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  • I want to enter some pets in the competition, so I've been doing lots of missions in order to win passports for my pets in order to enter them.

    but since im not a shidonni pro the only two options i ever get is have a baby or make a new food, they never offer passports.

    I've done 2 dozen missions but not a single passport. Can you help?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply... or anyone who can help, for that matter.

    Or email me at janecooper7@gmail.com
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  • kkljlklkjl
    gdhd,mv jknklmklmlkmkkkkm.klk,.lkl

    [Comment posted from http://shidonni.wordpress.com/]
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  • Wow, this is great! You've got a clear explanation of the fun features of Shidonni! Very helpful!
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  • Wow - we really appreciate this work !! Guy at Shidonni @shidonni
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  • 1. Shidonni Draw your own animals and watch them come to life! Use your own tools to make the perfect creation and then design your own background for them to live in.
  • 2. Tools Original shape maker Square Circle Fill in with colour Pencil Thickness of lines Eraser Choose from 11 different colours . Create a name for your animal Print Undo last move Redo Flip Clear all
  • 3. Background Create different backgrounds using the same tools that you did for animal.
  • 4. Magic Surprise By clicking the pram, a baby animal appears. When dragging and dropping the wand over your creation, it will constantly change colours. When selecting the stereo, you get to choose they type of music your character dances to.
  • 5. Fridge Use the same tools to create food for your animal to eat . Watch your animal eat the food your create.
  • 6. Side Toolbar Delete animal. Bath time Wardrobe Taxi to another part of the Shidonni World Edit
  • 7. Create Background Scenes Draw your own background for your character using the same art tools. Then watch your animal enjoy its new settings.
  • 8. Bedroom Let your animal rest while you play with your other drawings by clicking on the sleep button.
  • 9. Games Win missions by completing backgrounds/characters/food. The better you paint and draw, the more missions you will win. Also win missions by creating worlds and playing games. Keep track of the awards you win by viewing your showcase. Also learn how to win more by clicking on the gold awards.
  • 10. Extras Add friends to your Shidonni account and send them animals, texts, food and books. Also play them online! Store all your incoming messages, animals, texts, books and food that other Shidonni users send you.