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Social Media Marketing Integration with Traditional Marketing


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Interested in leveraging Social Media Marketing for Building Brand, Engaging with your Customers? Find out how can you integrate Social Media into your marketing mix through great case studies of Coca …

Interested in leveraging Social Media Marketing for Building Brand, Engaging with your Customers? Find out how can you integrate Social Media into your marketing mix through great case studies of Coca Cola and Colgate. Also, an example of underplay of Social Media by Frito-Lays.

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  • 1. © Digital Vidya Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Integrating Social and Traditional
  • 2. © Digital Vidya Advertising.   Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services. It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target market to purchase or to consume that particular brand. 
  • 3. © Digital Vidya Advertising.   communication   persuade   brand.   No Mention of Medium/ Channel
  • 4. © Digital Vidya Medium/ Media Mix is Agencies Prerogative
  • 5. © Digital Vidya Media Mix.   Reach   Message   Brand   Cost Social Media can address.
  • 6. © Digital Vidya Few Examples
  • 7. © Digital Vidya Social Strategy
  • 8. © Digital Vidya The Company/ Brand •  500 brands worldwide in some 206 countries •  3,500 marketers around the world •  One of the largest spenders on Traditional Media Advertising •  Brand has one of the highest recall
  • 9. © Digital Vidya The Company/ Brand
  • 10. © Digital Vidya Social-Traditional? •  If they were to have a Facebook and YouTube page for every country in which they market, then moderate and run those pages, investment of $30 to $40 million •  7 million fans across dozens of social- media sites –  On Facebook alone, 5,000 mentions per day, (99.2% of which is popular) •  Crowd Source Media
  • 11. © Digital Vidya Social-Problem? •  How to do that as efficiently as reach out to customers in various markets. •  How to enable 3,500 marketers around the world can create and Run Local Program
  • 12. © Digital Vidya Social-Strategy •  30 people global interactive group (only 4 on social media) •  KO Social Hub : Social Media tool kit that any of Coca-Cola's 3,500 marketers around the world can use locally to create programs •  FB: single presence, central pages http:// •  YouTube: YouTubecom/Coca-Cola country-local social page •  Partnership: –  "Dusty and Michael" fan page on Facebook
  • 13. © Digital Vidya Social-Strategy •  Engagement: Polls •  Expedition 206: three ambassadors travel to 206 countries in the course of 365 days "generating happiness." •  What the ambassadors do in each country
  • 14. © Digital Vidya Social-Strategy
  • 15. © Digital Vidya Social- Launching a New Product Segment
  • 16. © Digital Vidya Colgate Wisp •  Launch a New Product category: Mini Disposable Toothbrush •  Traditionally: Toothpastes are advertised to MOMs •  Challenge: Colgate wanted to get Wisp into the hands of young, urban consumers who are active daters. •  Urban,18- to 25-year-old men and women
  • 17. © Digital Vidya Colgate Wisp •  Social was the answer •  But who would “friend” or follow a disposable toothbrush on Facebook!! •  “Be More Kissable” creative platform
  • 18. © Digital Vidya Colgate Wisp- Be More Kissable •  Online Video •  Facebook Application •  Be the Face of Wisp photo contest. •  The photo contest sought to identify the most kissable person in America: •  Participants who entered the contest uploaded a photo to and received a widget that enabled friends to vote for them. •  The widget was shared via the Facebook and MySpace networks and via the microsite.
  • 19. © Digital Vidya Colgate Wisp - Videos •  TV Commercial: v=yrzzcUzcUFg •  “New Year’s Eve” POV: http:// •  Kissable Lips: v=eajIxcf0ZZA •  Real Life Twitter: v=BJ2rneJ2yBU
  • 20. © Digital Vidya Colgate Wisp- Results •  Real Life Twitter video: 1.7 million plus views. •  “Be More Kissable” series: 4.1 million views. •  “New Year’s Eve” POV 1,255,872 views. •  “Kissable Lips”: 1,791,352 views
  • 21. © Digital Vidya Social - Under Leveraged
  • 22. © Digital Vidya Frito-Lays What’s your Flavor Contest   Launched October 2009   Target Flavor Launch May 2010   Crowd Source Flavor   The winner would receive a cash prize of Rs. 50 lakhs and 1% of the sales turnover from the new flavour, which will launched by the end of May 2010.
  • 23. © Digital Vidya Frito-Lays WYFC- website
  • 24. © Digital Vidya Frito-Lays WYFC- Facebook
  • 25. © Digital Vidya Frito-Lays WYFC- FB-Results
  • 26. © Digital Vidya Frito-Lays WYFC- Results
  • 27. © Digital Vidya Traditional-Social: Key Takeaways •  Social is just another channel. Albeit it offers better reach and is here to stay. •  Get your hands wet. •  Look at natural integration and initially do not try to build your programs around social •  Partner to acquire skills, if needed.
  • 28. © Digital Vidya Thank You! Want to leverage SMM for your Business? Join us in our next Bootcamp | |