App                                    Description

      Rory’s story cubes:
      9 cubes 54 images , 10,000,000 combin...
App                                   Description

      ICDL (International children’s digital library):
      Read thou...
App                                 Description

      Word Scramble by Zynga:
      Unscramble the letters to make words...
App                                   Description

      Word Magic
      Spelling activity
      Word Magic is designed ...
App                                  Description

      Toy Factory
      Help Santa and his elves build as many toys as ...
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      Comic Touch
      Make your photos come alive by giving them the...
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      Toy Clock
      A clock has two kinds of hand: an hour-hand and...
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      Make a Martian
      Help develop that young, imaginative, and ...
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  1. 1. App Description Rory’s story cubes: 9 cubes 54 images , 10,000,000 combinations shake the iPod to make dice selection. Save roll function can save dice combinations for printing Great for oral story telling Story starters/ideas Speaking and listening Stimulus for writing drama art Story Kit: Make a digital storybook Insert photos Write text Record voice Draw pictures Share finished stories to Storykit’s server Storybook: Create personalised stories. Customize the settings to generate different stories. Can adjust genres, names, age & gender of characters Then read the story you have created. Could take screen shots & import these pictures into other apps such as etchasketch or storykit. Sonic Pics: Create projects/slideshow movies using photos. Record commentary over the top of the photos. Could use for recounts, explanations or use for storytelling. Sentence Spin: In write mode create sentences by spinning the wheels. In draw mode draw a picture relating to the sentence you have created. Can save drawings and sentences for assessment. Use for teaching sentence structure, developing oral language & word meaning Wurdle: Find and trace as many words as possible before the time runs out. Shake the ipod to create new game. In settings can change to two player mode, set min word length, alter grid size, alter playtime. At end of game press word list to reveal answers.
  2. 2. App Description ICDL (International children’s digital library): Read thousands of picture books from 60 countries (have to connect to their site online to use this) 4 books are downloaded with app I Can Read Game where children drag letters to spell a 3 letter word. 60 3 letter words are in the app. Word is accompanied by a picture clue. Can ask for hints - next correct letter will wobble. Also has puzzles. Word is shown and pictures tiles have to be arranged to make a picture of the word. Each game/puzzle is rewarded with coins Animoto: Insert photos and select music to make music videos. Share videos to the web/blog or email. Set up class email account. Etchasketch: Draw with finger or the dials just like the real thing! Import pictures from the Ipod photo library and draw over them or add captions. Could use for brainstorming, annotating pictures, letter formation, spelling. Drawings can be saved or screen shots can be taken. Word Bubbles: Unscramble the words in order to spell a word and feed the fish. Multiple levels of difficulty. Speed listening: Usually, your brain can process up to 600 words-per-minute and the average person speaks at 125 to 150 words-per-minute. 'Speed Listening' App simply maximizes your brains natural ability to process more words-per-minute. iflipr: Create your own flash cards. Can download other people’s from website
  3. 3. App Description Word Scramble by Zynga: Unscramble the letters to make words Interactive Reading Apps- a few examples Goldilocks and Three Bears The Tortoise and the Hare Duck in the Truck Rupert the Wrong Worded Pirate Frog went dancing by Sweet Labrador Retrievers Cat in the Hat Handas Hen Kezza Bee MeeGenius Yertle the Turtle Diary of a worm Uses for books-  Comprehension activities  Shared reading  Reading practice  Grammar activity  Identifying genre structure  Spelling activity  Enjoyment
  4. 4. App Description Word Magic Spelling activity Word Magic is designed for early years. It is an excellent application for kids to have fun with words and their spellings and learn them. A picture is shown and the kids should select the missing letter for the picture. The picture for the word will be read out. There are three flavors. Based on the kids level, you can choose missing letter at the beginning or in the middle or in the last. Word magic is loaded with lot of fun features: - Very simple design. Kids need to just touch the answer. - Very attractive and funny pictures. - Once they identify the correct answer, shaking the iphone will take them to a new problem. - Every time they pick the answers they get appreciated with surprise appreciation (real voice) - After every 5 successive correct answers different colored stars appear as their rewards. Kids love this. Dictionary The world’s most curious monkey investigates new words in this fully interactive picture dictionary for young children. Both entertaining and educationally sound, it features charming illustrations and reflects recent research in early childhood literacy. Children can navigate from A to Z with simple swipes and taps, through nearly six hundred words. Voice Recorder Use the voice recorder to record:  Reading  Interviews  Dialogue  Assessment tool Animoto Animoto turns the pictures into beautiful music videos! It takes just a few minutes to make one, and then you can share and collect them with your friends. Make as many as you like--they're totally free.
  5. 5. App Description Toy Factory Help Santa and his elves build as many toys as possible, in time for Christmas. Hurry! Santa needs to deliver all the toys to kids around the world and time is running out.Ducks, Cars, Trains MUST be assembled in the correct order or else many kids won’t get any toys this Christmas. You need to beat the clock! Master these two levels and tougher challenges as you move along the assembly line. Working for Santa isn’t as easy as you think! Making tool- word bank, build toy, predict how the toy moves… push, pull, wind………. Build a Robot They can create thousands of different robots by changing faces, legs, arms and more!! Once you have selected a category of accessories, use the Blue button to browse all the available elements in it, you will see the scene updated in real-time. CountBy CountBy Interactive Hundreds Board is the touchable math tool that helps elementary school students practice counting all the way to 100, and learn about the patterns that make counting easier. Flash To pass Number activities based on addition and subtraction.
  6. 6. App Description Comic Touch Make your photos come alive by giving them the Comic Touch. Add balloons to give your subjects thoughts and words. Add captions to describe the scene or give the photo a title. Use the PhotoBooth-style warping effects to add some fun. Turn people into caricatures of themselves or give them bizarre expressions. Endless fun! Share your creations via email or save them back to the Photo Library for even more sharing options. Talking Carl Carl, repeats anything you say with an hilarious voice, he can also be poked and pinched and you can even tickle him to make him laugh out loud. On iPod Touch, remember to plug earphones with mic in to have Carl repeating. Glow Doodle The moment when you press the "GLOW" button, you will be amazed how a seemingly ordinary drawing would turn into truly stunning Glow Doodle effect. It's a unique experience you won't find on other glow painting Apps. Glow Doodle - the funny way to create drawing with light glow effect. Draw on your iPod touch with Glow Doodle, then press the "GLOW" button and watch your doodle turning into fantastic light glow effect. You can even save your light glow doodle to photo albums and share. Math Magic Math Magic uses a combination of your choice of vibrant colours, simple interface and a reward system of stars to encourage and teach kids between the ages of 3 and 8. It’s really easy to use. The child simply has to tap on an answer to solve the problem. Whether they get the answer right or not, a real voice expresses appreciation for the child choosing a response. Once the correct answer has been achieved, just shake your iPod Touch and a new math problem will appear. Five successful answers results in a colored star as a reward. Math Magic lets you adjust the levels to customize them for your child. Set the maximum numbers to 5, 10 or 20. You can also set the timer to see how many problems can be solved within a specific time frame.
  7. 7. App Description Toy Clock A clock has two kinds of hand: an hour-hand and a minute-hand. In this application, the hour-hand is represented by the blue arrow, while the minute-hand is represented by the red arrow. You can adjust both arrows by touching and dragging them around the screen. As the arrows are dragged around, corresponding blue and red guides appear to help you see where they are being moved to. The red minute hand moves in discrete intervals of 1-minute, while the blue hour hand can move smoothly and continuously. There are 2 ways to play and learn all about clocks and time: Set the clock: You will be given a time. Your objective is to move the hour and minute hands to show the clock displaying the time given. Once you have adjusted both hands, press the Answer button, at the top right corner, to check your solution. Tell the time: You will be a given a clock arrangement with both hands positioned in a certain way. Your objective is to tell the time shown by pressing one of the buttons displayed on the screen. Math Play 2 Math Flash Cards for practice or to play as a game. Addition up to 20 + 20. Subtraction up to 20 - 19. Multiplication up to 12 times tables. Division up to 100/10. For 1 - 4 players. Matches Match up pairs of cards with the same image to test your memory! Matches is full of fun sounds and colorful illustrations of animals, transport, numbers and letters. Three different difficulty levels will keep kids entertained and adults challenged. If you’d like, the music or sound can by muted so you can listen to your own tunes from the iPod app while playing.
  8. 8. App Description Make a Martian Help develop that young, imaginative, and creative mind by designing Aliens, Martians, and Monsters in Outer Space! Mix and match hundreds of slithery, creepy and crawly body parts with several different color combinations! LetsTans Ever thought of playing the Tangram in new ways? LetsTans delivers a totally new experience of the captivating Tangram's spirit and energy. Main Features: • 1320 hand-crafted puzzles. • 10 modes with newest Silhouette. • 7 skins in Classic+, 30 colors in Junior. • Guest Player option: get your friend to play! • Need help? Use advanced hint system. • Time counter with pause option. Shape Builder Shape Builder educates & entertains your little one with easy to move shapes that snap into place on top of silhouette puzzles. Each puzzle has 5 to 10 pieces & after positioning all of the pieces, the real image is revealed along with a professional voice recording of the word spoken by Jill Dews, a licensed speech therapist that specializes in early child development. Shape Builder encourages cognitive thinking & fine motor skills plus exposes young minds to new music instruments, animals, produce, objects & the alphabet in a fun & engaging format with LOTS of sound effects! Animation Creator Animation Creator allows your creativity to come to life on your iPod Touch! You are the director! With simple, yet powerful drawing tools, layers, shake to undo, color palettes, color sliders, and easy to use frame management, you're only limited by your imagination! Your animations will look smooth and life-like with the high frame rate playback of Animation Creator.