downtown Camden. Should we consider increasing the membership dues to offset the expense of providing the billboard. Patricia stated she felt there would be enough interest by local business owners to offset the expense. Wade stated that he has an application for an Antique Show to be held at the Rhame Arena on October 21, 2011, benefiting the Steeplechase Museum. He stated 30 dealers have already signed up to attend. Patricia stated there will be a preview party held Thursday night before the event. Vendor spots are still available. The cost is $6.00 per ticket. Jack Brantley will be donating all food for the event. Edward asked Patricia to provide him with the details and he would provide TV advertising on the local station.
  3. 3. New Business: a. Chamber Coordination – Wade stated he is working with Liz Horton from the KC Chamber of Commerce to coordinate a series of Town Green events. b. Event Policies – Wade will provide policy once completed. c. Outdoor Dining – Wade will get information to Jonathan regarding the Outdoor Dining policy. d. Business Development Incentives – Wade is researching grant funds available for building renovations. Wade stated façade grants are available.Other Business:Wade stated for the next meeting he would like to review the following: • Schedule of dues • Services provided for the dues • Fees for the billboard • Fees for the 5013C.Meeting adjourned at 10:10 am